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In Search of the Lost Chord

by Danny Goldberg

"Danny Goldberg is a relentless tracker of people. However elusive this Lost Chord may be, Danny G. searches it out and nails it to the tree flesh. Eternity now! 1967 forever!"

--Wavy Gravy

"Danny Goldberg’s...

Debussy's Legacy and the Construction of Reputation

by Marianne Wheeldon

Today, Claude Debussy's position as a central figure in twentieth-century concert music is secure, and scholarship has long taken for granted the enduring musical and aesthetic contributions of his compositions....

The Economics of Music

by Professor Peter Tschmuck

The music industry is one of the most dynamic and fascinating business sectors today. Its business model has had to adapt and react to changing technologies that have impacted at every level from distribution...

In Their Lives: Great Writers on Great Beatles Songs

by Andrew Blauner

For readers who loved Tune In and Nick Hornby’s Songbook, an anthology of essays from a chorus of twenty-nine luminaries singing the praises of their favorite Beatles songs.

The Beatles’ influence—on their...

Listening for the Secret

by Ulf Olsson

Listening for the Secret is a critical assessment of the Grateful Dead and the distinct culture that grew out of the group’s music, politics, and performance. With roots in popular music traditions, improvisation,...

The Mariposa Folk Festival

by Michael Hill

A history of the Mariposa Folk Festival, from its humble roots in Orillia in 1961 to international acclaim and legendary status as a premier folk-music gathering.

Mariposa began in the heyday of the early sixties...

Musique classique en 30 secondes

by Joanne Cormac & Élisa Guenon

Savez-vous distinguer la musique de Bach de celle de Beethoven ? Une sérénade d’une symphonie ? À l’aide de ce livre, vous apprendrez en un rien de temps l’itinéraire de création qu’a suivi la musique...

Schooling New Media

by Tyler Bickford Ph.D.

Popular music and digital media are constantly entwined in elementary and middle-school children's talk, interactions, and relationships, and offer powerful cultural resources to children in their everyday struggles...

Bu San Bu Si

by J.W. Henley

Bu San Bu Si—"not three not four." To the Taiwanese people, it's an idiom used to describe the punks, lowlifes, and losers of society—the ones who don't fit in, and never will. It's what they would call...

How Music Works

by David Byrne

*Updated with a new chapter on digital curation*

How Music Works is David Byrne’s incisive and enthusiastic look at the musical art form, from its very inceptions to the influences that shape it, whether acoustical,...

A Perfectly Good Guitar

by Chuck Holley

Ask guitar players about their instruments, and you're likely to get a story-where the guitar came from, or what makes it unique, or why the player will never part with it. Most guitarists have strong feelings...

American Epic: The First Time America Heard Itself

by Bernard MacMahon, Allison McGourty & Elijah Wald

The companion book to the groundbreaking PBS and BBC documentary series celebrating the pioneers and artists of American roots music—blues, gospel, folk, Cajun, Appalachian, Hawaiian, Native American—without...

Melancholic Modalities

by Denise Gill

Today, teachers and performers of Turkish classical music intentionally cultivate melancholies, despite these affects being typically dismissed as remnants of the Ottoman Empire. Melancholic Modalities is the...

The Courage of Composers and the Tyranny of Taste

by Balint Andras Varga

Bálint András Varga is perhaps the world's most respected interviewer of living composers. For The Courage of Composers and the Tyranny of Taste: Reflections on New Music, Varga has confrontedthirty-three...

Dreaming the Beatles

by Rob Sheffield

“This is the best book about the Beatles ever written”  Mashable

Rob Sheffield, the Rolling Stone columnist and bestselling author of Love Is a Mix Tape offers an entertaining, unconventional look at...

Too Much UnConvenience

by Jr. Lincoln T. Beauchamp

Lincoln T Beauchamp, known artistically as Chicago Beau, was raised in an environment rooted in blues, literature, law, and travel.   An unlikely circumstance provided by his Great Migration, agrarian background...

From Cradle to Stage: Stories from the Mothers Who Rocked and Raised Rock Stars

by Virginia Hanlon Grohl

While the Grohl family had always been musical-the family sang together on long car trips, harmonizing to Motown and David Bowie-Virginia never expected her son to become a musician, let alone a rock star. But...

The Cake and the Rain

by Jimmy Webb

Jimmy Webb’s words have been sung to his music by a rich and deep roster of pop artists, including Glen Campbell, Art Garfunkel, Frank Sinatra, Donna Summer and Linda Ronstadt. He’s the only artist ever...

So Let It Be Written

by Mark Eglinton & Chuck Billy

Metallica is back with their first album in almost a decade!

With James Hetfield at the helm, Metallica went from being thrash pioneers to heavy metal gods. He overcame adolescent upheaval and personal demons—including...

Language of the Spirit: An Introduction to Classical Music

by Jan Swafford

For many of us, classical music is something serious-something we study in school, something played by cultivated musicians at fancy gatherings. In Language of the Spirit, renowned music scholar Jan Swafford...