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The Badass Life

by Christmas Abbott

The CrossFit superstar and author of the bestselling The Badass Body Diet is back with a day-by-day guide designed to encourage habit change through fun, dynamic daily tasks challenging your mind, body, and...

Soul Bearer

by Cheryl Polote-Williamson

In yet another bold anthology, bestselling author and compiler Cheryl Polote-Williamson brings us the Godly and redemptive testimonies of nine men who, having overcome their own trials, now share their valuable...

Mirror, Mirror, What the Heck Happened?

by Mary Oliver & Kary Oberbrunner

Life has had it’s challenges for most of us. Instead of a direct path from point A (where you started) to point B (where you want to be), the path contained many crossroads that included points of decision...

Queen of the Heavens

by Kingsley Guy & Susan Szecsi

What is it like to awaken to the divine, and know that our lives are informed and shaped by spiritual guidance from other realms? Queen of the Heavens helps us open the gateway to those unseen worlds. 


Healing Toxic Habits

by La'Ticia Nicole

The eleven authors in this collection explore adversities that affect and even shackle every person at some point in his or her life: shame, fear, guilt, and anger. Although each story is different, the raw...

Stop Anxiety from Stopping You

by Helen Odessky & Dr. John Duffy

• Statistics for Anxiety are staggering -Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18% of the population. • Studies...

Sound Therapy Solutions

by Regina Rose Murphy

Sound Therapy has been overlooked in modern times but thanks to technology such as laptop sound generators and user friendy websites for smartphones, real applications of sound therapy are available worldwide...

The Order-Disorder Paradox: Understanding the Hidden Side of Change in Self and Society

by Nathan Schwartz-Salant

Increasing order in a system also creates disorder: this seemingly paradoxical idea has deep roots in early cultures throughout the world, but it has been largely lost in our modern lives as we push for increasing...

Broken H.E.E.L.S Repaired

by Talia K. Purifoy

5 Women, 5 Stories, 1 thing in common "brokenness." I've experienced many things in my life! Seen a lot of things, took a lot of loses, so much so that the pain just can't be explained. God often reminds me...

Shut Up and Sit Down

by Kimberly R Lock

A witty, wise and contemporary Christian-centered plan for releasing ourselves from our biggest enemy: Ourselves. The author takes us on a journey necessary to moving forward in relationships, business and spiritual...

Restored, Healed & Inspired

by Kimberly M Meyer

Many of us, regardless of background or color, age or lifestyle, often run up against trials that threaten to tear us down, to keep us lost in the Wilderness so that we may remain there to whither. How do you...

Paint My World Purple

by Mary Reese-Paul

If you have ever suffered in silence from abuse and domestic violence, Paint My World Purple will speak volumes to your spirit. After years of suffering, Mary Reese-Paul gained the courage to pack up her toddler...

Singing into Bone

by Rebecca Singer

Reading Singing into Bone is like walking a labyrinth. The tales Rebecca Singer weaves together are not linear; they spiral and turn, they take us to the edge of the unknown, then circle back home, deeper than...

Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds

by adrienne maree brown

Radical self-help, society-help, and planet-help to help us shape the futures we want.

Emergent Strategy

by adrienne maree brown

In the tradition of Octavia Butler, here is radical self-help, society-help, and planet-help to shape the futures we want. Change is constant. The world, our bodies, and our minds are in a constant state of...

The Journey is Everything

by Suzette M Hodnett

This is not a book about illness, but about great love, gratitude, and miracles. It is about saying yes and not no, light and not darkness, and great opportunities and not great insults. It is a journey of the...

Walking Between the Worlds ? Book II

by Judith M Campbell

Through a series of interactive home-based retreats, Judith Campbell guides her reader into the essential relationship between physical and mental/emotional health and spiritual liberation.

In this book set,...

Beautiful Courageous You : A journey of healing Spirit, Soul and Body from depression

by Lauralee Berrill

This beautiful book will appeal to women and girls who are suffering from depression or anxiety, and would like practical strategies to overcome adversity. The author shares her knowledge and personal experience...

Beautiful Courageous You

by Lauralee Berrill

This beautiful book will appeal to women and girls who are suffering from depression or anxiety, and would like practical strategies to overcome adversity. The author shares her knowledge and personal experience...

Prayers for Children Who Are Starting School - Children's Christian Prayer Books

by Baby Professor

Knowing his/her letters and numbers are not enough preparations for school. In most instances, it is also important that your child learns the social skills of relaxation, patience, and self-confidence. These...