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What Works in Conservation 2020

by William J. Sutherland, Lynn V. Dicks & Silviu O. Petrovan and Rebecca K. Smith (eds.)

Is reduced tillage in arable fields beneficial for farmland biodiversity?

Is prescribed burning in grasslands beneficial for bird conservation?

Does livestock exclusion from degraded peatlands benefit peatland...

Terrestrial Mammal Conservation

by Rebecca K. Smith, Nick A. Littlewood, Ricardo Rocha & Philip A. Martin et al.

Terrestrial Mammal Conservation provides a thorough summary of the available  scientific evidence of what is known, or not known, about the effectiveness of all of the conservation actions for wild terrestrial...

Renewable Energy

by Rahul Basu

The monograph is a survey of technologies adapted for small scale and rural use with application to Third World and developing countries. hoped that such technologies would empower the rural populace who...

Beaver, Bison, Horse

by R. Grace Morgan, James Daschuk & Cristina Eisenberg

Beaver, Bison, Horse is an interdisciplinary account of the ecological relationships the Indigenous nations of the Plains had to the beaver, bison, horse, and their habitat prior to contact. Morgan?s research...

The Fragile Earth

by David Remnick & Henry Finder

A collection of the New Yorker’s groundbreaking reporting from the front lines of climate change—including writing from Bill McKibben, Elizabeth Kolbert, Ian Frazier, Kathryn Schulz, and more

Just one...

Ideas to Postpone the End of the World

by Ailton Krenak & Anthony Doyle

“Ailton Krenak’s ideas inspire, washing over you with every truth-telling sentence. Read this book.” — Tanya Talaga, bestselling author of Seven Fallen Feathers

Indigenous peoples...

The Pioneers

by James Fenimore Cooper

Originally published in 1823, "The Pioneers" (in full "The Pioneers; or, The Sources of the Susquehanna") is the first of five novels, but the fourth chronological story, in the series The Leatherstocking Tales...

Francis still dreams

by Luca Fiorani, Cecilia Blackden & Augustine Doronila

Older people are dreamers too. The Argentine Pope, leader of over a billion people, shakes hands with a girl from Sweden who has mobilised millions of young people (and many less young). Their shared dream is...

Unearthing Justice

by Joan Kuyek

The mining industry continues to be at the forefront of colonial dispossession around the world. It controls information about its intrinsic costs and benefits, propagates myths about its contribution to the...

Tales of Fishes

by Zane Grey

Tales of Fishes is a well-written and adventurous description of ocean fishing. The writer’s fish stories describe the mental and physical demands of trying to land the largest and most numerous catches of...

Wild Animals I Have Known, and 200 Drawings

by Ernest Thompson Seton

Engrossing collection of 8 stories by this noted Canadian naturalist, illustrator, and painter masterfully blends scientific observation and romanticism. Memorable characters include Old Lobo, the leader of...


by Jacqueline Keeler

Founder of Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry and #NotYourMascot, Keeler is a well-known spokesperson on Native American identity and land issues and has been interviewed on MSNBC and BBC World.

Keeler is...

Old Man's Garden

by Annora Brown, Niitsitapi (Siksika) Bishop Sidney Black & Mary-Beth Laviolette

Through pen and ink illustrations and stories, Old Man's Garden conveys the legends and folklore connected with Southern Alberta's wildflowers, native plants, and Indigenous culture.

Originally published in 1954,...

Taking a Break from Saving the World

by Stephen Legault

"The climate crisis is an overwhelming phenomenon and eco-activist Stephen Legault knows all about that. He's been a burnout casualty a number of times and seeks solutions for the malaise, knowing people can't...

Now I Remember: Autobiography of an Amateur Naturalist

by Thornton W. Burgess

The life story of the naturalist and renowned writer, the author of the series of animal stories for children. Comments on a wide variety of subjects, including nature study, wildlife conservation, and people....

Nature's Broken Clocks

by Paul Huebener

The environmental crisis is, in many ways, a crisis of time. From the distress cries of birds that no longer know when to migrate, to the rapid dying of coral reefs, to the quickening pace of extreme weather...

Earth 2020: An Insider’s Guide to a Rapidly Changing Planet

by Philippe Tortell

Fifty years have passed since the first Earth Day, on 22 April 1970. This accessible, incisive and timely collection of essays brings together a diverse set of expert voices to examine how the Earth’s environment...

Talking with Bears

by G. A. Bradshaw

A highly literary and reflective portrait of Charlie Russell's beautiful and unparalleled relationship with some of our planet's most majestic giants.

Charlie Russell is a legend, not only in his home territory...

The Apocalypse of Nature

by Jonh Stewart

pThe incomprehensible cause of motion having hitherto been adored by mankind, under the personification of a deity, with attributes suited to the imagination of the votaries, it is no wonder that more than nineteen...

Grow Organic in Cartoons

by Denis Pic Lelièvre, Michiel Panhuysen & Karel Schelfhout

The bible of modern organic gardening in graphic format. Because a good illustration speaks volumes.

Welcome to a more ecologically balanced way of growing! With plenty of humour and lots of precise details,...