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Tazkiyah: The Islamic Path of Self-development

by Abdur Rashid Siddiqui

A practical manual for those who want to achieve self-development by purifying their soul and actions.

My Life After Death: A Memoir from Heaven

by Erik Medhus & Elisa Medhus M.D.

In the follow-up to Elisa Medhus’s My Son and the Afterlife—“a heartfelt, deeply moving story” (Eben Alexander, New York Times bestselling author of Proof of Heaven)—her son Erik tells his astounding...

The Simple Road: A Handbook for the Contemporary Seeker

by Obadiah Harris

This elegant, concise guide by the founder of the University of Philosophical Research distills a lifetime of spiritual seeking into one beautiful, unforgettable blueprint for inner growth. 

"When you grow...

Unknown Rumi: Selected Rubais of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi and Commentary by Nevit O. Ergin

by Nevit Oguz Ergin

In this collection of Rumi poetry, Rumi gives answers to spiritual questions that have been asked for centuries. So many readers and scholars represent Rumi as a mystical poet who can help us understand this...

The Spiritual Function of Sex

by Mcivor-tyndall

No phase of civilization can rise to the highest possibilities as long as the average mental attitude toward the most vital, the most important and the most sacred function of our being, is one of shame, sinfulness,...

Adventures for Your Soul: 21 Ways to Transform Your Habits and Reach Your Full Potential

by Shannon Kaiser

“An incredible woman on a mission to help people find peace,happiness, and fulfillment.” Gabrielle Bernstein, author of Miracles Now

Have you ever felt like there’s something holding you back?

Maybe that...

Freedom Is Your Only Choice: 108 Questions To Discover Your True Self

by Ajay Kapoor

In Freedom Is Your Only Choice, Ajay Kapoor answers 108 questions related to the common issues that all of us -- meditators or non-meditators -- face in life, especially on how to attain freedom from our restlessness...

The Dark Night of the Shed: Men, the midlife crisis, spirituality - and sheds

by Nick Page

Men, the midlife crisis, spirituality - and sheds

A new bike - running the marathon - splashing out on a sports car - having an affair - taking up triathlon - upping sticks and moving to the country - getting...

Mindfulness for Life: A Six-Week Guide to Inner Peace

by Oli Doyle

Take a break from your mind and step into the present moment with MINDFULNESS FOR LIFE.

Mindfulness is more than a set of tools to help manage the stresses of life; it's also about enhancing your overall wellbeing....

The Illustrated Key to the Tarot

by L. W. De Laurence

The little treatise which follows is divided into three parts, in the first of which I have dealt with the antiquities of the subject and a few things that arise from and connect therewith. It should be understood...

Living Backward: The Gift of Hindsight in Building a Truly Significant Life

by Angelique Cooper McGlotten

Imagine looking back on the sum total of your earthly years . . . and realizing that your reasons to rejoice are far greater than your regrets. Living Backward is your invitation to discover the powerful gift...

The Way to God

by Dwight Lyman Moody

In this small volume I have endeavored to point out the Way to God. I have embodied in the little book a considerable part of several addresses which have been delivered in different cities, both of Great Britain...

History of Alchemy

by M. M. Pattison Muir

The system which began to be called alchemy in the 6th and 7th centuries of our era had no special name before that time, but was known as the sacred art, the divine science, the occult science, the art of Hermes....

Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome: A Memoir of Humor and Healing

by Reba Riley

An important inspirational debut, Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome is much more than a memoir about reclaiming faith and overcoming chronic illness. Written with humor and personality, it tackles the universal...

No Goodbyes: Life-Changing Insights from the Other Side

by Barry Eaton

Delve deeper into the mysteries of the spirit realm and life between lives—and discover how they can and do influence our current lives on earth.

Barry Eaton, author of Tarcher’s Afterlife, is back with...

Enlightenment, the Simple Path

by Nick Roach

This rare book describes the experience of enlightenment or self-realisation and the path to it, in perhaps the simplest way to date. The answers to the big questions become clear, and even obvious. **

The Alignment of the Universe: Messages From Other Worlds

by Victoria Margaret Cochrane

On the 12/12/12 Mother Earth ascended into the Fifth Dimension and on the 21/12/12 she came into alignment with other planets in the universe. Although the time of alignment has now passed, our sister planets...

Life After Death: Living Proof: A Lifetime's Experiences of Physical Phenomena

by Tom Harrison

A fine, readable, definitive book on Psychic Phenomena. With photographs of materialisations taken in red light and infrared. This is Tom Harrison's lifetime of experiences with Physical Phenomena, particularly...

Alec Harris: : the full story of his remarkable physical mediumship

by Louie Harris

This is the full story of how Alec Harris, a young man, sceptical of all things psychic, became one of the world's most brilliant materialisation mediums. Previously published in part only as 'They Walked Among...

The Mystic Will

by Charles Godfrey Leland

During the past few years the most serious part of the author's study and reflection has been devoted to the subjects discussed in this book. These, briefly stated, are as follows: Firstly, that all mental or...