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Understanding Signs in Combination

by Frank Clifford

How do the zodiac signs really interact with one another? Grasping the essence of the signs and their points of similarity and difference is the key of successful natal, forecasting and synastry work. In this...

Heart Led Living: When Hard Work Becomes Heart Work

by Sue Dumais

This heartfelt book will empower you to heal the burdens of your past, embrace the truth that life’s challenges are designed to awaken your soul, and embrace a new perspective that whatever you go through...

The Secret Doctrine

by H.P. Blavatsky

Madame Blavatsky's Victorian-era masterpiece is now scaled down to its essentials, providing the most readable, accessible experience ever of one of history's seminal occult works.

The Secret Doctrine, Helena...

On Living

by Kerry Egan

"Illuminating, unflinching and ultimately inspiring... A book to treasure.” –People Magazine

“Equal parts memoir and meditative text on the nature of life….this beautiful book will speak to parts of...

Cancer Hates Tea: A Unique Preventive and Transformative Lifestyle Change to Help Crush Cancer

by Maria Uspenski & Dr. Mary L. Hardy

Maria Uspenski easily relates to you how tea works to help your body's defenses against cancer. Maria breaks down years of her research - her own fight with cancer, how tea fights cancer and how you should be...

Miracle at Midlife: A Transatlantic Romance

by Roni Beth Tower

An inspiring memoir chronicling the sudden, unexpected, and life-changing two-year courtship between a divorced American lawyer living on a houseboat in the center of Paris and an empty-nested clinical psychologist...

Uranus Square Pluto: New Perspectives on the Current Planetary Line-up in Mundane Astrology

by Wendy Stacey

When Uranus and Pluto came to conjunction in the 1960s, it spearheaded radical social, economic and political reform. The generation born during this conjunction has also changed society on every level and continues...

Consulting with Astrology: A Quick Guide to Building Your Practice and Profile

by Wendy Stacey

In this information-packed guide to astrological consultancy, learn to: • Build your practice and attract a diverse, international clientele • Recognize the type of astrologer you are or want to be • Develop...

Vocation: The Astrology of Career, Creativity and Calling

by Brian Clark & Frank Clifford

The term 'vocation' epitomises the quest to find your authentic voice in the world: the work you are meant to do, the work you love. It is greater than emotional security, financial remuneration or worldly success....

The Family Legacy: Astrological Imprints on Life, Love & Relationships

by Brian Clark & Frank Clifford

An astrological perspective not only introduces new ways of thinking about ancestors, parents and siblings, it also reveals familial patterns, complexes and legacies that can assist in the healing process and...

When Heaven Touches Earth: A Little Book of Miracles, Marvels, & Wonders

by James Van Praagh, Sunny Dawn Johnston & Lisa McCourt

World-renowned author and psychic James van Praagh has spent years communicating with spirits on the other side, but he is far from alone in this experience.  Joined by psychic medium Sunny Dawn Johnston, best-selling...

Finding the Elephant: Subspace, the Mega-phenomenon

by David Reginald Burfoot

It is no secret that modern knowledge has become specialised into increasingly narrower ‘silos’. While this has had its advantages, more are becoming aware that important connections are being neglected....

Sacred Bliss: A Spiritual History of Cannabis

by Mark S. Ferrara

Sacred Bliss demonstrates that throughout religious history, cannabis has offered access to increased imagination and creativity, heightened perspective and insight, and deeper levels of thought.

My Little Cowboy: My Reincarnation Story

by Roger Mendoza

This book is the true story of a life that Roger once lived that unfolded to him in a very unusual way. While driving to work, the first part came to him as a waking dream lasting little more than a few seconds....

Nitrogeno 03

by Aa. Vv.

Alchemists were really able to produce gold. Here are their stories and those of modern scientific researchers who have obtained the same result: researches, evidences and (true) procedures to make gold.

The Initiates of the Flame

by Manly P. Hall

Few realize that even at the present stage of civilization in this world, there are souls who, like the priests of the ancient temples, walk the earth and watch and guard the sacred fires that burn upon the...

Where Is My Doorway To Possibilities: What would it be like if you embodied POSSIBILITIES in all areas of your life?

by Gary Douglas, Ritu Motial & Nilofer Safdar

Are you willing to be the Doorway to Possibilities?


What if there is no wall, no doorway – just possibilities all around? 


What there is so much more to life than the walls of limitation we’ve...

The Illuminati: The Counter Culture Revoultion from Secret Societies to Wikileaks and Anonymous

by Robert Howells

This book demonstrates that the old secret societies were driven by the same impulse as Anonymous and WikiLeaks are today. These marginalized groups have always rebelled against the establishments; some subversively...

What's Wrong with Mindfulness (And What Isn't): Zen Perspectives

by Barry Magid & Robert Rosenbaum

Mindfulness seems to be everywhere—but are we sure that's a good thing? Teachers Sallie Jiko Tisdale, Gil Fronsdal, Norman Fischer, and more explain how removing mindfulness from Buddhism may set a dangerous...

Forever in My Heart: A Grief Journal

by Tanya Carroll Richardson

Questions, suggestions, and prompts for immortalizing the memories of a loved one who has passed on

Filled with touching and inspirational prompts, Forever in My Heart is a comforting journal for recording your...