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What Works in Conservation

by William J. Sutherland, Lynn V. Dicks, Nancy Ockendon & Silviu O. Petrovan and Rebecca K. Smith (eds.)

What Works in Conservation has been created to provide practitioners with answers to these and many other questions about practical conservation. This book provides an assessment of the effectiveness of 1389...


by Gustave Flaubert


In the eastern side of the Dead Sea rose the citadel of Machaerus. It was built upon a conical peak of basalt, and was surrounded by four deep valleys, one on each side, another in front, and the fourth...

Coral Comes High

by George P. Hunt

"AT 0830, September 15, 1944, the First Marine Division attacked the Japanese-held island of Peleliu in the Palau Islands and engaged an estimated 10,000 Japanese in one of the fiercest straggles of the war....

The Journey of Advaita

by Priti Sinha

About the Book

The Journey of Advaita elucidates the richness, depth and profundity of Advaitic thought right from Vedas to Integral Advaitism of Sri Aurobindo and further how it is being incorporated in modern...

Social Media in Higher Education: Case Studies, Reflections and Analysis

by Chris Rowell

How does social media affect working life in Higher Education? How are universities harnessing its power to aid student learning? This innovative collection brings together academics and those working in professional...

The Unabomber

by Bryan Denson

A new true-crime series that follows FBI agents behind the scenes as they work to keep Americans safe.

The Unabomber was a lone-wolf terrorist who carried out fourteen bombings that left three people dead and...

War in the Ring

by John Florio & Ouisie Shapiro

America’s black boxing champion. Hitler’s favorite athlete. And a world at war.

Joe Louis was born on an Alabama cotton patch and raised in a Detroit ghetto. Max Schmeling grew up in poverty in Hamburg,...

Dressed in Dreams

by Tanisha C. Ford

One of Essence's "10 Books We're Dying To Toss Into Our Summer Totes" • One of The Philadelphia Inquirer's "Big Summer Books for 2019"

From sneakers to leather jackets, a bold, witty, and deeply personal dive...

This Is Not a T-Shirt

by Bobby Hundreds

The story of The Hundreds and the precepts that made it an iconic streetwear brand by Bobby Hundreds himself

Streetwear occupies that rarefied space where genuine "cool" coexists with big business; where a star...

Hooked on Amigurumi

by Melanie Morita

Create Irresistible Amigurumi Masterpieces with These 40 Adorable and Easy-to-Follow Patterns

Crocheting has never been so cute! With patterns for everything from mermaids and the Loch Ness monster to jellyfish,...


by Sarah Fragoso & Brooke Kalanick, Nd, Ms


Get ready to restore your joy, heal your hormones, and reset your metabolism in just four weeks.

Sarah Fragoso, the bestselling author and creator...

Why Young Men

by Jamil Jivani

Across the world, we see an explosion of unpredictable violence committed by alienated young men.

Jamil Jivani recounts his experiences working as a youth activist throughout North America and the Middle East,...

Last Weapons

by Kevin Grant

The use of hunger strikes and fasts in political protest is a global phenomenon. This book explains how that came to be. Last Weapons examines the proliferation of hunger as a form of protest between the late...

Up in Arms

by John Temple

“IT’S TIME! They have my cattle and now they have one of my boys. Range War begins tomorrow at Bundy Ranch.

These words, pounded out on a laptop at Cliven Bundy’s besieged Nevada ranch on April 6, 2014,...

A Savage Life

by Michael Savage

The repackaged and reimagined autobiography of radio host and #1 New York Times-bestselling author Michael Savage—featuring all-new material—revealing his extraordinary American journey from NYC immigrant’s...

The Joy of Uber Driving

by Yamini Redewill

Yamini Redewill is an Uber driver in San Francisco—one of a growing number of rideshare drivers around the world. What makes her unique is that she’s a seventy-nine-year-old single woman who views her Uber...

Two Truths and a Lie: Forces of Nature

by Ammi-Joan Paquette & Laurie Ann Thompson

Crazy-but-true stories about the natural world make this acclaimed nonfiction series perfect for fans of curiosities and wonders—and anyone looking to explore ways to separate fact from fiction.

Did you know...

Emperors of the Deep

by William McKeever

In this remarkable groundbreaking book, a documentarian and conservationist, determined to dispel misplaced fear and correct common misconceptions, explores in-depth the secret lives of sharks—magnificent...

How to Stay Human in a F*cked Up World

by Tim Desmond

A modern approach to mindfulness from an esteemed Buddhist scholar and Psychology professor.

Everywhere we go, we hear about the benefits of mindfulness—to bring us joy, peace, and productivity, and even to...

Surviving Trump

by Joy-Ann Reid

The media star and host of MSNBC’s Am Joy—called “a heroine of the Resistance” by the New York Times–offers concrete advice and insight for dealing with the outrages of the Trump administration and...