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Jubbs Cell Rejuvenation: Colloidal Biology: A Symbiosis

by David Jubb & Viktoras Kulvinskas

According to David Jubb, who has done the breakthrough work in this realm, life extension and health optimization require protein and antioxidant synthesis. Colloids of life and lifecolloids (spores), he says,...

Shabby Chic

by Rachel Ashwell

Valuable flea market finds...

A peeling, antioue vanity in muted sea green...

An elegant, cracked chandelier...

An enormous, slipcovered sofa with deep, cushions...

Comfort, the beauty of imperfections, the allure...

Abnormal Returns: Winning Strategies from the Frontlines of the Investment Blogosphere

by Tadas Viskanta

A smart, back-to-the-basics approach for generating abnormally high returns Turn the TV on and you'll hear a chorus of voices telling you where, when, why, and how to invest your money. Founder and editor of...

Man on the Run: Helping Hyper-Hobbied Men Recognize the Best Things in Life

by Dr. Ezekiel Pipher

Do you have a hyper-hobbied man in your life? Maybe you are a hyper-hobbied man. Hobbies and adventurous pursuits are good for the soul, says author Zeke Pipher. In fact, the human spirit was designed for challenge,...

D-Day to Victory: With the men and machines that won the war

by Stephen Bull

An eye-popping, innovative approach to one of the most-popular topics in all of history: the European Theater of World War II. The myth-busting designers of this unique book will provide readers with a full...

Modelling the Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A, F and G

by Geoff Coughlin

The Focke-Wulf Fw 190 is regarded as one of the best fighters of World War II. Designed by Kurt Tank, it first saw combat in the summer of 1941 and went on to be produced in several variants. It remains a hugely...

British Redcoat 1740-93

by Stuart Reid & Richard Hook

During this period, the British army earned itself a formidable reputation as a fighting force. However, due to its role as a police force at home, and demonisation by American propaganda during the American...

Heroes of the Soviet Union 1941-45

by Henry Sakaida & Christa Hook

Osprey's examination of Soviet heroes of the Great Patriotic War portion of World War II (1939-1945).  The Great Patriotic War began on 22 June 1941, when the Germans invaded the Soviet Union. Over 10...

Heroines of the Soviet Union 1941-45

by Henry Sakaida & Christa Hook

Osprey's examination of Soviet women who fought in World War II (1939-1945). When the Great Patriotic War began, many women volunteered for the armed forces, but most of them were rejected. They were steered...

Darby's Rangers 1942-45

by Mir Bahmanyar & Michael Welply

This title follows one recruit through commando, raiding and amphibious training in Scotland, and into action. It shows how the Rangers differed from the standard infantryman in both their combat mission and...

US Army Ranger 1983-2002: Sua Sponte # of Their Own Accord

by Mir Bahmanyar & Michael Welply

This study of the US Army Ranger takes the reader through the distinct stages of training and acceptance, including the Ranger Indoctrination Program and Ranger Battalion training, and details the developments...

US Navy Seals

by Mir Bahmanyar & Michael Welply

After the United States' failures in special operations missions during the late 1970s and 1980, a decision was made to revamp its unconventional military capabilities. The subsequent reorganization and redesignation...

Modelling Scale Aircraft

by Brett Green

Brett Green, one of the hobby's leading names, provides a comprehensive introduction to all of the basic techniques and materials needed to build scale aircraft, from first opening the kit box to displaying...

Modelling the P-40: Hawk 81, Tomahawk, Warhawk and Kittyhawk

by Brett Green

The P-40 was a dependable warhorse that provided valuable service throughout World War II. The earliest operational variants were used to great effect by the famous 'Flying Tigers' in China, and the P-40 went...

Modelling the Messerschmitt Me 262

by Robert Oehler

Developed from a 1938 design by Messerschmitt the Me 262 Schwalbe (Swallow) was the world's first operational turbojet aircraft. First seeing combat in July 1944, it proved to be particularly effective against...

Modelling the P-47 Thunderbolt

by Brett Green

The P-47 Thunderbolt, affectionately nicknamed the ‘Jug’, was one of the most famous fighter aircraft of World War II. Used as both a high-altitude escort fighter and a low-level fighter-bomber, it quickly...

Border Reiver 1513-1603

by Keith Durham

Stretching from the North Sea to the Solway Firth, the Border region has a sharply diverse landscape and was a battleground for over 300 years as the English and Scottish monarchs encouraged their subjects to...

Knights of Christ

by Terence Wise & Richard Scollins

The ancient warrior code which persisted in medieval Christian Europe dictated that a man's greatest virtues were physical strength, skill at arms, bravery, daring, loyalty to the chieftain and solidarity within...

British Cavalryman 1792-1815

by Philip Haythornthwaite & Richard Hook

In the campaigns of the French Revolutionary (1792-1802) and Napoleonic Wars (1799-1815), the deserved reputation of the British infantry has tended to overshadow the contribution of the cavalry, but in fact...

Frontier Militiaman in the War of 1812: Southwestern Frontier

by Ed Gilbert & Adam Hook

"He who relies on militia leans upon a broken cane." (George Washington)

Osprey's survey of militiamen of the War of 1812. The great military effectiveness of semi-trained local militia is one of the enduring...