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A Trail Called Home

by Paul O'Hara

An exploration of trees in the Golden Horseshoe and the stories they tell.

Trees define so much of Canadian life, but so many people, particularly in the Golden Horseshoe, don’t know much about them. Granted,...

Bat Roosts in Trees

by Bat Tree Habitat Key

This is a guide to finding tree-roosts. It is the result of the collaborative efforts of professional surveyors and amateur naturalists across Europe as part of the Bat Tree Habitat Key project, and represents...

Ghost Trees

by Bob Gilbert

The story of a city landscape told through its trees, both past and present.

When Bob Gilbert moved to London’s East End, he began to record the natural world of his new inner city patch. Especially the trees:...


by Wayne Grady, David Suzuki & Peter Wohlleben

  • A Greystone backlist bestseller, now with a foreword by Peter Wohlleben.
  • Taps into a market fascinated by trees, thanks in part to Peter Wohlleben a
  • Charming gift appeal, with 13 illustrations by wildlife artist...

  • Siné-Saloum Delta

    by Jeffrey Chatellier & Zoë Shribman

    This informational ebook offers an illustrated overview of the mangroves of the Siné-Saloum Delta, in Senegal. With its beautiful photography and vivid narrative, this book describes the fascinating elements...

    One Tree

    by Charles J. Katz Jr., Gretchen C. Daily & Alvaro Umaña

  • Environmental scientist Gretchen C. Daily and photographer Charles J. Katz describe how one relict tree, the magnificent Ceiba tree in a village in Costa Rica, carries physical and spiritual importance far out...

  • White Pine

    by Andrew Vietze

    The history of the ubiquitous pine tree is wrapped up with the history of early America—and in the hands of a gifted storyteller becomes a compelling read, almost an adventure story.

    Dynamic Forest

    by Malcolm F. Squires & John Kennedy Naysmith

    Nearing the end of a lifetime in the boreal forest, a retired forester writes a passionate plea for rational, science-based forest management.

    The boreal forest is constantly changing, often dramatically. We...

    Identifying Trees of the East

    by Michael D. Williams

    All-season field guide for identifying common trees of eastern NA

    This popular, field-tested guide for identifying trees in any season, not just when they are in full leaf, features 600 color photos and 200 line...

    One Shot

    by John Leary

    Over the last forty years, entire countries have been stripped of a primary natural resource: trees. Most of this deforestation occurred to make room for agriculture. Yet, in the coming decade, there will be...

    An Enduring Wilderness

    by Robert Burley

    Featuring tributes from award-winning writers

    In a city sometimes referred to as “The Big Smoke,” Toronto’s extensive network of sunken rivers, forested vales, and expansive shoreline has been too often...

    Defending Giants: The Redwood Wars and the Transformation of American Environmental Politics

    by Darren Frederick Speece & Paul S. Sutter

    Giant redwoods are American icons, paragons of grandeur, exceptionalism, and endurance. They are also symbols of conflict and negotiation, remnants of environmental battles over the limits of industrialization,...

    A Thousand-Mile Walk to the Gulf: A radical nature-travelogue from the founder of national parks

    by John Muir & Terry Gifford

    'Many a beautiful plant cultivated to deformity, and arranged in strict geometrical beds, the whole pretty affair a laborious failure side by side with divine beauty.'

    A Thousand-Mile Walk to the Gulf is the...

    Book of Trees | Pacific Northwest Trees Edition | Children's Forest and Tree Books

    by Baby Professor

    Here’s another interesting book of trees that you would love your child to have! A good book of some of the best products of nature will encourage care for the environment and a deeper sense of appreciation...

    Book of Trees |South Eastern Trees Edition | Children's Forest and Tree Books

    by Baby Professor

    Did you know that different parts of the world grow different kinds of trees, too? Yes, it’s very interesting to know all the many species of trees out there. This educational book features some of them. It...

    Book of Trees | North Eastern Trees Edition | Children's Forest and Tree Books

    by Baby Professor

    The North Eastern Trees are the star of this educational book. Here, such trees are featured in order to help a child better understand biodiversity and environment. Hopefully, the book will ignite a strong...

    Book of Trees | Mid-Atlantic Trees Edition | Children's Forest and Tree Books

    by Baby Professor

    Different parts of the world yield different species of trees. This educational book features the Mid-Atlantic trees and how your child can identify them. Learning is made more fun and effective if a child is...

    Book of Trees | Pacific Southwest Trees Edition | Children's Forest and Tree Books

    by Baby Professor

    Learn about trees and how important they are to the environment through this educational book. Learning is made much more fun and effective if there are images involved. The fun layout will also facilitate the...

    How to Grow & Cultivate Marijuana: The Indoor & Outdoor Guide to Marijuana Horticulture

    by Steve Chisk

    The ultimate reference and step by step guide to growing and cultivating marijuana.

    Learn and grow cannabis with easy to follow steps from start to finish. Understand and begin to grow in a matter of hours. Simple...

    Stone Birch

    by Valery Bykasov

    Stone birch (Betula ermanii) is being considered from the ecologist's point of view. The phenomenological characteristic of the Kamchatka stone birch forests is presented. Some aspects of the wood, bark, sap,...