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Smile If You Dare: Politics and Pointy Hats With The Pet Shop Boys

by Ramzy Alwakeel

A creative analysis of the band's fifth album Very, Smile If You Dare examines topics as diverse as technological paradise, sexual paranoia and representations of class in British pop music. As well as a keen...

Tim Book Two

by Tim Burgess

Tim Book Two is the follow-up to Telling Stories, the hugely successful memoir of Tim Burgess, singer of the Charlatans.

In 2012, Tim published his hugely successful and critically acclaimed memoir, Telling...

Mixolydian Guitar Licks: 20 Original Licks

by Gareth Evans

20 original Mixolydian guitar licks in tablature and notation for the progressing guitarist at intermediate to advanced level

Uke Can Do It 2!: Classroom Ukulele Method

by Philip Tamberino

This groundbreaking work, specially designed for the music classroom, combines traditional and popular literature in a method that both teaches the ukulele and develops music literacy. Assuming no prior knowledge,...

The Russian Violin School

Piety in Song: Spiritual Themes in Brethren Hymnody

by Peter E. Roussakis

Hymns are lasting expressions of faith and worship.

Hymns in German piety were written to serve as meditations and to teach individuals how to become better followers of Jesus.

This volume examines the thinking...

Hippie: A metaphysical pseudo-biography

by Lee Martin & John F McDonald

Half documentary, half novel about the Hippie phenomenon, full of humour and anarchy, told by someone who was there, and still is! For those who lived through that unique era and those who want to discover the...

Agnes de Mille

Functional Awareness

Verdi in Victorian London

by Massimo Zicari

Now a byword for beauty, Verdi’s operas were far from universally acclaimed when they reached London in the second half of the nineteenth century. Why did some critics react so harshly? Who were they and what...

The Contemporary Minstrel: Songwriting, Recording and Making Money with Your Music

by Louis Anthony deLise & Theresa deLise

In The Contemporary Minstrel, Louis Anthony deLise presents a first-of-its-kind organized and scholarly study of the craft of creating and marketing pop songs. He includes in this book a primer on music theory,...

Playing in the Cathedral


Max/MSP/Jitter for Music

Never Say No To A Rock Star: In the Studio with Dylan, Sinatra, Jagger and More...

by Glenn Berger

In 1974, at the age of seventeen, author Glenn Berger served as "schlepper" and apprentice to the legendary recording engineer, Phil Ramone, at New York City's A&R Studios. He was witness to music history on...

Fleetwood Mac on Fleetwood Mac: Interviews and Encounters

by Sean Egan

Fleetwood Mac was a triumph from the beginning-their first album was the UK's bestselling album of 1968. After some low points-when founder Peter Green left, some fans felt that the band continuing was sacrilege-Lindsey...

On Bowie

by Rob Sheffield

From the New York Times bestselling author of Love Is a Mix Tape, a thoughtful and loving meditation on the life of the late David Bowie that explores his creative legacy and the enduring and mutual connection...

83 Minutes

by Matt Richards

A definitive look at Michael Jackson's final minutes, revealing for the first time the shocking details behind the tragic death of one of the world's biggest pop stars.

On June 25th, 2009, the world was rocked...

Denis Diderot 'Rameau's Nephew' - 'Le Neveu de Rameau'

by Denis Diderot, Marian Hobson (Editor), Kate E. Tunstall (Translator) & Caroline Warman (Translator) et al.

In a famous Parisian chess café, a down-and-out, HIM, accosts a former acquaintance, ME, who has made good, more or less. They talk about chess, about genius, about good and evil, about music, they gossip about...

Music in Vienna

by David Wyn Jones

The image of Vienna as a musical city is a familiar one. Vienna has long been associated with many of the most significant composers in Western music - from Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert, through the...