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The Complete Book of Aquarian Magic: A Practical Guide to the Magical Arts

by Marian Green & Judika Illes

Here in one volume are two classic practical guides for modern witches:Magic for the Aquarian Age and Experiments in Aquarian Magic.

Magic for the Aquarian Age is a contemporary manual that unwraps the secret...

The Shocking Truth

by Albert Coe

Published in 1969, The Shocking Truth is Albert Coe's tale of how he was enjoying some fishing in a remote rural location who happened to stumble across an alien (who looked human) in distress with an injured...

The Witch's Guide to Wands: A Complete Botanical, Magical, and Elemental Guide to Making, Choosing, and Using the Right Wand

by Gypsey Elaine Teague & Orion Foxwood

The wand is the most important component of the witch’s toolbox. Serving as an ultimate big book of wands, here is:

  • The clearest exposition of the names, spirits, and attributes of woods for wands
  • The clearest...

Chronicles of the Unexplained: True Stories of Haunted Houses, Bigfoot & Other Paranormal Encounters

by Gary Gillespie

Chronicles of the Unexplained presents a lifetime of true paranormal experiences. The stories are from a broad range of individuals, many of whom would be the last people you would expect to be willing to communicate...

Mabon: Rituals, Recipes & Lore for the Autumn Equinox

by Llewellyn & Diana Rajchel

Llewellyn’s Sabbat Essentials series explores the old and new ways of celebrating the seasonal rites that are the cornerstones in the witch’s year. A well-rounded introduction to Mabon, this attractive book...

Brigid: History, Mystery, and Magick of the Celtic Goddess

by Courtney Weber

Lady of the Well, the Forge, and the Green Earth, I seek you. --Brigid, I Seek You


Brigid—mother, daughter, healer, bard, warrior, fire goddess, goddess of the oak, animals, and magic. Brigid of the spring,...

Witches Were For Hanging

by Patricia Crowther

The year is 1645 and the infamous Matthew Hopkins, self-styled Witchfinder General is sweeping through Essex leaving a trail of torture and death behind him. It needs only a careless word or the spiteful gossip...

Haunted Plantations of the South

by Richard Southall

When you hear the word "plantations," most people think of grand homes with pillars and sweeping staircases. These houses of grandeur were located all through the South in the days before the Civil War, and...

Lughnasadh: Rituals, Recipes & Lore for Lammas

by Llewellyn & Melanie Marquis

Llewellyn’s Sabbat Essentials series explores the old and new ways of celebrating the seasonal rites that are the cornerstones in the witch’s year.

A well-rounded introduction to Lughnasadh, this attractive...

A Kitchen Witch's World of Magical Food

by Rachel Patterson

A complete Witch-in-the-Kitchen book.

Pagan Portals - Sacred Sex and Magick

by Web PATH Center

Wrap up ecstasy in love to create powerful magick, spells and healing.

We're Still Here: The Secret World of Bunker Hill's Historical Spirits

by Mary L Trettenero

The spirits of Charlestown are restless and can no longer conceal the truth about what they witnessed in life. These spirits have something to say about the chaos they lived through in Charlestown during Revolutionary...

Angel Power

by Janice T. Connell

"There are many angels, maybe as many as the stars in the sky . . . ."

And every single one of these precious beings offers the world unique blessings. ANGEL POWER describes the special tasks and responsibilities...

God's Blueprint: Scientific Evidence that the Earth was Created to Produce Humans

by Christopher Knight

God's Blueprint is the boldest statement yet by the popular investigator of the past, Christopher Knight. While he is sees a role for all religions he has none himself, yet Knight makes the case for a deliberate...

Essex Ghost Tales

by Robert Hallmann

The stories in this haunting collection are as ancient and recent, powerful and fantastical, real and imaginary as the ghosts they feature. Here you will find chilling tales of restless Vikings, doomed to haunt...

Brief Peeks Beyond: Critical Essays on Metaphysics, Neuroscience, Free Will, Skepticism and Culture

by Bernardo Kastrup

An incisive, original, compelling alternative to current mainstream cultural views and assumptions.

The Flame in the Cauldron: A Book of Old-Style Witchery

by Orion Foxwood & Raven Grimassi

Few words entice and incite like the word witchery. Thousands of self-identified witches, pagans, and magical practitioners embrace the word, but seldom go beyond the practice of the well-accepted and learned...

The Ipswich Witch

by David L Jones

Against the backdrop of the largest witch hunt in English history, this book is both an investigation of a miscarriage of justice over 350 years old and a recreation of East Anglia as it once was. Ipswich, faced...

Orbs and Beyond: Communications and Revelations From Another Reality

by John Pickering & Katie Hall

Insights from Orbs & Beyond reveal Oneness and connectivity for us as individuals that crosses faith and religous boundaries.

Death on Mars: The Discovery of a Planetary Nuclear Massacre

by PhD, John E. Brandenburg

New proof of a nuclear catastrophe on Mars! In an epic story of discovery, strong evidence is presented for a dead civilization on Mars and the shocking reason for its demise: an ancient planetary-scale nuclear...