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Dipmeter Surveys in Petroleum Exploration

by Dr. Madhusudan Patil

This book ‘Dipmeter Surveys in Petroleum Exploration’ giving all the required backup of the other allied subjects for easy and meaningful interpretations of the Dipmeters data, so that drilling of dry wells...

The True Story of Titanic

by Wiki Brigades

In the night between 14 and 15 April 1912 Titanic, the largest and most luxury cruise ship ever constructed, sank in the North Atlantic Ocean after colliding with an iceberg.

This terrible event caused the deaths...

Blissfully Blended Bullsh*t

by Rebecca Eckler

Rebecca Eckler’s newest book chronicles the uncomfortable and shocking truth of what it’s really like to make a blended family.

The face of the “typical” North American family is changing drastically....

Textbook of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems

by M. Anji Reddy

Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) deals with mapping technology, and all relevant terminology which are necessary for a beginner to develop his skills in this new and upcoming technology....

Amanda Knox And The Perugia Murder

by Jacopo Pezzan & Giacomo Brunoro

On December 5, 2009, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito were found guilty of the murder of Meredith Kercher. In December of the following year, the appeal trial began.

Despite the initial verdict, the Italian...

Ebony BBW - Volume 1

by PM Oliver

50 Hot pics of a sexy Ebony BBW. In this edition lovers of chubby ebony women will discover a tasty treat. Posing nude outdoors, and in her bedroom or model shows everything.

Images within the e-book are soft-core,...

The Life of Jehoshua, the Prophet of Nazareth

by Franz Hartmann

*** premium Ebook with beautiful layout ***

The only object of the following pages is to aid in dispelling the mists which for many centuries have been gathering around the person of the supposed founder of Christianity,...

Organized Violence

by Dawn Paley & Simon Granovsky-Larsen

Official stories from media centers in New York and Mexico City say that most violence in Latin America is a product of the drug trade. Organized Violence exposes how that narrative serves corporate and state...

The Personality of the Holy Ghost (Annotated)

by Charles Spurgeon

This book contains Charles H. Spurgeon's famous sermon, "The Personality of the Holy Ghost" in its original, unedited form. A brief introduction and commentary pertaining to the sermon is provided by the editor....

The Comforter (Annotated)

by Charles Spurgeon

This book contains Charles H. Spurgeon's famous sermon, "The Comforter" in its original, unedited form. A brief introduction and commentary pertaining to the sermon is provided by the editor.

Good practice and malpractice in labor and delivery

by Gian Carlo Di Renzo, Vincenzo Berghella & Antonio Malvasi

The birth of a human being is the most common event in any part of the world. Nonetheless, it is amazing how such a natural occurrence can be a source of lawsuits. Precisely because the theme of birth is universal,...

The True Stories Of The Monster Of Florence

by Jacopo Pezzan and Giacomo Brunoro

"A must read guaranteed to give newbies a clear and complete understanding of the Monster's murders and of the various investigative theories. The book could also be a great reference for experts who believe...

Crony Capitalism in the Middle East

by Ishac Diwan, Adeel Malik & Izak Atiyas

The popular uprisings in 2011 that overthrew Arab dictators were also a rebuke to crony capitalism, diverted against both rulers and their allied businessmen who monopolize all economic opportunities. While...

Sparta. The Warrior City State

by Richard J. Samuelson

There are few names able to evoke such contrasting feelings as that of Sparta. In the modern man’s mind Sparta is quite often considered the rival and for many aspects the antagonist of Athens, the cradle...

30 Day Ketogenic Vegan Meal Plan : Best  90 Healthy and Delicious Vegan Recipes to Help You  Enjoy Ideal Keto Lifestyle

by Michele Ferris

A lot of individuals are often wondering whether a Ketogenic diet for vegetarians is reasonably possible. To be completely sincere I must state here that Keto vegan is the most hardcore dieting possible.

It can...

Selfie of Success

by Burra Venkatesham Ias

So far, the Success books spoke on only achieving the desired visions and planned goals regarding wealth, prosperity, fame, establishment of business empires, big positions; or tips to achieve anything you want...

The Crescent Moon

by Vera Omwocha

Vera Omwocha tells a story of ethnic violence in Kenya before the 1992 presidential elections. The life of peaceful peasants is devastated by tribal struggles for power and land. 

A woman and her daughter helplessly...

Verona. Guide to the City

by G. Conton

“There is no world for me outside the walls of Verona, except purgatory, torture, and hell itself. So to be banished from Verona is like being banished from the world...”. (Act 3, Romeo and Juliet by W....

A message to Garcia

by Elbert Hubbard

This short book, although it is old, is still an excellent resource for those who occupy or ambition with a leadership position. And even thou the book focuses on the actions of a man; the principles apply equally,...

THE MUELLER REPORT: The Full Report on Donald Trump, Collusion, and Russian Interference in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

by Robert S. Mueller

In the future, "The Mueller Report" may be judged as the most important document of our time. And no matter where you reside on the American political spectrum, you will probably agree that it will have far-reaching...