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Dirty & Divine

by Alice B. Grist

There is something sacred within you, in all that you are and all that you do. In a mix of you that is everyday dirty, and spiritually divine, there is something so perfect, something more. Welcome to your journey...

Ancient Gods: Lost Histories, Hidden Truths, and the Conspiracy of Silence

by Jim Willis

Where do we come from? What are the origins of modern civilization? Do the world's pyramids, the Nazca Lines, Easter Island statues, and other enigmatic structures, archaeological wonders, and geographic anomalies...

Love From Heaven: Practicing Compassion for Yourself and Others

by Lorna Byrne

Bestselling author and spiritual leader Lorna Byrne teaches you to have more compassion and love for yourself and to see the love all around you—perfect for those who have gained insight from such bestselling...

Big Miracles

by Joanna Garzilli

“Don’t wait for miracles to happen—make them happen. In Joanna Garzilli’s new book, she offers step-by-step tools for activating your genius, cultivating brilliant ideas, and—ultimately—living the...

You Are the Universe: Discovering Your Cosmic Self and Why It Matters

by Deepak Chopra & Menas C. Kafatos

New York Times bestselling author Deepak Chopra joins forces with leading physicist Menas Kafatos to explore some of the most important and baffling questions about our place in the world. 


What happens...

The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down: How to Be Calm and Mindful in a Fast-Paced World

by Haemin Sunim & Chi-Young Kim

A multimillion-copy bestselling book of spiritual wisdom about the importance of slowing down in our fast-paced world

“Is it the world that’s busy, or is it my mind?”

The world moves fast, but that doesn’t...

How to Interpret Dreams: A Practical Guide

by Media Adams

Learn how to decipher the meanings behind your dreams with this engaging new guide.

Everyone dreams. But how do we know what our dreams mean? How to Interpret Dreams will show you how to remember your dreams...

Healing Spiritual Wounds

by Carol Howard Merritt

An effective plan to help those suffering from wounds inflicted by the church find spiritual healing and a renewed sense of faith.

Raised as a conservative Christian, minister and author Carol Howard Merritt...

Way into Faerie

by Rae Beth

The spirituality of a fey person may be quite anarchic and entirely private, having no basis in any organised religion. So it can be a secret spirituality that informs the fey type and this may be largely experiential....

The Little Book of Dream Symbols: The Essential Guide to Over 700 of the Most Common Dreams

by Jacqueline Towers

Did you know that a dream about a blanket can either be a warning to guard your investments or a sign that you can expect financial gain—depending on the context? Or that a dream about lightening generally...

Practical Spellcraft: A First Course in Magic

by Leanna Greenaway

Now anyone with an earnest desire can learn to cast spells with this intriguing introduction to the craft. Written by a practicing witch, this all-encompassing first course in Wiccan magic simplifies everything...

Freemasonry For Beginners

by Robert Lomas, Sarah Becan & Gordon Echlin

Many people have heard of Freemasonry, but few have any idea what it is, what it does, or why it exists. Freemasonry is not a religion, but rather a spiritual self-help society whose declared purpose is to help...

Zoetic Soul: Pertaining to Life. Your Life

by Jan Mayfield & Daniella Blechner

Do you feel like you’re always “this close” to achieving something only to fall short? Do you feel as though you are always struggling and not moving forward or feeling fulfilled?

Making changes that will...

How Will You Be Remembered?: A Guide for Creating and Enjoying Your Legacies Now.

by Robb Lucy

Ever wonder how you’ll be remembered? What did you create in your life that connected you to people, enhanced lives and made you happier? Would you like to learn how to create legacies that you can enjoy now…...

It's About TIME : Incident at Fort Polk

by Ben Davis Jr.

On March 14, 1976, several soldiers stationed at Fort Polk, Louisiana, were involved with an alien abduction and encounter, that led to military cover ups from an "Incident" that these men were 'Chosen' by these...

Selected Writings of James Allen: As a Man Thinketh, The Way of Peace, Above Life's Turmoil, Byways to Blessedness, The Path of Prosperity

by James Allen

James Allen was one of the finest thinkers. In this five-in-one omnibus edition, Allen shows you the power of positive thinking and a path to prosperity with dignity. These teachings are as timeless today as...

Divine Love Affair: An Akashic Journey

by Nancy D Smith & Joan Schaublin

Divine Love affair is a guide for building a spiritual practice to live your Soul’s dream. Your Soul created a plan for you before you were born, this plan includes adventures, relationships, learning, exploring...

Evolutionary Love Relationships: Passion, Authenticity, and Activism

by Andrew Harvey & Chris Saade

In this profoundly uplifting book, authors and sacred activists Andrew Harvey and Chris Saade call us to the next paradigm in human relations: love connections that are solidly grounded in individual authenticity,...

The E-Word: Ego, Enlightenment & Other Essentials

by Cate Montana

"An excellent and entertaining look at the issues, challenges, and resolutions that come with the territory of awakening.” —Gary Renard, bestselling author of The Disappearance of the Universe trilogy

A book...

The Science of Being Great

by Wallace D. Wattles

The author of The Science of Getting Rich brings you The Science of Being Great. Wallace D. Wattles introduced the world to the power of positive thinking. He was a profound influence on Michael Losier and James...