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Hymns for the Fallen

by Todd Decker

Hymns for the Fallen listens closely to forty years of Hollywood combat films produced after Vietnam. Ever a noisy genre, post-Vietnam war films have deployed music and sound to place the audience in the midst...

Triptych: An Examination of the Manic Street Preachers Holy Bible

by Larissa Wodtke & Rhian E. Jones

The UK alternative rock band, Manic Street Preachers, were and remain one of the most interesting, significant, and best-loved bands of the past thirty years. Their third album The Holy Bible (1994) is generally...

Gig Posters Volume 2: Rock Show Art of the 21st Century

by Clay Hayes

Readers gave the first Gig Posters anthology a standing ovation—so for your viewing pleasure, here’s one heck of an encore: 700 more incredible posters from the archives of, the Internet’s...

In the Process of Becoming

by Janet Schmalfeldt

With their insistence that form is a dialectical process in the music of Beethoven, Theodor Adorno and Carl Dahlhaus emerge as the guardians of a long-standing critical tradition in which Hegelian concepts have...

Teaching Music Improvisation with Technology

by Michael Fein

Incorporating technology in music classrooms can take the mystery out of improvisation. What music technology does is establish a strong foundation for chord, scale, phrase, ear training, and listening exercises,...

Policy and the Political Life of Music Education

by Patrick Schmidt & Richard Colwell

Policy and the Political Life of Music Education is the first book of its kind in the field of Music Education. It offers a far-reaching and innovative outlook, bringing together expert voices who provide a...

The Virtuoso Teacher

by Paul Harris

By considering The Virtuoso Teacher and how a teacher might attain virtuoso status, renowned educator and writer Paul Harris delves into the core issues of being a teacher and the teaching process. A fascinating...

The Oxford Handbook of Choral Pedagogy

by Frank Abrahams & Paul D. Head

As the landscape of choral education changes - disrupted by Glee, YouTube, and increasingly cheap audio production software - teachers of choral conducting need current research in the field that charts scholarly...

The Unorthodox Guitar

by Mike Frengel

The Unorthodox Guitar: A Guide to Alternative Performance Practice is a comprehensive resource for experimentally minded guitarists and composers wishing to write for or perform on the instrument in new ways....

Occasional Pieces

by Christian Wolff & George E. Lewis

As one of the original pioneering composers of the American experimental music movement and a well known scholar of classics, Christian Wolff has long been active as a significant thinker and elegant writer...

The Band Teacher's Percussion Guide

by Stewart Hoffman

The Band Teacher's Percussion Guide: Insights into Playing and Teaching Percussion is an essential practical resource for instrumental music teachers and band directors. Author Stewart Hoffman, a Juilliard-trained...


by Peter Hook

Includes full set lists not included in the physical edition.

In this final installment of his internationally bestselling three-part memoir—including The Hacienda and Unknown Pleasures—British rocker Peter...

The Beat Stops Here

by Mark Gibson

In The Beat Stops Here: Lessons on and off the Podium for Today's Conductor, master conductor Mark Gibson addresses the technique of conducting as an extension of intimate knowledge of the score to the hands...

Funk Bass Guitar Lines: 20 Original Funk Bass Lines

by Gareth Evans

20 Original Funk Bass Guitar lines in tablature and notation for the intermediate to advanced bassist.

Motown Artist by Artist: A Compilation of the 100 Greatest Motown Artists

by Pat Morgan

In 1959 Berry Gordy Jr., a high school dropout, former boxer and record store owner, founded the Motown record label in Detroit. The company name, which played on the city's proud tradition of car manufacture,...

Syd Kitchen: Scars That Shine

by Donve Lee

Skollie, saint, scholar, hippest of hippies, imperfect musician with a perfect imagination, Syd Kitchen was, like all great artists, born to enrich his art and not himself. Plagued by drugs, alcohol and depression,...

Creating Sounds from Scratch

Spider from Mars

by Woody Woodmansey & Tony Visconti

In January 2016, the unexpected death of David Bowie rocked the globe. For millions of people, he was an icon celebrated for his music, his film and theatrical roles, and his trendsetting influence on fashion...

Lions of the North

Music Education for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

by Sheila J. Scott

Music Education for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Resource for Teachers provides foundational information about autism spectrum disorder and strategies for engaging students with ASD in music-based...