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Living The Reiki Way: Traditional Principles for Living Today

by Penelope Quest

Practising Reiki is not simply about healing others - it is also about healing yourself and growing spiritually. In LIVING THE REIKI WAY, Penelope Quest offers practical and spiritual guidance on how you can...

Pathways to Peace

by Swami Satchidananda & Peter Max

Fundamental teachings on attaining peace- both personal and global. Excerpted from Swami Satchidananda's books Beyond Words, To Know Yourself, and The Golden Present- 28 chapters on vital topics including How...

The Scientific Truth about Sun and Moon Signs

by Rajendra Paode

The Scientific Truth about Sun and Moon Signs: Get the Facts on Their Role in Your Marriage and Personality is the only astrology book based on research endorsed by Professors at reputed U.S. institutions. Dr....

Gong Hee Fot Choy Book of Fortune Revised: A Fortune-Telling Game

by Margarete Ward

Foretell the future using a deck of regular playing cards and a divination game, which traces its origins to the principles of astrology and Chinese numerology.

The familiar Gong hee fot choy! means "greetings...

Casting Sacred Space: The Core of All Magickal Work

by Ivo Dominguez

The use of casting as a means of establishing sacred space is a common practice in Wiccan and Neopagan traditions. In fact it is widely considered the most important step in spiritual and magickal work. And...

Children's Past Lives: How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child

by Carol Bowman

Has your child lived before?

In this fascinating, controversial, and groundbreaking book, Carol Bowman reveals overwhelming evidence of past life memories in children.  Not only are such experiences real, they...







Awareness and Wisdom in Addiction Therapy: The In-Depth Systemics Treatment of Mental-Somatic Models

by Gerhard Scholz, Leo Gurtler & Kent C. Berridge

In this extended essay, experts address both the recovery and the long-term goal of healing from addiction, arguing that a full cure from drug addiction or habitual addiction can be achieved. Combining both...

The Calling: My Journey with the Angels

by Kim O'Neill

O'Neill was disillusioned by her professional life and heart-broken by a dissolved marriage when, in an act of despera-tion, she cried out to God for help. The next day that help arrived in the form of her guardian...

The Search for Spirituality: Our Global Quest for a Spiritual Life

by Ursula King

Full of vision, hope, and inspiration, this profound and passionate manifesto provides a fascinating overview of the incredibly rich and diverse spiritual landscapes of the world—feeding a deep longing for...

The Angelic Way: Angels through the Ages and Their Meaning for Us

by Rami Shapiro

Examining angels as metaphors—not only of God reaching out to humankind but also of humankind reaching out to God—this comprehensive study illuminates the philosophical, psychological, and spiritual implications...

Inviting Silence: Universal Principles of Meditation

by Gunilla Norris

The basic principles of meditation and mindful living are explained in this guide for everyday living. The deep and abiding qualities of silence and the foundation of true spiritual experience are explored,...

Natural Wellness Strategies for the Menopause Years: Natural Wellness Strategies for Women

by Laurel Alexander

Positing that shifts in the mind, body, and spiritual energy can be as much of an opportunity as a challenge, this self-help guide offers sage advice to menopausal women. Erasing the stigma that is often attached...

What to Do When Difficulties Strike : 8 easy practical suggestions

by J.P Vaswani

Life is God's greatest gift to us. Are we living our lives fully, joyously? Are we making the most of this valuable gift? When the going is good, we live life well. But the moment we face problems, we lose heart....

The Australian Ghost Whisperer: The True Life Journey of Healings, Hauntings and Paranormal Experiences of a Gifted Psychic

by Caterina Ligato

I opened the door and could just smell the blood and gunshots. I could sense these people who were still in agony because they were caught in the moment of being shot. It was so intense that excruciating pain...'...

Haunted Bolton

by Stuart Hilton & Michelle Cardno

Discover the darker side of Bolton with this terrifying collection of true-life tales from across the region. Featuring stories of hooded apparitions, poltergeists, headless horses, unexplained noises, curses,...

Haunted Chelmsford

by Jason Day

This popular series is sure to petrify everyone interested in the ghostly history of their hometown. Containing a terrifying collection of spine-chilling tales, from spooky sightings in pubs and theatres to...

Haunted Hull

by Mark Riley

The bustling city of Hull has a long and distinguished history, but the area also harbours some disturbing secrets.  Discover the darker side of Hull with this fascinating collection of spine-chilling tales...

A Grim Almanac of Herefordshire

by Nicola Sly

A Grim Almanac of Herefordshire is a day-to-day catalogue of 365 ghastly tales from around the county. Full of dreadful deeds, strange disappearances and a multitude of mysteries, this almanac explores the darker...