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Real Life Diaries

by Lynda Cheldelin Fell, Sunshine Purcell & Amelia Joubert

Fear. Secrecy. Pain. These are just a few of the emotions affecting those who live with dissociative identity disorder. What is it like to live with dissociated parts of oneself? Who controls the chaos? What...

Forensic and Ethical Issues in Military Behavioral Health

by Elspeth Cameron Ritchie & Borden Institute

Dealing with ethical and forensic issues, this book is authored by active duty psychiatrists and psychologists from the Army, Navy, Air Force, as well as civilians from within and outside of the Department...

Unfortunate Folks: Essays on Mental Health Treatment, 1863-1992

by Barbara Brookes & Jane Thomson

From electro-convulsive therapy to epilepsy, from criminal lunacy to community care, Unfortunate Folks: Essays on Mental Health Treatment, 1863-1992, opens windows on to the history of mental health treatment...

The Tao of Positive Noise: How to use the fabled Taoist healing sounds for full health and magnificence

by Barefoot Doctor

The Taoist healing sounds are famous for their efficaciousness. They work similarly to the healing effect for cats of purring. With practice you learn to direct the sounds to the various vital organs and so...

Lunatics, Imbeciles and Idiots: A History of Insanity in Nineteenth-Century Britain and Ireland

by Kathryn Burtinshaw & John R F Burt

In the first half of the nineteenth century, treatment of the mentally ill in Britain and Ireland underwent radical change. No longer manacled, chained and treated like wild animals, patient care was defined...

Understanding OCD

by Eric A. Storch, Adam B. Lewin, Michael Sulkowski & Marni Jacob et al.

Giving a full overview of childhood obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and discussing all major treatment options, including cognitive behavioural therapy and medication, this guide provides the essential information...

Depression in Medical Illness

by Arthur J. Barsky & David A. Silbersweig

An authoritative guide to understanding and treating depression in the medically ill

Depression in Medical Illness is based on the fact that depression and medical illness are inextricably bound together and...

Anti-discriminatory Practice in Mental Health Care for Older People

by Pauline Lane, Rachel Tribe, Maria Castro Romero & Siobhan Spencer et al.

Exploring the key issues around anti-discriminatory practice for professionals working with older people in mental health services, this book explores ways to improve the health and social care of older people...

The Carlat Guide to Addiction Treatment: Ridiculously Practical Clinical Advice

by Michael Weaver

Substance use is very common among psychiatric patients. Depending on your practice, up to 50% of your patients suffer from an addiction that may be aggravating their primary symptoms. It is impractical to refer...

Grief Diaries: Through the Eyes of DID

by Lynda Cheldelin Fell, Denise Purcell & Amelia Joubert

Grief Diaries: Through the Eyes of DID is a groundbreaking book that takes readers inside the lives of 17 people who live with dissociative identity disorder. Faced with deep stigma and controversy, each writer...


by Jennifer L. Lambe

On the outskirts of Havana lies Mazorra, an asylum known to--and at times feared by--ordinary Cubans for over a century. Since its founding in 1857, the island's first psychiatric hospital has been an object...

Mental Health at the Crossroads: The Promise of the Psychosocial Approach

by Janet E. Williams & Shulamit Ramon

This book is a challenge to the enduring status and domination of bio-medical approaches in mental health services. Contributors from four continents argue that this domination, along with modernization and...

Healing Military Wounds: A Veterans Self-Help Guide to Overcoming Past Trauma

by LCSW, Lucille Roane

Those who have served their country in the US military know all too well that some of the greatest battles to be fought occur in a familiar place: back home, during the transition from soldier to civilian. In ...

The Social Workers' Toolbox: Sustainable Multimethod Social Work

by Herman de Mönnink

The Social Workers' Toolbox aims to bring order to the diversity of tools which are so characteristic of social work: assessment tools, practice tools and outcome-measurement tools. The tools described in this...

Hi, Anxiety

by Kat Kinsman

Joining the ranks of such acclaimed accounts as Manic, Brain on Fire, and Monkey Mind, a deeply personal, funny, and sometimes painful look at anxiety and its impact from writer and commentator Kat Kinsman.


The Primary Care Toolkit for Anxiety and Related Disorders

by Bianca Lauria-Horner

Primary care physicians know from experience how many patients come to them needing help with anxiety and related disorders: these disorders have a lifetime prevalence rate of 30%, but they often seem to be...

History of Dundee Royal Lunatic Asylum

by James Rorie

Dundee Asylum has been in place for nearly 200 years and this fascinating account of its history and patients is a well researched description of asylum life over they years. Many of the earliest books, particularly...

Children and Young People's Mental Health: Essentials for Nurses and Other Professionals

by Tim McDougall

Children and Young People's Mental Health equips nurses and healthcare professionals with the essential skills and competencies needed to deliver effective assessment, treatment and support to children and young...

Saving Melissa: The 7Cs to Cure the Mental Health System

by Michael Mackniak

In this much anticipated book, Attorney Michael Mackniak, co –creator of the Guardian Model for the effective treatment of persons with mental illnesses, describes his parallel struggles with Melissa through...

TIME The Science of Happiness: New Discoveries for a More Joyful Life

by The Editors of Time

"Don't worry, be happy." Sounds simple enough, yet many encounter setbacks in their pursuit of happiness. What if we could definitively say: "If you do this, you will achieve a happier and healthier life?" What...