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Die Schwarze Spinne: The Black Spider

by Jeremias Gotthelf & Jolyon Timothy Hughes

This book is an interlinear translation of a religious allegory about morals and religious living in the mid-nineteenth century, written in 1842 by Jeremias Gotthelf, a pastor. This translation includes introductions...

The Light Gray People: An Ethno-History of the Lipan Apaches of Texas and Northern Mexico

by Nancy McGown Minor

Lipan Apache culture was studied by Morris Opler, one of the most eminent anthropologists of the twentieth century, but many questions remain. This book seeks to complete a comparative analysis of traditional...

Understanding Muslim Discourse: Language, Tradition, and the Message of Bin Laden

by Mbaye Lo

This book provides a well-illustrated account of the major ideas currently in use within the Muslim discourse, and also examines the mechanics whereby Bin Laden's message has become popular, legitimate, and...

Visionaries In Our Midst: Ordinary People who are Changing our World

by Allison Silberberg

Visionaries In Our Midst is a compilation of essays, each focusing on an individual or individuals who saw an unmet social need in their community and did something about it. This is a book about those who inspire...

American Catholics: Gender, Generation, and Commitment

by William V. D'Antonio, James D. Davidson & Dean R. Hoge

How much do American Catholics still identify with the Catholic Church? Do they agree with the Church's teachings, and how often do they participate in its sacraments? What do they think it takes to be a good...

Chinese Characters: Profiles of Fast-Changing Lives in a Fast-Changing Land

by Jeffrey Wasserstrom, Angilee Shah & Pankaj Mishra

An artist paints landscapes of faraway places that she cannot identify in order to find her place in the global economy. A migrant worker sorts recyclables and thinks deeply about the soul of his country, while...

Exploring Catholic Literature: A Companion and Resource Guide

by Mary R. Reichardt

Designed for students of all ages, Exploring Catholic Literature: A Companion and Resource Guide provides an engaging and succinct introduction to twelve recognized masterpieces of Catholic literature, from...

Unearthing Culturally Responsive Mathematics Teaching: The Legacy of Gloria Jean Merriex

by Emily P. Bonner

This book focuses on the theory and practices of a highly successful mathematics teacher of African American children in a high-poverty school. The discussions in the book center on the ideals of culturally...

Incidental Psychotherapy within Christian Relationships: Mental Health Benefits from Therapeutic Alliances Built on the Caring Love of Christians

by E. Rae Harcum

This book points out the close similarity between the loving connections of Christians and therapeutic relationships between psychotherapists and clients. It discusses the nature of psychotherapy, the nature...

One More 'Lost Peace'?: Rethinking the Cold War After Twenty Years

by Raffaele D'Agata & Lawrence Gray

This book explores questions raised during a seminar discussion amongst a group of outstanding scholars. The result may be seen as a readable concentration of basic and meaningful insights that often defy a...

Printing Class: 'Isa al-'Isa, Filastin, and the Textual Construction of National Identity, 1911-1931

by R. Michael Bracy

This book explores the manners and challenges in which alternating constructions of national identity were articulated in the writings of 'Isa al-'Isa and his newspaper Filastin. The time period under consideration...

From 'Huh?' to 'Hurray!': Righting Your Creative Writing

by Stephanie Stiles

Part textbook and part handbook, this book leads creative writers of all levels and all genres through the entire writing process. Each chapter offers an overview and several specific examples of its topic,...

What Do You Do Around Here Anyway?: Real-Life Discussion Generators for Wannabe Principals

by Paul R. Smith

This book candidly reports the experiences of one middle school principal for 160 consecutive days with little or no editing. The material is much more than the typical case study. The events are presented in...

Making Math Learning Fun for Inner City School Students

by Glendolyn Duhon-Jeanlouis, Alice Duhon-Ross McCallum & Ashraf Esmail

This book is an effective tool for educators and a textbook for professors of higher education. The concepts discussed in the book provide a body of knowledge that will enable leaders to understand the critical...

What's the Story?: Try your Hand at Fiction and Learn the Art of Writing

by Rudolph H. Weingartner & Isaias Zelkowicz

This book is designed to prod the imagination without constraining its flight. The twenty casts of characters, complete with illustrations, hint at numerous possibilities and should inspire readers to try their...

Citadel Values II: Essays for Contemplation

by Robert E., Jr. Freer

This book is an educational tool to capture the lessons and fortify students in the greater world beyond The Citadel. The essays of comfort and wisdom reflect the author's thinking and writing during tumultuous...

Chapters in the Formative History of Judaism: Fifth Series

by Jacob Neusner

This collection of eight essays draws on a half-year of work, the second six months of 2009. Neusner takes up three problems in the history of Religions, four essays on fundamental issues in form-history and...

Insight into Two Biblical Passages: Anatomy of a Prohibition I Timothy 2:12, the TLG Computer, and the Christian Church

by Leland E. Wilshire

The first study uses the TLG computer database for a new interpretation of I Timothy 2.12, exploring the effect of the interpretation on exegesis, gender pronouncements, hermeneutics, tradition, theology, and...

God's Prescription for Mental Health and Religion: Smile if You Truly Believe Your Religion

by E. Rae Harcum

This integration of psychological and religious thinking states that the way to mental health of individuals and society is God's prescription of selfless devotion and service to others. This thesis is supported...

Unburdened by Conscience: A Black People's Collective Account of America's Ante-Bellum South and the Aftermath

by Anthony W. Neal

This book argues that influential historians have been unable to offer a complete account of ante-bellum-era American slavery because of their preoccupation with humanizing the slaveholders. Neal skillfully...