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50 Studies Every Psychiatrist Should Know

by Ish P. Bhalla, Rajesh R. Tampi & Vinod H. Srihari

50 Studies Every Psychiatrist Should Know presents key studies that have shaped the practice of psychiatry. Selected using a rigorous methodology, the studies cover topics including: psychotic disorders, depressive...

Trauma- and Stressor-Related Disorders

by Frederick J. Stoddard Jr., David M. Benedek, Mohammed R. Milad & Robert J. Ursano

Trauma, stress, and manmade and natural disasters are increasingly impacting individuals and communities. The clinical and scientific advances presented here strive to address the rapidly expanding individual...

Pocket Guide to Psychiatric Practice

by Donald W. Black

The long-awaited Pocket Guide to Psychiatric Practice is a portable and concise companion to its parent textbook, Introductory Textbook of Psychiatry, Sixth Edition, the preeminent introduction to psychiatry...

Student Mental Health

by Laura Weiss Roberts

Student Mental Health: A Guide for Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Leaders Serving in Higher Education is the result of a sustained and multidisciplinary collaboration of scholars, leaders, clinicians, and...

Psychodynamic Therapy for Personality Pathology

by Eve Caligor, Otto F. Kernberg, John F. Clarkin & Frank E. Yeomans

Deftly combining contemporary theory with clinical practice, Psychodynamic Therapy for Personality Pathology: Treating Self and Interpersonal Functioning is an invaluable resource for any clinician seeking a...

Psychiatric Genetics

by Thomas Schulze & Francis McMahon

Psychiatrists and other mental health professionals are increasingly confronted with questions about the genetics of psychiatric illness, and the clinical applications of new genetic findings. Psychiatric Genetics:...

Treatment of Severe Personality Disorders

by Otto F. Kernberg

In Treatment of Severe Personality Disorders: Resolution of Aggression and Recovery of Eroticism, the influential psychoanalyst and psychiatrist Otto Kernberg presents an integrated update of the current knowledge...

Narcissism and Its Discontents

by Glen O. Gabbard & Holly Crisp-Han

The definition of narcissism can be a moving target. Is it an excess of self-love? Profound insecurity? Low self-esteem? Too much self-esteem? Because of the multifaceted nature of narcissistic personality disorder...

Gender in Psycho-Oncology

by PhD Youngmee Kim & Lcsw Matthew J. Loscalzo

As cancer treatment has evolved toward precision medicine, psychosocial research and practices for cancer patients and their family members have also raised awareness of the need for a personalized, patient-focused,...

Bosnia in Limbo

by Borja Lasheras & Carlos Westendorp y Cabeza

To this day, almost all narratives on Bosnia focus on the 1990s, the war, and the labyrinth that Dayton’s institutional system represents. They also tend to be imbued with a perspective that often overdoes...

Adjustment Disorders

by Patricia Casey

Although adjustment disorders (AD) have been included in the major psychiatric diagnostic classifications for over 50 years, no book devoted solely to the topic of AD's has been published to date. Apart from...

Transgender Mental Health

by Eric Yarbrough

Societal awareness of transgender and gender-nonconforming (TGNC) individuals is greater now than at any point in history, owing to the education of policy makers by advocacy organizations, the education of...

A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis

by Sigmund Freud

Introduction to Psychoanalysis or Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis is a set of lectures given by Sigmund Freud 1915-17 (published 1916-17), which became the most popular and widely translated of his...

A Young Girl's Diary

by Sigmund Freud

This is the story of a girl on the cusp of womanhood, with all the indignations of being submissive to parent's control, the focus of maintaining an intimate friendship, and the writing of a new narrative about...

Summary & Study Guide - The Teenage Brain

by Lee Tang

Adolescents Are Not an Alien Species,

Just a Misunderstood One.

The must-read summary of “The Teenage Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults,” by Frances E. Jensen,...


by Raymond W. Lam

Depression is ubiquitous, but the number and range of physical and cognitive symptoms associated with major depressive disorder (MDD) means that many people do not present with emotional symptoms. The high prevalence...

Medication Fact Book for Psychiatric Practice

by Talia Puzantian & Daniel Carlat

The Medication Fact Book is a comprehensive reference guide covering all the important facts, from cost to pharmacokinetics, about the most commonly prescribed medications in psychiatry.

Now covering side effects!...

Integrative Psychiatry and Brain Health

by Daniel A. Monti, Andrew B. Newberg & Andrew Weil

Integrative Medicine is an emerging discipline that not only bridges the existing disciplines of psychiatry psychology, but provides a scientifically-based framework that synthesizes the rest of physiology,...

Telepsychiatry and Health Technologies

by Peter Yellowlees & Jay H. Shore

The only current book on the topic, Telepsychiatry and Health Technologies: A Guide for Mental Health Professionals is a practical, comprehensive, and evidence-based guide to patient-centered clinical care delivered...

The Psychiatry of Adult Autism and Asperger Syndrome

by Traolach S. Brugha

Autism, including Asperger syndrome, is a strongly heritable condition that can usually be diagnosed in children by the age of two or three years. Although autism is more common in the less intellectually able...