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How To Turn Your I  Can't Into I Believe Can: 30 Excellent Strategies That Will Enable You To Achieve Your True Potential

by Delroy Constantine-Simms

"How To Turn Your I Can't Into I Believe I Can" inspired by my mentor Karl Wilson and motivational speaker Althea Grant is an excellent personal development book, which explains 30 excellent strategies, that...

Psycho-Cybernetics Deluxe Edition: The Original Text of the Classic Guide to a New Life

by Maxwell Maltz

A magnificent, deluxe edition of one of the greatest and top-selling self-help books ever written, suited to a lifetime of reading, rereading, notetaking, and display.

Since 1960, Maxwell Maltz's Psycho-Cybernetics...

Elemental Energy

by Kristin Petrovich

An aspirational guide to incorporating the transformative power of crystals and gemstones into a stylish life, from the founder of luxury crystal-infused skincare line Själ.

There are many reference books on...

Revelations on The Book of Revelation

by Winifred MacCardell Flood & Christa Phillips

    Winifred MacCardell Flood has translated Revelation using the words a loving God would have said.  This very different translation makes the reader aware of the wild vacillations that Man goes through...

Courage Over Adversity: A Journey Out of the Occult

by Angie Amuso

There can be serious consequences if you connect with the supernatural in the wrong places. Angie Amuso paid a heavy price for engaging with the occult while on a journey seeking healing and spiritual enlightenment....

How to Be a Psychic: A Practical Guide

by Michael R. Hathaway

Discover your innate psychic ability!


Take control of your future with How to Be a Psychic. You'll start by learning how to tune in to the psychic ability you already have--but never knew how to access. After...

Divine Mother, Divine Father: Messages on Inspired Living from Our Heavenly Parents

by Donna D'Ingillo

This short book offers one-hundred concise spiritual lessons received from our "Heavenly Parents," who are known traditionally as Jesus Christ (our “Divine Father”) and the Holy Spirit (our “Divine Mother”)....

I Am Heaven: A story of self-discovery, acceptance, and faith.

by Jem Okan

Jem was born on the island of Cyprus. This is a mystical island nestled amongst the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, but an island bloodied by a civil war between two nations: Turkish Muslims and Greek...

Mind Chatter That Matters: The Ultimate Guide to Your Inner Conflict

by Liz Atherton, Rocky Hudson & Marvel Banot

Are you tired of feeling stuck, indecisive by endless Mind Chatter? Why do some people succeed, while others do not? There is a depression and mental illness epidemic in the world today due to life's stresses....

Alchemy of Grief: Your Journey to Wholeness

by Nancy Loeffler, Sheila A Foster & Cyn Macgregor


When a catastrophic event happens, your life changes in an instant. It may take some time for you to arrive in your new reality. Your life can take on a surreal quality. You may be in shock; you may feel...

Fired to Inspired: A Woman's Transformation One Brave Step at a Time

by Kimberly Cline & Tracey Lyon

It's tough being human. On the path to discovering our life's purpose, we can easily question whether we are on the right journey. The forks in the road confuse us, the doubts creep in, and we scurry for answers...

John of God

Lucky Astrology - Aries: Tapping into the Powers of Your Sun Sign for Greater Luck, Happiness, Health, Abundance & Love

by Lani Sharp

Are you ready to be empowered by astrology, the planets, the stars and the wider Universe? Do you know what makes your sign really  tick, and how you can make the most of the latent luck and power within you?...

The Journey to my Life Purpose

by Elizabeth Ann, Rocky Hudson & Peter Smith

We are all born into this work with a life purpose.  If you take the time to come out of your mind and into your heart and gut feeling, you too can find enlightenment and purpose in your life.

Elizabeth Ann...

The Law of Attraction: Enabling Your Positive Thoughts To Your Destiny

by Delroy Constantine-Simms

This encapsulating, easy to read 232 page six part book entitled The Law of Attraction” commences by posing the question, what is the law of attraction? Followed by an explanation of how and why it works...

Walking in the Footsteps of the Masters

by Ronit Gabay

Walking in the Footsteps of the Masters is a transformational journey of looking inward to discover your inner truth. Ronit Gabay’s in-depth research identified the process of “self” discovery as it was...

Chakra Evolution

by Patricia Wall

Chakra Evolution is a guidebook to transform your life with new chakra energy.

Discover the new major chakras that have emerged, giving you the opportunity to ‘know’ with deep intuitive certainty, and the...

Chod: The Sacred Teachings on Severance: Essential Teachings of the Eight Practice Lineages of Tibet, Volume 14

by Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Taye & Sarah Harding

The Treasury of Precious Instructions by Jamgön Kongtrul Lodrö Taye, one of Tibet’s greatest Buddhist masters, is a shining jewel of Tibetan literature, presenting essential teachings from the entire spectrum...

The Buddha before Buddhism: Wisdom from the Early Teachings

by Gil Fronsdal

In the tradition of the best-selling Dhammapada: a translation with commentary of one of the earliest of the surviving Buddhist texts, which reveals the teachings to be remarkably simple and free of religious...

Free Hugs: Empathy, Connection and Transformation Through Hugging

by Rossi Dimitrova

A hug is a simple but profound gesture that can express care, connection, and love. Free hugs is a global movement started by Juan Mann in 2006 through a viral YouTube video, and people around the world have...