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The Music of the Future

by Robert Barry

The Music of the Future is not a book of predictions or speculations about how to save the music business or the bleeding edge of technologies. Rather, it's a history of failures, mapping 200 years of attempts...

Captain Fantastic: Elton John's Stellar Trip Through the '70s

by Tom Doyle

Based on rare one-on-one interviews with the flamboyant rock ’n’ roll icon, this is the first book to trace Elton John’s meteoric rise from obscurity to worldwide celebrity in the wildest, weirdest decade...

40 Questions of One Role

by Jurij Alschitz

A method of questions? A question of method. Alongside any method proposed in this book, the whole system of theatre only makes sense if it is understood creatively, not dogmatically. You can expect to find...

The Vertical of the Role

by Jurij Alschitz

Today’s actors must be able to perform as soloists in the worlds of theatre and film. The technique of the ‘Vertical of the Role’ enables actors to develop their independence and autonomy when analyzing...

The Art of Dialogue

by Jurij Alschitz

The Art of Dialogue The actor’s profession is, first and foremost, an open system of communication in an endless dialogue with his character, with his partner, with the director, with the spectators, with...

Conductors in Britain, 1870-1914

by Fiona M. Palmer

Drawing on many archival findings, this book considers the emerging function and status of orchestral conductors in Britain, and the nature of the opportunities available to them, from the late Victorian era...

The Music of William Schuman, Vincent Persichetti, and Peter Mennin: Voices of Stone and Steel

by Walter Simmons

Schuman, Persichetti, and Mennin were three of the most significant American composers of the 20th century; yet their music has largely disappeared from view since their respective deaths. This book provides...

Tim Lihoreau's Musical Treasury

Modeling Ethnomusicology

by Timothy Rice PhD

Ethnomusicology is an academic discipline with a very broad mandate: to understand why and how human beings are musical through the study of music in all its geographical and historical diversity. Ethnomusicological...

Music: Ideas in Profile

by Andrew Gant

Ideas in Profile Series

Is music a science or an art? It's both, as Andrew Gant reveals in this lively and accessible account of what music is and what it's for. Music has been central to life since the dawn...

Counting Down the Beatles: Their 100 Finest Songs

by Jim Beviglia

Counting Down the Beatles: Their 100 Finest Songs features Beviglia’s list of the finest songs in the band’s unparalleled oeuvre. Ranked in descending order from #100 to #1, each song is accompanied by a...

Playable Bodies

by Kiri Miller

What happens when machines teach humans to dance? Dance video games transform players' experiences of popular music, invite experimentation with gendered and racialized movement styles, and present new possibilities...

The Transformation of Black Music

by Sam Floyd, Melanie Zeck & Guthrie Ramsey

Powerful and embracive, The Transformation of Black Music explores the full spectrum of black musics over the past thousand years as Africans and their descendants have traveled around the globe making celebrated...

Hymns for the Fallen

by Todd Decker

Hymns for the Fallen listens closely to forty years of Hollywood combat films produced after Vietnam. Ever a noisy genre, post-Vietnam war films have deployed music and sound to place the audience in the midst...

The Kinks: A Thoroughly English Phenomenon

by Carey Fleiner

Carey Fleiner examines English rock group the Kinks and their social and cultural influences both on and by the group from the early '60s to present day. In and around the biographical survey of the band's career,...

So You Want to Sing Folk Music: A Guide for Performers

by Valerie Mindel

This book concentrates on a range of currently popular styles in the folk genre, looking at specific repertories and ways of approaching them. It also looks at the current musical outlets that are available...

Recording Tips for Music Educators

by Ronald E. Kearns

Recording Tips for Music Educators: A Practical Guide for Recording School Groups provides a go-to guide for music educators to plan and execute a successful recording project for school groups. For those teachers...

The Sound of Navajo Country

by Kristina M. Jacobsen

In this ethnography of Navajo (Diné) popular music culture, Kristina M. Jacobsen examines questions of Indigenous identity and performance by focusing on the surprising and vibrant Navajo country music scene....

Triptych: An Examination of the Manic Street Preachers Holy Bible

by Larissa Wodtke & Rhian E. Jones

The UK alternative rock band, Manic Street Preachers, were and remain one of the most interesting, significant, and best-loved bands of the past thirty years. Their third album The Holy Bible (1994) is generally...

Bouncing Sounds: Echo, Echo, Echo - Sounds for Kids - Children's Acoustics & Sound Books

by Baby Professor

Bouncing sounds, I hear you loud and clear! But where do you come from and how do you reach my ear? This beautiful book of sounds offers key information on how echoes are formed and sounds created. It ensures...