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Pieces of Tradition

JOYRIDE: A Beginning In Every End

by Frank Hart

There are a lot of reasons why you might read a book. Maybe you want to be entertained, maybe you want to be inspired, maybe you want to peek into the secret closets and junk drawers of an almost famous, almost...

Listen Up!

SPINE: 5 Somatic Strategies for  21st  Century Dancers

by Cynthia Roses-Thema

SPINE is unique in addressing the connection between dance technique and moving the body from the somatic, experiential perspective. Imagery is certainly helpful, but needs to be different for each movement....

The DIY Musician's Radio Handbook

by D Grant Smith

“In the DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook, D Grant Smith provides without a doubt the most comprehensive and actionable guide for independent musicians who want airplay. Too many artists keep themselves in the...

Music for Life

Song of Exile

King of Ragtime

Jazzing: New York City's Unseen Scene

by Thomas H Greenland

An intimate account of jazz and community

American Luthier: Carleen Hutchins-the Art and Science of the Violin

by Quincy Whitney

The female pioneer who revolutionized violin acoustics and built the first violin octet

Letters to a Young Artist in the Digital Age: Encouragements for a creative life

by John Oakley McElhenney

In 1929, Rilke's Letters to a Young Poet was published. Ten short letters of encouragement to a 19-year old hopeful poet. And the master gives wonderful advice that still heartens any creative artists around...

Arduino for Musicians


Don't Stop Me Now

by Vassos Alexander & Chris Evans

This is a celebration of running - and what lots of us think about when we run. Part escape, part self-discovery, part therapy, part fitness. Part simple childlike joy of running when you could be walking.


The Lost Art of Bel Canto

by Leta Whitney, William C Even & Andy Anselmo

Leta Fulton Whitney’s The Lost Art of Bel Canto is the most important modern work written on the subject of the

bel canto (beautiful singing) method.

First, it tells the story of the life of voice and piano...

The Pathetick Musician

The Hatred of Music

by Pascal Quignard, Matthew Amos & Fredrik Rönnbäck

Throughout Pascal Quignard's distinguished literary career, music has been a recurring obsession. As a musician he organized the International Festival of Baroque Opera and Theatre at Versailles in the early...

Melting the Blues

by Tracy Chiles McGhee

Set in Arkansas in 1957,  the complexities of identity, yearnings for love and acceptance, and racial tension are all unmasked in the riveting literary drama, Melting the Blues, by debut author Tracy Chiles...

Resounding Transcendence

Analytical Essays on Music by Women Composers: Concert Music, 1960-2000