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Heroic Compassion

by ZenDoe Linda Frank

Why is life so hard? Is there any purpose behind the inevitable suffering of a human lifetime? From our vantage point in the realm of Spirit, life-altering events provide the very stepping stones we need in...

Inspiration for Living

by Judy Tatelbaum

Thank you my readers for your willingness to be inspired. We never know where our answers might lie. Our most important insights may come from a sentence in a book. I hope this is true for you.

Creating this...

Terminal Cancer - How I Survive

by Karen Alexander & Blair Patrick Schuyler

In 2006 Karen Alexander was diagnosed with advanced incurable cancer when the PET scan showed multiple bone metastasis at C6, T1, T2, T3, T5, T6, S1, several right and left ribs. She was given absolutely no...


by Brian Morrison

Each year hundreds of thousands of pilgrims trek across Spain arriving at the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela where the tomb of the apostle of Saint James is located. As far back as the Middle Ages...

When God Calls

by Dianne Sealy-Skerritt

Many people sleep-walk through life without ever finding real meaning, purpose and fulfilment. In this thought-provoking and highly inspirational book, Dianne Sealy-Skerritt explains how we can all live the...

Intrinsic Hope

by Kate Davies & Vicki Robin

Climate disruption. Growing social inequality. Pollution. We are living in an era of unprecedented crisis, resulting in widespread feelings of fear, despair, and grief. Now, more than ever, maintaining hope...

Psychic Reiki

by Brett Bevell

Psychic Reiki is the culminating work of Bevell’s previous books about Reiki, plus some new techniques, combined into one elegant and user-friendly energy healing system. As with traditional Reiki, its practitioners...

F'd Wide Open

by Marja West

Now more than ever, Divine Love and Spiritual Awakening are essential to the survival of humanity. In this fast-paced world of techie-toys, instant messages, unconscionable greed, appalling indifference, and...

Beyond Boundaries

by Helen Parry Jones

Beyond Boundaries - A book of true inspiration!

Helen Parry Jones shares every aspect of her life with absolute honesty and in a refreshingly down-to-earth manner. Her story is a backdrop to enable her spiritual...

The Remembering

by Saharra White-Wolf

The Lemurian Star Team, a group of seemingly normal teenages, synchronistically 

come together to awaken to their multidimensional and cosmic powers. They unite with the

Intergalactic Beings of Light to battle...

Walking in the Light

by Tracey Howarth Tomlinson

We have within us the ability to transcend the illusion of life to create our own reality, one greater than we could ever think possible.

Packed with meditations, visualisations and exercises, this book is an...


by Teresa Marie Novak

This is how my personal healing experiment became an opportunity to educate women about HPV treatment options and their power of choice-making. I share my story of regression and guide the reader through a decision-making...

Healing Happens

by Avital Miller & Forbes Riley

Imagine healing a chronic condition or terminal illness against all odds by making one simple change. Healing Happens brings you insight and inspiration from health and healing experts who cured themselves and...

The Spirit of Religion

by Aaron D Davis & Alice Sullivan


The art of the intuitive healer - volume 1

by wayne lee

What if you could be inside the mind of an experienced intuitive healer as he connects with real clients, feeling what they feel and seeing what they see, giving you an understanding of a process of intuitive...

Worship & Wellness: The Discovery

by Oluchi Ibekwe Immanuel Md

Do you find yourself constantly multi-tasking but still feel like you have not accomplished one thing? Do you feel exhausted at the end of the day? Has your health been put on the “back-burner”? If you...

Start with the Heart

by Silvia Di Luzio

An established cardiologist, sensitive to medicine’s current needs, explains how the answer may come literally... from the heart. Today, medicine itself and the concepts of both “health” and “treatment”...

The art of the intuitive healer. Volume 2

by wayne lee

This renowned and remarkable healer unreservedly shares a wealth of practical exercises to enhance and extend our natural healing abilities. Whether as an experienced practitioner, a beginner, or a lay person,...


by Rodrigo Medeiros

Paravision explores one of the richest parapsychic capacities of all: clairvoyance. There are countless references to this phenomenon in history, mystic literature, and popular culture. The approach used in...

Treasured Silence

by Angela Carbajal Detloff

I don't know how I knew, but with certainty knew that Jesus was in my life from the moment I was conceived and a band of angels watched over me. How else could I have emerged from the pit of hell that engulfed...