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by Christian Seidel

Consequentialism is a focal point of discussion and a driving force behind important developments in moral philosophy. Recently, the debate has shifted in focus and in style. By seeking to consequentialize rival...

Homelessness Among U.S. Veterans

by Jack Tsai

The challenges facing military veterans who return to civilian life in the United States are persistent and well documented. But for all the political outcry and attempts to improve military members' readjustments,...

The Nonviolent Struggle for Indian Freedom, 1905-19

by David Hardiman

Much of the recent surge in writing about the practice of nonviolent forms of resistance has focused on movements that occurred after the end of the Second World War, many of which have been extremely successful....

Comparative Human Rights Law

by Sandra Fredman

Courts in different jurisdictions face similar human rights questions. Does the death penalty breach human rights? Does freedom of speech include racist speech? Is there a right to health? This book uses the...

This Too is Music

by Rena Upitis

This Too is Music guides and motivates teachers to foster playful and motivating classroom conditions that enable elementary students to thrive as musicians in every way-as singers, improvisers, critical listeners,...

Public Inquiries, Policy Learning, and the Threat of Future Crises

by Alastair Stark

In the aftermath of major crises governments turn to public inquiries to learn lessons. Inquiries often challenge established authority, frame heroes and villains in the public spotlight and deliver courtroom-like...

The Oxford Handbook of IPOs

by Douglas Cumming & Sofia Johan

Initial public offerings (IPOs), or new listings of companies on stock exchanges, are among the most important form of finance and generate considerable attention and excitement. They are used to raise capital...

Liberalism and Democracy in Myanmar

by Roman David & Ian Holliday

Historic Myanmar elections in November 2015 paved the way for an NLD government led by Aung San Suu Kyi to take office in March 2016, and saw the country deepen its graduated transition away from authoritarian...

Philosophy, Rhetoric, and Thomas Hobbes

by Timothy Raylor

Thomas Hobbes claimed to have founded the discipline of civil philosophy (political science). The claim did not go uncontested and in recent years the relationship of philosophical reasoning to rhetorical persuasion...

Transnational Patriotism in the Mediterranean, 1800-1850

by Konstantina Zanou

Transnational Patriotism in the Mediterranean investigates the long process of transition from a world of empires to a world of nation-states by narrating the biographies of a group of people who were born within...

A Medic's Guide to Essential Legal Matters

by Jane Sturgess, Derek Duane & Rebekah Ley

A Medic's Guide to Essential Legal Matters offers practitioners highly practical advice on the legal principles which they need to apply to everyday clinical practice. Thirteen chapters cover key areas of medical...

Kingship, Society, and the Church in Anglo-Saxon Yorkshire

by Thomas Pickles

Inspired by studies of Carolingian Europe, Kingship, Society and the Church in Anglo-Saxon Yorkshire argues that the social strategies of local kin-groups drove conversion to Christianity and church building...

Rethinking the Scottish Revolution

by Laura A. M. Stewart

The English revolution is one of the most intensely-debated events in history; parallel events in Scotland have never attracted the same degree of interest. Rethinking the Scottish Revolution argues for a new...

Run Like Duck

by Mark Atkinson

A guide to running for the unathletic, told by a man who fell into the sport almost by accident. Progressing cautiously on a reluctant and unexpected journey to 100 Marathons (and beyond), he learned the hard...

The Female Gaze

by Alicia Malone

Inspiring biographies of women who make movies

With the success of Patty Jenkins’s Wonder Woman and the rise of the MeToo movement, women creators in film are more important than ever.

Movies with a female...

Creative Union

by Kiril Tomoff

Why did the Stalin era, a period characterized by bureaucratic control and the reign of Socialist Realism in the arts, witness such an extraordinary upsurge of musical creativity and the prominence of musicians...

War Tourism

by Bertram M. Gordon

As German troops entered Paris following their victory in June 1940, the American journalist William L. Shirer observed that they carried cameras and behaved as "naïve tourists." One of the first things Hitler...

The Hungry Steppe

by Sarah Cameron

The Hungry Steppe examines one of the most heinous crimes of the Stalinist regime, the Kazakh famine of 1930–33. More than 1.5 million people perished in this famine, a quarter of Kazakhstan’s population,...

Dark Pasts

by Jennifer M. Dixon

Over the past two decades, many states have heard demands that they recognize and apologize for historic wrongs. Such calls have not elicited uniform or predictable responses. While some states have apologized...

Coves of Departure

by John Seibert Farnsworth

In a book that has been called "a love song to nature," the author documents the latest decade of his explorations of the Baja peninsula and the Sea of Cortez. While much of the book narrates his experience...