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Because It Is So Beautiful

by Robert Leonard Reid

Taking its title from an affecting speech given by renowned author Barry Lopez, Because It Is So Beautiful is a response to desperate questions surrounding the protection and preservation of America’s wildlands....

A Journey Toward Environmental Stewardship

by Michael Zagata

Raised in up-state NY, Mike earned a BS and MS in secondary science at SUNY-Oneonta and Cornell and then a Ph.D. in wildlife ecology at Iowa State University.  His varied career included an assistant professorship...

An Enduring Wilderness

by Robert Burley

Featuring tributes from award-winning writers

In a city sometimes referred to as “The Big Smoke,” Toronto’s extensive network of sunken rivers, forested vales, and expansive shoreline has been too often...

THE STORM - Unabridged

by Daniel Defoe

The Storm relates the events of a week-long storm that hit London starting on 24 November and reaching its height on the night of 26/27 November 1703. It is known as the Great Storm of 1703, and it was described...

Extinction Studies

by Matthew Chrulew, Thom van Dooren, Deborah B. Rose & Cary Wolfe

Extinction Studies asks what extinction means to diverse global communities. Essays focus on the entangled ecological and social dimensions of extinction, exploring the ways in which this event catastrophically...


by Jim Conlon, McDonagh Sean & Thomas Berry

A Book Whose Time Has Finally Come


The world has changed a lot since 1990. George H.W. Bush was in the White House, John Paul II was in the 12th year of his 27-year papacy, and the World Wide Web had yet to...

Wolf Nation: The Life, Death, and Return of Wild American Wolves

by Brenda Peterson

In the tradition of Peter Matthiessen's Wildlife in America or Aldo Leopold, Brenda Peterson tells the 300-year history of wild wolves in America. It is also our own history, seen through our relationship with...

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle - 10th anniversary edition

by Barbara Kingsolver, Camille Kingsolver, Steven L. Hopp & Lily Hopp Kingsolver

A beautiful deluxe trade paperback edition celebrating the 10th anniversary of Barbara Kingsolver's New York Times bestseller, which describes her family's adventure as they move to a farm in southern Appalachia...


by Henry David Thoreau

Walden (first published as Walden; or, Life in the Woods) is an American book written by noted transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau, a reflection upon simple living in natural surroundings. The work is part...

My Life on Earth

by Monica Rix Paxson

My Life on Earth is a most unusual memoir. It’s magical— like the stories people tell huddled around a campfire under the stars. It’s full of rich, vivid and deeply rewarding stories that make you ponder...

Life Flows on the River of Love

by Blythe Ayne

Life Flows on the River of Love is an illustrated 8.5" x 11" book of poster-like graphics and inspirational words by award-winning author and artist, Blythe Ayne, sharing her gratitude, joy, and love of living....

Homing Instincts: Early Motherhood on a Midwestern Farm

by Sarah Menkedick

Sarah Menkedick spent her twenties trekking alone across South America, teaching English to recalcitrant teenagers on Reunion Island, picking grapes in France and camping on the Mongolian grasslands; for her,...

Best Places to Bird in British Columbia

by Richard Cannings & Russell Cannings

In this unique guidebook that will appeal to novice and experienced birders alike, the authors of acclaimed Birdfinding in British Columbia explore their 30 favorite birding sites in the diverse landscape of...

Just Cool It!

by David Suzuki & Ian Hanington

Climate change is the most important crisis humanity has faced, but we still confront huge barriers to resolving it. So, what do we do, and is there hope for humanity? The problem itself is complex, and there’s...

Is Santa Canadian?

by Elizabeth Riddell-Dixon & John English

  • A complete, clear, and definitive guide to the competitive sphere of Arctic sovereignty and resource ownership — the new frontier for the 21st century
  • Author is a policy expert in the subject matter, former...

Disaster Survival Guide – Be Prepared for Any Natural Disaster

by Federal Emergency Management Agency

Preparedness takes action! Learn more about hazards which can affect your community and ways you can take action to prepare and participate: Earthquakes can occur suddenly and be deadly. Most earthquake-related...

Inside the Inferno: A Firefighter's Story of the Brotherhood that Saved Fort McMurray

by Damian Asher & Omar Mouallem

An action-packed, on-the-ground memoir of the Fort McMurray wildfire and the courage, resilience, and sacrifice of the firefighters who saved the city.

In May 2016, what began as a remote forest fire quickly...

Fly Fishing: The Way of a Trout With a Fly

by G.E.M. Skues

Attorney G. E. M. Skues drew upon his vast experience as a recreational fisherman to write this masterpiece of the fly fishing genre, in which he established sunken flies as essential tools for the well-equipped...

Cold to the Bone

by John Mark Bates & Carole E Sauers

Bates' poems express what it means to belong to the natural world, to attempt to be a "card-carrying" member rather than an intruder or merely a tourist. The intersection of science and spirit is where these...

The Plant-Lore and Garden-Craft of Shakespeare

by Henry N. Ellacombe

"A very readable and graceful volume." — Saturday Review

"Entitled from its worth to a place in every Shakespearian library." — Spectator.

"As accurate as it is delightful." — Gardener's Chronicle.