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Modelling the F-4 Phantom II

by Geoff Coughlin

The 'Phabulous' Phantom first took to the air on 27 May 1958 and has been in service around the world for many decades. The United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Iran, Israel,...

British Napoleonic Infantry Tactics 1792-1815

by Philip Haythornthwaite & Steve Noon

Osprey's study of Britain's infantry tactics used during the Napoleonic Wars (1799-1815). The British Army's major campaigns against Napoleon were fought between 1808 and 1813 in the Peninsula (Portugal, Spain,...

US Commanders of World War II (1): Army and USAAF

by James Arnold & Darko Pavlovic

To be a successful commander requires experience, character, tenacity and boldness: the ability to establish a good rapport with both your staff and your men is also vital. The real test comes in combat though,...

US Commanders of World War II (2): Navy and USMC

by James Arnold & Darko Pavlovic

This title, the second of two looking at US commanders of World War II (1939-1945), examines the combat careers, personalities, uniforms, dress and appearance of the key US naval and Marine commanders. These...

US Navy Aircraft Carriers 1942-45: WWII-Built Ships

by Mark Stille & Tony Bryan

Dominating the seas during World War II, the US aircraft carrier played a crucial role in every major naval combat of the war.

Development of the Essex class began in 1941, and was the largest class of carrier...

US Navy Aircraft Carriers 1922-45: Prewar Classes

by Mark Stille & Tony Bryan

The USS Langley, the first American aircraft carrier, entered service in 1922. Despite being converted into an aircraft tender, it was the first step in a new direction for the US Navy and naval warfare. This...

Matilda Infantry Tank 1938-45

by David Fletcher & Peter Sarson

The Matilda was the principal British infantry tank in the early years of World War II. It served with the BEF in France and later in North Africa, where it earned the title ‘Queen of the Desert’. Outclassed...

The Scottish Jacobite Army 1745-46

by Stuart Reid & Gary Zaboly

Osprey's examination of the Scottish Jacobite army during the Jacobite Rising of 1745. The heart of this book is the story of Bonnie Prince Charlie's army at Culloden. It strips away the myth and exposes the...

The German Home Front 1939-45

by Brian Davis & Malcolm Mcgregor

Osprey's examination of Germany's home front situation during World War II (1939-1945). At the outbreak of war in 1939 Germany was committed to the concept of Blitzkrieg - a swift and decisive war. Yet, the...

Sherman Firefly

by David Fletcher & Tony Bryan

The most powerfully gunned tank fielded by the Allies during World War II was the Sherman Firefly. An ordinary American-built Sherman modified by the British, the Firefly had the firepower that could finally...

Sherman Crab Flail Tank

by David Fletcher & Tony Bryan

In this title, David Fletcher relates the story of the Sherman Crab Flail using rare sources and photographs. Among the first tanks ashore on D-Day, the "Crab" proved its worth both in its mine-clearing role...

Churchill Crocodile Flamethrower

by David Fletcher & Tony Bryan

A fire-breathing 'monster' on the battlefield, the Churchill Crocodile flamethrower was one of the most devastating and awe-inspiring weapons of the Second World War. Tank expert David Fletcher chronicles the...

British Mark IV Tank

by David Fletcher & Tony Bryan

The formidable Mark IV tank was pitted against the German Army from 1917 until the end of World War I. This book reveals the important role the tank played in the historic battle of Cambrai in 1917 as well as...

Swimming Shermans: Sherman DD Amphibious Tank of World War II

by David Fletcher & Tony Bryan

The Sherman DD (Duplex Drive) tank was designed by the Allies specifically for the D-Day landings; enveloped in a waterproofed canvas screen, the tank was launched at sea from landing craft and then 'swam' slowly...

Universal Carrier 1936-48: The 'Bren Gun Carrier'Story

by David Fletcher & Tony Bryan

The Universal Carrier was a fast, lightly armed vehicle developed by the British Army to carry infantry across ground defended by small-arms fire, specifically the Bren light machine gun, hence the name ‘Bren...

Cromwell Cruiser Tank 1942-50

by David Fletcher & Peter Sarson

For most of World War II, British tank development remained faithful to the design philosophy inaugurated during World War I. Experiences in North Africa highlighted flaws in this basic design, however, and...

British Mark I Tank 1916

by David Fletcher & Tony Bryan

In 1915 a machine christened Little Willie changed the way that wars were fought. Little Willie was a fully tracked armoured vehicle that could break a trench system. Its development was completed in December...

Crusader and Covenanter Cruiser Tanks 1939-45

by David Fletcher & Peter Sarson

The Covenanter (which never saw active service) and Crusader Cruiser tanks were developed between 1939 and 1940. The Crusader first saw action in the North African desert in June 1941: its speed and sleek design...

The Texan Army 1835-46

by Stuart Reid & Richard Hook

The volunteer army that fought the Mexican dictator Santa Anna from 1835 to 1836 was immortalized in the epic battle of the Alamo. Taking arms initially to fight for the restoration of the liberal Mexican constitution...

Armies in the Balkans 1914-18

by Nigel Thomas & Darko Pavlovic

Recent history should remind us that it was events in the Balkans which sparked off World War I (1914-1918), with the assassination of the Austrian heir Prince Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, and the consequent...