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Writings from Oneness

by Ian McCall

Ian McCall has taught meditation and self realisation since 1987 and studied and practised with many esoteric teachers. Early experiences of awakening gave him a sense of the oneness of everything in this life;...

Straight Down the Middle: Meditations for Golfers

by Jim Dyet

Straight Down the Middle links golf and the challenges of daily living in a four-courses format. An engaging golf anecdote and a crisp meditation for each day bring reader and author together. It's like two...

Seeing the Good in Unfamiliar Spiritualities

by Gethin Abraham-Williams

‘Eastern spirituality, paganism, Spiritualism, Theosophy, alternative science and medicine, popular psychology’ and ‘a range of beliefs emanating out of a general interest in the paranormal’ are the...

Seasonal Awareness and Wellbeing: Looking and Feeling Better the Easy Way

by Marie-Claire Wilson

Feeling and looking better can be a struggle for people needing to balance the demands of a busy modern lifestyle. Harmonising nutrition and exercise practices with the seasons provides you with a simple, flexible...

Philosophy of the Mind Made Easy: What Do Angels Think About? Is God a Deceiver? and Other Interesting Questions Considered

by Deborah Wells

What do angels think about? Is God a deceiver? How important is happiness? Might zombies exist? Do I exist? Can I survive death? In Philosophy of the Mind Made Easy Deborah Wells considers some of the fascinating...

Bordering and Ordering the Twenty-first Century: Understanding Borders

by Gabriel Popescu

This timely book introduces readers to the central question of borders in the twenty-first century. After familiarizing readers with border thinking and making from antiquity to the present, Gabriel Popescu...

The Chinese Medical Ministries of Kang Cheng and Shi Meiyu, 1872-1937: On a Cross-Cultural Frontier of Gender, Race, and Nation

by Connie A. Shemo

This is the first full length study of the medical ministries of Kang Cheng and Shi Meiyu. Known in English speaking countries as Drs. Ida Kahn and Mary Stone, these two Chinese women opened a small Western...

Death by Medicine

by Gary Null

The medical environment has become a labyrinth of interlocking corporate, hospital, and governmental boards of directors, infiltrated by the drug companies. Drug company representatives write glowing articles...

The Psychology of the Integral Society

by Michael Laitman & Anatoly Ulianov

In today’s interdependent world, teaching children to compete seems as “wise” as teaching one’s left hand to outsmart the right hand. The Psychology of the Integral Society outlines the principles of...

Introduction to Effective Music Teaching: Artistry and Attitude

by Alfred S. Townsend

An Introduction to Effective Music Teaching provides the prospective teacher with front-line tested strategies and approaches that are based on current research and the author's experience. With an open and...

The Nature of Science: Integrating Historical, Philosophical, and Sociological Perspectives

by Fernando Espinoza

The role of science, along with its nature and development, are commonly misunderstood. Fernando Espinoza shines light on these misconceptions to show that the role of science also lies in its effect and influence...

Amglish, in Like, Ten Easy Lessons: A Celebration of the New World Lingo

by Arthur E. Rowse

Amglish in, Like, Ten Easy Lessons: A Celebration of the New World Lingo, by Arthur Rowse and with illustrations by John Doherty, describes how Amglish, or American English influenced by online grammar and syntax,...

Stalemate: Why We Can't Win The War on Terror and What We Should Do Instead

by Greg C. Reeson

This book argues that the United States is waging an unwinnable war against terrorism—that Muslim extremist ideology is a problem we cannot soon solve, but only manage using all the elements of national power:...

Play and Performance: Play and Culture Studies

by Carrie Lobman

Play and Performance broadens the understanding of what play is. The chapters cover an array of practices that can be seen across the play to performance continuum, providing advocates, researchers, and practitioners...

Courtwatchers: Eyewitness Accounts in Supreme Court History

by Clare Cushman

In the first Supreme Court history told primarily through eyewitness accounts from Court insiders, Clare Cushman provides readers with a behind-the-scenes look at the people, practices, and traditions that have...

Improving Medical Outcomes: The Psychology of Doctor-Patient Visits

by Jessica Leavitt

The ability of doctors to properly diagnose and treat patients is often colored by non-specific factors that can affect outcomes in profound ways. Communication between doctors and patients is key, but often...

One Hundred Percent American: The Rebirth and Decline of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s

by Thomas R. Pegram

One Hundred Percent American is a new, comprehensive history of the 1920s Invisible Empire that recognizes the diversity of the Klan movement while charting the patterns that determined the organization's rise...

Rhetoric Of The Unselfconscious In D H L

by Masami Nakabayashi

In this study of the Lady Chatterley novels, Masami Nakabayashi pays particular attention to D.H. Lawrence's language for the feelings and for the life of the unselfconscious, sexual body. The novels constantly...

Defending the Defenseless: A Guide to Protecting and Advocating for Pets

by Allie Phillips

Defending the Defenseless is a practical how-to book on getting involved to protect companion animals. Each chapter is dedicated to a specific area in which all of us can become involved to protect cats, dogs,...

Cataracts: A Patient's Guide to Treatment, Second Edition

by David Chang

If you are concerned you may have cataracts or have been diagnosed with them-get detailed and understandable answers to your questions with Cataracts: A Patient's Guide to Treatment, Second Edition.