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Arowana: The Complete Owner's Guide for the Most Expensive Fish in the World

by Kyle Faber

The Arowana is the world's most costly aquarium fish. It is a tropical freshwater fish from the brackish swamps of Asia, the river basins of South America, and the pools and billabongs of Austrailia. There are...

The Evolution Underground: Burrows, Bunkers, and the Marvelous Subterranean World Beneath our Feet

by Anthony J. Martin

What is the best way to survive when the going gets tough? Hiding underground. From penguins to dinosaurs, trilobites, and humans, Anthony Martin reveals the subterranean secret of survival.

Humans have “gone...

Homing with the Birds

by Gene Stratton-Porter

"Homing with the Birds" is a book in which one comes into intimate contact with one's feathered friends, to the extent of feeling that they actually have personalities! This is doubtless because Mrs. Porter...

Moths of the Limberlost

by Gene Stratton-Porter

It is about this very bit of Indiana that Mrs. Porter has written her book,"Moths of the Limberlost," and it is the most unusual and interesting nature book ever imagined. It is a story of the "Moths" of the...

What I have done with birds

by Gene Stratton-Porter

A fantastic work about the birds in the Limberlost swamp area in Indiana, USA. The book contains a wealth of character studies of native American birds as through friendly advances the author could induce to...

Bird Watcher's Digest Butterflies Backyard Guide: Identify, Watch, Attract, Nurture, Save

by Erin Gettler & Bill Thompson

Learn to identify the butterflies you see, and find out what to plant in your garden so they visit you at home!

Butterflies are likely the most popular insects in the entire insect class. With their large, brightly...

Call of Nature: The Secret Life of Dung

by Richard Jones

Journey through the digestive systems of humans, farm and wild animals, and meet some of nature's ultimate recyclers as they eat, breed in and compete for dung. The fall of bodily waste onto the ground is the...

Caesar Kleberg and the King Ranch

by Duane M. Leach

In this tribute to a pioneer conservationist, Duane M. Leach celebrates the life of an exceptional ranch manager on a legendary Texas ranch, a visionary for wildlife and modern ranch management, and an extraordinarily...

The Complete Garden Bird Book

by Mark Golley, Stephen Moss & Dave Daly

One of the greatest pleasures of having a garden is being able to identify the great number of different bird species that may feed, bathe and nest there, or simply fly over, particularly during migration.


What Is Quality of Life? Or, a Conversation Between an Eagle and a Snake. : SHORT STORY #2. Nonfiction series #1 - # 60.

by Alla P. Gakuba

The conversation between an eagle and a snake based on Ancient Greek mythology. When Greeks, to teach people common sense, logic, wisdom, new skills, and creativity have used conversations between Gods, or between...

Ways of Nature

by John Burroughs

First published in 1905, "Ways of Nature" is a collection of essays by American naturalist John Burroughs. Within them, Burroughs explores the idea of bird intelligence, which he maintains had been generally...

Bird Neighbors - An Introductory Acquaintance with One Hundred and Fifty Birds Commonly Found in the Gardens, Meadows, and Woods About Our Homes

by Neltje Blanchan & John Burroughs

First published in 1897, "Bird Neighbors" was nature writer Neltje Blanchan's first major work, combining hard science and personal experience in a profusely-illustrated and accessible volume. Upon publication,...

The Wit of a Duck and Other Papers

by John Burroughs

"The Wit of a Duck and Other Papers" is a collection of essays by American naturalist John Burroughs, first published in 1901. The titular paper, "The Wit of a Duck", is a fascinating essay on bird intelligence,...

Birds and Man

by William Henry Hudson

First published in 1915, "Birds and Man" is a collection of interesting and entertaining personal anecdotes relating to birds by W. H. Hudson. This volume contains beautiful descriptions of nature and offers...

Winter Sunshine

by John Burroughs

This is John Burroughs' 1875 work, "Winter Sunshine". Within it, he describes with in wonderful prose and in breathtaking detail the beauty of Winter as observed in the New England countryside. Burroughs also...

A Year in the Fields

by John Burroughs

Within "A Year in the Fields", Burroughs describes what an English field looks like in spring, summer autumn and winter, exploring the effect the four seasons have on the field and its inhabitants. Both charming...

Argentine Ornithology, Volume II (of II) - A descriptive catalogue of the birds of the Argentine Republic.

by Philip Lutley Sclater & William Henry Hudson

This is volume II of William Henry Hudson's "Argentine Ornithology". It is a comprehensive encyclopedia of the birds native to Argentina, with detailed descriptions, historical information, notes on natural...

Locusts And Wild Honey

by John Burroughs

Originally published in 1879, "Locusts And Wild Honey" is a collection of essays by American naturalist John Burroughs, dealing with bees, birds, wild flowers and fruits, and much more. Beautifully-written and...

Green Mansions - A Romance of the Tropical Forest

by William Henry Hudson

"Green Mansions: A Romance of the Tropical Forest" is an exotic romance novel by William Henry Hudson, first published in 1904. It follows an intrepid adventurer who travels into darkest south-eastern Venezuela,...


by John Burroughs

"Riverby" is a book written by American naturalist John Burroughs, first published in 1904. It was written at Burroughs' estate of the same name, which is located on the west bank of the Hudson river, in Ulster...