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Do Birds Have Knees?

by Stephen Moss

This RSPB-endorsed book answers all those burning questions about birds that beginners and experts alike may ask themselves as they go about their birding.

How do ducks keep their feet from freezing in winter?...

Instant Weather Forecasting

by Alan Watts

Instant Weather Forecasting has been a perennial bestseller since it was first published nearly 50 years ago. A brilliant concept, its winning formula of 24 clear colour photographs of cloud formations and their...

Summary of The Sixth Extinction: by Elizabeth Kolbert | Includes Analysis

by Instaread Summaries

The Sixth Extinction: by Elizabeth Kolbert | Key Takeaways, Analysis & Review


The Sixth Extinction is a book by award winning journalist, Elizabeth Kolbert. In this book, the author demonstrates...

What's So Hot About Volcanoes?

by Wendell Duffield & Bronze Black

You don’t have to take a trip to the thermal pools of Iceland or the black beaches of Hawaii to discover what’s so hot about volcanoes. Warm up instead with a copy of Whats So Hot About Volcanoes?, a...

Ponderosa: People, Fire, and the West's Most Iconic Tree

by Carl E Fiedler & Stephen F Arno

The West’s vast ponderosa pine forest has been home to people for thousands of years. Ponderosa from distant mountains provided timbers for the ancient pueblos of the Southwest. Pioneers on horseback extolled...

What's So Great About Granite?

by Jennifer H Carey & Marli Miller

Even if they don’t know much about rocks, most people can name at least one place they have encountered granite. As a rock, granite is speckled, sparkly, and beautiful, and it’s used in products we encounter...

Foxes Unearthed

by Lucy Jones

The British people have a unique relationship with the fox; no other animal attracts such controversy, has provoked more column inches or been so deeply woven into our culture over the centuries. But as well...

There Was A Fire Here: A Memoir

by Risa Nye

After a devastating firestorm destroys Risa Nye's Oakland, California home and neighborhood, she has to dig deep to discover her inner strength and resilience.

What's So Mysterious About Meteorites

by O. Richard Norton & Dorothy S. Northon

Every product we use, every new invention we create, every single thing we surround ourselves with comes from this Earth, with one exception—meteorites. These exotic rocks have experienced journeys of cosmic...

First Field Guide to Trees of Southern Africa

by Elsa Pooley

These natural history guides have been developed to encourage young people and anyone with a budding interest in natural history to learn about the wonders of southern Africa's fascinating fauna and flora. They...

The Pocket Naturalist

by Felicity Hart

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." -John MuirFind yourself newly enthralled by the great outdoors with the collected wisdom inside this handy book. Packed with absorbing countryside...

The Shark and the Albatross: A Wildlife Filmmaker Reveals Why Nature Matters to Us All

by John Aitchison & Carl Safina

For twenty years John Aitchison has been traveling the world to film wildlife for a variety of international TV shows, taking him to far-away places on every continent. The Shark and the Albatross is the story...

Terra Preta: How the World's Most Fertile Soil Can Help Reverse Climate Change and Reduce World Hunger

by Ute Scheub, Haiko Pieplow & Hans-Peter Schmidt

Terra preta is the Portuguese name of a type of soil which is thought to have almost miraculous properties. The newspapers are flooded with reports about “black gold,” scientists believe that two of the greatest...

Amazonia in the Anthropocene: People, Soils, Plants, Forests

by Nicholas C. Kawa

Widespread human alteration of the planet has led many scholars to claim that we have entered a new epoch in geological time: the Anthropocene, an age dominated by humanity. This ethnography is the first to...

The Bristlecone Book: A Natural History of the World's Oldest Trees

by Ronald V Lanner

High among the cold, windswept peaks of America’s mountain west, grow pine trees that are twisted and gnarled, hanging on to rocky, inhospitable slopes, yet living to the extraordinary age of almost 5,000-years...

First Field Guide to Sharks, Whales and Dolphins of Southern Africa

by Sean Fraser

First Field Guide to Sharks, Whales and Dolphins of Southern Africa provides fascinating insight into the sea creatures of the region. With the help of full-colour photographs or illustrations, distribution...

A Natural History of the Hedgerow: and ditches, dykes and dry stone walls

by John Wright

It is difficult to think of a more quintessential symbol of the British countryside than the British Hedgerow, bursting with blackberries, hazelnuts and sloes, and home to oak and ash, field mice and butterflies....

Battleground Alaska: Fighting Federal Power in America's Last Wilderness

by Stephen Haycox

No American state is more antistatist than Alaska. And no state takes in more federal money per capita, which accounts for a full third of Alaska’s economy. This seeming paradox underlies the story Stephen...

The Dog Merchants: Inside the Big Business of Breeders, Pet Stores, and Rescuers

by Kim Kavin

We love them with all our hearts, but do we really know where our dogs came from? Kim Kavin, author of Little Boy Blue, reveals the complex network behind the $11 billion-a-year business of selling dogs. A...

Viewing the Future in the Past: Historical Ecology Applications to Environmental Issues

by II, H. Thomas Foster & Lisa M. Paciulli

Essays reveal how human activity has influenced ecosystems, economies, and landscapes for millenia