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Emergent Strategy

by adrienne maree brown

In the tradition of Octavia Butler, here is radical self-help, society-help, and planet-help to shape the futures we want. Change is constant. The world, our bodies, and our minds are in a constant state of...

The Journey is Everything

by Suzette M Hodnett

This is not a book about illness, but about great love, gratitude, and miracles. It is about saying yes and not no, light and not darkness, and great opportunities and not great insults. It is a journey of the...

Walking Between the Worlds ─ Book II

by Judith M Campbell

Through a series of interactive home-based retreats, Judith Campbell guides her reader into the essential relationship between physical and mental/emotional health and spiritual liberation.

In this book set,...

Beautiful Courageous You

by Lauralee Berrill

This beautiful book will appeal to women and girls who are suffering from depression or anxiety, and would like practical strategies to overcome adversity. The author shares her knowledge and personal experience...

Prayers for Children Who Are Starting School - Children's Christian Prayer Books

by Baby Professor

Knowing his/her letters and numbers are not enough preparations for school. In most instances, it is also important that your child learns the social skills of relaxation, patience, and self-confidence. These...

God Is Listening When You Pray - Children's Christian Prayer Books

by Baby Professor

Prayers are indispensable. Inculcate the power of praying to your kids with this collection. Every kind of prayer for all occasions and situations is featured in this book. Take your children closer to the Creator...

Prayers for Children at Christmas Time - Children's Christian Prayer Books

by Baby Professor

This is a big collection of prayers for your little readers. It is important that you nurture your child's spirituality by adding the religious significance to Christmas celebration. Teach your child that Christmas...

Prayers for Children to Celebrate Thanksgiving - Children's Christian Prayer Books

by Baby Professor

There are so many things to be thankful of. You have your family, your friends and the community who care for you. Why don't you say a little prayer for all of them, in the spirit of Thanksgiving? If you need...

How Can I Be Friends with God? - Children's Christian Prayer Books

by Baby Professor

To talk about God means to believe without seeing. Sure, you can discuss the subject to your little ones but to plant the seed of faith, you need to introduce the power of prayer. Praying is talking. God may...

Prayers for Children to Celebrate Easter - Children's Christian Prayer Books

by Baby Professor

Easter is more than just the fun activity of egg hunting. It is a celebration that commemorates the time when Jesus rose from the dead. So during this day, teach your child to pray. This book will give you an...

Does God Hear Me When I Pray? - Children's Christian Prayer Books

by Baby Professor

There is never a time too early when it comes to teaching your kids how to be God-fearing and prayerful. This book contains a handful of prayers for your children’s everyday needs. This is the way to start...

Jesus and the Meaning of Easter | Children's Christianity Books

by Baby Professor

There is a deeper meaning to Easter. It’s not just about egg hunting and the Easter bunny. It’s a celebration of Jesus life and Resurrection. Let your child read about Jesus and the Meaning of Easter. Reading...

Children's Prayers to Thank God for His Blessings - Children's Christian Prayer Books

by Baby Professor

Teach your kids how to be grateful in every moment of their existence. This book is a collection of children’s prayers for your kids to guide them on how to say their thanks to the Almighty Father. Make your...

How Can I Talk to God? - Children's Christian Prayer Books

by Baby Professor

Prayers are powerful. They are the direct line to God. It is very important that your child learn to pray. Along with that, he/she must know what to expect when talking to God. After all, God does not answer...


by Pamela Wasabi & Matthew Kenney

Nourished ─ Your guide to an eat-clean diet and nourishment through plant based eating Are you ready for the benefits of an eating clean diet? Are you seeking a happy, health-filled life? Welcome to nourishment...

Mindfulness for Parents

by Amber Hatch

Many of us find the challenges of family life, especially the early years daunting and overwhelming. The task of raising children is not easy, the stakes are high so how can mindfulness help us parent better?...

The Wisdom of Not Knowing: Discovering a Life of Wonder by Embracing Uncertainty

by Estelle Frankel

A deeply affirming exploration of the challenges and possibilities of the unknown--with meditations and exercises that can help transform the fear and uncertainty of "not knowing" into a sense of openness, curiosity,...

Love From Heaven: Practicing Compassion for Yourself and Others

by Lorna Byrne

Bestselling author and spiritual leader Lorna Byrne teaches you to have more compassion and love for yourself and to see the love all around you—perfect for those who have gained insight from such bestselling...

The Goddess You : Principles for living in soul alignment

by Jeanne M Street & Kari M Del Vecchio

The Goddess You, is indeed you. 

You, my friend, are perfection in every single way.

 You’ve just lost the view, and your connection to your groovy Goddess Self.

This lovely book you hold in your hands right...

The Reality of Prayer

by E. M. Bounds

The word "prayer" expresses the largest and most comprehensive approach unto God. It gives prominence to the element of devotion. It is communion and intercourse with God. It is enjoyment of God. It is access...