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Weather: A Very Short Introduction

by Storm Dunlop

From deciding the best day for a picnic, to the devastating effects of hurricanes and typhoons, the weather impacts our lives on a daily basis. Although new techniques allow us to forecast the weather with increasing...

Gangbang 4-Pack Vol 1

by Jade Summers

Four different girls find themselves in 4 very bad situations. They are overpowered and used in every hole repeatedly by large groups of men who just want to get off and then throw them away. This 4-pack includes:...

Trailer Park Gangbang

by Jade Summers

Brenda pulls her trailer into an RV park with permanent residents who want to have some fun. Three hot guys get her relaxed so that she can experience a train of men who pay to take her in every hole all night...

Food Fetish 4-Pack

by Jade Summers & Jackie Mcnab

Gangbang, anal, oral, m/m, transgender all together in one bundle of four hot and sticky sweet stories that will make you lick your lips. This bundle includes: Hypnotized by Elves by Jade Summers Male Temp:...

Camp Dong

by Donna Dong

Jake wants to experiment and try something different. He isn’t interested in the girl counselors that keep hitting on him at the all-girls camp he is cooking at for the summer. But he hears someone talking...

Male Temp: Hairdresser

by Jackie Mcnab

Brad is desperate for money and about to lose his car. He takes a temp job at a hair salon and is surprised when a trans girl hairdresser and a bunch of dudes want to give him a makeover, and a whole lot more!...

Male Temp: Ice Cream Man

by Jackie Mcnab

On the hottest day of the year Travis’s AC breaks down and he’s flat broke. He gets a call for a temp job on an ice cream truck and jumps at the chance to make some money. He quickly realizes that the super...

Male Temp: Secretary

by Jackie Mcnab

Josh has just found out that his ex-girlfriend ran up a $50,000 balance on his credit card and he has no way of paying it off. Jobless and almost broke he accepts a temp job as an executive secretary where his...


by Steve Chilton

The Round is not only a history of the Bob Graham Round, but also an exploration of the what, why and how of this classic fell endurance challenge. After covering the genesis of the BGR in detail, it documents...

Gyno Gangbang

by Jackie Mcnab

Jade goes in for a gyno exam but all she really wants is to get it on with her hot doctor. He catches on to her flirting and decides to bring a group of male doctors and nurses into the room to participate in...

Humiliating My Cheating Husband

by Jackie Mcnab

Julie finds out that her husband, Doug, has not only been cheating but has gotten his girlfriend pregnant. She decides to teach him a lesson he won’t forget by humiliating him in a pair of sheer women’s...

Temp Job: Clinic Receptionist

by Jackie Mcnab

Nancy is out of work and desperate for a job. When she receives a call from a temp agency for a clinic receptionist position she doesn’t give it a second thought. But things change when she gets to the clinic...

Temp Job: The First Four

by Jackie Mcnab

Kendra, Laura, Nancy, and Sasha are four girls who are all down on their luck financially. They all get calls from the Temp-tation Temp Agency and find themselves in the most compromising and humiliating positions...

Taken by a Small Town

by Jackie Mcnab

On her way home for Christmas break, Tina gets pulled over by some small-town cops. She can’t afford to pay for a ticket and these two decide to take her down to the station to see if they can figure something...

Taken at the Police Station

by Jackie Mcnab

College student, Jenna, gets pulled over by a cop who is about to give her a ticket. She decides to try and get out of it by showing the cop how sorry she is and all of her wildest fantasies come true when she...

Temp Job: Hot Dog Cart

by Jackie Mcnab

Sasha has just found out that her financial aid is being cut off and needs to find some money fast so she can stay in college. She gets a temp job at a hot dog stand and decides to give it a shot. Between the...

The Devil’s Doll

by Jackie Mcnab

Innocent Cara isn't one of the popular girls, but when her best friend starts to dress differently and hang out with the hot, cool kids in school she winds up going to a Halloween party where she feels like...

First Time in the Old Dark House

by Jackie Mcnab

Jenny is on the way to the Halloween party of the season. School is out and all her friends will be there, including her football player boyfriend who she plans on getting down and dirty with for the very first...

Temp Job: Stewardess

by Jackie Mcnab

An all day flight on a private jet filled with a group of men. A young woman desperate to pay her rent after being laid off. A temp agency that provides much more to its clients than light office work. Kendra...

Futinari and Tgirl CBI: Criminal Booty Investigators

by Jackie Mcnab

Kayla and Trisha are two criminal investigators with a little something extra between their legs. Kayla is a Funtanari, and Trisha a T-girl, and together they fight the seamy underbelly of society, leaving no...