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Edge of Morning

by Jacqueline Keeler

In support of tribal efforts to protect the Bears Ears, Native writers bear testimony to the fragile and essential nature of this sacred landscape in America’s remote red rock country. Through poem and essay,...

The Untold History of Healing: Plant Lore and Medicinal Magic from the Stone Age to Present

by Wolf D. Storl

The Untold History of Healing takes the reader on a exciting, expansive journey of the history of medicine from the Stone Age to modern times, explaining that Western medicine has its true origins in the healing...

Environmental Protection

by Pamela Hill

Although climate change and pollution make near-daily appearances in the news, humans have not always recognized that the environment needs to be protected. Only after the publication of Rachel Carson's Silent...

At the Lightning Field

by Laura Raicovich

An exploration of coincidences of history, light, space, duration, chaos theory, mathematics, memory, and Walter De Maria's Lightning Field.

Sœurs en écologie

by Pascale D'Erm

Un féminisme réconciliateur et une écologie plus vivante

De la grande déesse aux justicières de la Terre, de Hildegarde de Bingen, Rosa Luxembourg à Vandana Shiva et Rachel Carson, les femmes ont un lien...

Les Suspendu(e)s

by Sandrine Roudaut & Patrick Viveret

Êtes-vous un(e) suspendu(e) ? Qui sont ces hommes et ces femmes qui ont su désobéir pour défendre leurs utopies de justice et de fraternité ?

Notre époque est à la fois tragique et sublime… Tragique...

Icefall: Adventures at the Wild Edges of Our Dangerous, Changing Planet

by John All & John Balzar

John All has survived encounters with black mamba snakes, run-ins with wild jungle animals, and a brush with death in an icy tomb. No one knows the outer limits of our changing planet quite like him.

In May 2014,...

Asteroid Hunters

by Carrie Nugent

For the first time, scientists could have the knowledge to prevent a natural disaster epic in scale—an asteroid hitting the earth and in this exciting, adventuresome book, Carrie Nugent explains how.

What are...

Dignity, Pleasures, Vulgarity

by James Brusseau

While writing a chapter on contemporary animal rights for an ethics book, philosophy professor James Brusseau began asking how the animal studies could reflect back to reveal human truths. Dignity, Pleasures,...

Where the River Flows

by Sean W. Fleming

Rivers are essential to civilization and even life itself, yet how many of us truly understand how they work? Why do rivers run where they do? Where do their waters actually come from? How can the same river...

Practice Resurrection

by Erik Reece

A student of Wendell Berry and Guy Davenport, Erik Reece is a strong and eloquent voice for a new generation of dedicated activists fighting on behalf of the embattled wilderness and the future of our planet....

The New Neotropical Companion

by John Kricher

The New Neotropical Companion is the completely revised and expanded edition of a book that has helped thousands of people to understand the complex ecology and natural history of the most species-rich area...

Pagan Portals - By Wolfsbane & Mandrake Root: The Shadow World Of Plants And Their Poisons

by Melusine Draco

A study of poisonous plants, many of which have beneficial uses in both domestic medicine and magic.

Storm Chaser

by Mike Olbinski

My storm chasing/interest in photography began back around the time my daughter was born (2008) and I started chasing storms about 7 years ago. It's hard to describe why I'm drawn to weather and storms, it's...

Some Useful Wild Plants: A Foraging Guide to Food and Medicine From Nature

by Dan Jason

With over forty years since its original printing, and over 30,000 copies sold, this bestselling guide still remains a trusted and much-consulted reference for those interested in identifying, foraging and growing...

The Ocean Alphabet of Fish and Marine Mammals | Children's Fish & Marine Life

by Baby Professor

There are way too many marine lives under the ocean that you can imagine. Some you don't even know exists. This book is for your kids’ road to mastering the alphabet while swimming down and down through the...

Kid’s Guide to Types of Landforms - Children's Science & Nature

by Baby Professor

What are landforms? Why should you study them? You study landforms because they are part of geology. They help you to better understand life here on Earth. This book will not just show you what landforms are,...

Insects, Spiders and Worms | Children's Science & Nature

by Baby Professor

This edition of children’s science and nature series features the not so beautiful living things they can see around them. Insects, spiders and worms are presented in this book to give your kids some thoughts...

Wildlife in Lakes & Ponds for Kids (Aquatic & Marine Life) | 2nd Grade Science Edition Vol 5

by Baby Professor

You see frogs, I see toads. You see fish, I see ducks. These are the many wildlife that you can see living together in ponds and lakes. Would you like to take a dive with me and explore further their natural...

Name That Reptile: With Fun Facts and Matching Games For Kids

by Baby Professor

Can you name all the reptiles? By the end of this cool activity book, you can! Using activities to promote knowledge is highly effective because it energizes the part of the brain that holds memories. Your child's...