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Nikola Tesla: Afterlife Comments on Paraphysical Concepts

by Francesca Thoman

In a rich tapestry of 20 articles, Nikola Tesla's channeled information through Francesca Thoman covers a wide variety of subjects such as Quantum Entangled Inductive Resonance, Para-sound Encoding in DNA, Examining...

Energy in Motion

by Sally Aderton

Energy in Motion: Evolution, Revolution and the Human Condition addresses the hope of a world unified by a new understanding of consciousness. In this book, you will be presented with a clear path to the promise...

Buddhism for Busy People: Finding Happiness in a Hurried World

by David Michie

In this simple and accessible but beautifully written book, David Michie opens the door to the core teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, and shows us how he himself first began incorporating Buddhist practices into...

White Hot Truth

by Danielle Laporte

- receives 5 Million monthly visitors. 500,000+ followers on social media. 45 Million monthly impressions on social media. - A former literary publicist, Danielle’s previous book, The Desire...

The Sacred Path of the Soulmate

by Gerald Sze

Romantic relationships can bring both great joy and deep anguish. At any moment, millions of men and women are seeking relationships, while millions more are ending them. Why are we so fervently drawn to romantic...

Celtic Fairy Tales - Classic Celtic Children's Stories

by Various Unknown

At the end of his highly successful English Fairy Tales, Joseph Jacobs compiled Celtic Fairy Tales, a book of 26 Celtic children’s stories from around Wales and Ireland. Celtic Fairy Tales tells of horned...

The Human Predicament

by David Benatar

Are our lives meaningful, or meaningless? Is our inevitable death a bad thing? Would immortality be an improvement? Would it be better, all things considered, to hasten our deaths by suicide? Many people ask...

The Other Side of Impossible: Ordinary People Who Faced Daunting Medical Challenges and Refused to Give Up

by Susannah Meadows

You’re faced with a difficult health condition. You have exhausted medicine’s answers. What do you do? Susannah Meadows tells the real-life stories of seven families who persisted when traditional medicine...

Travels with the Earth Oracle - Book Two

by M. Smith

Travels with the Earth Oracle- Book Two continues where Book One left off, with more spiritual adventures trekking the world with the Earth Oracle to work with the fifith, sixth and seventh chakras of the planet,...

The Great Companion to Meditations & Aphorisms for Moral Transformation

by Signet Il Y' Viavia: Daniel & Daniel Howard Schmidt

This is the Softbound Black & White Text Edition to the Complete Companion Series. It is a collection of extracted quotes from the Akshaya Patra Series: Manasa Bhajare: Worship in the Mind: Vol 1 Book 1 Parts...

Peace, Love and You (A Spiritual Inspirational Self-Help Book about Self-Love, Spirituality, Self-Esteem and Meditation, Spiritual books, Self-Love, Self-Esteem, Meditation, Self-Help books)

by Nerissa Marie

You are perfect, whole and complete simply because you exist. You are a divine expression of love. Peace, Love and You is a self-help, spiritual guidebook that empowers you to look at the true nature of your...

A Celtic Yearbook

by Lizzy Shannon

A Celtic Yearbook takes the reader through the Gregorian calendar as well as the 13 months and single day of the Druidic calendar. Included are tidbits of Celtic and Druidic lore. Like the Native Americans,...

Horn of Plenty

by Blythe Ayne

HORN OF PLENTY – The Cornucopia of Your Life by Dr. Blythe Ayne is overflowing with information about living a prosperous life, within peace and joy.

What do you want to have pour out of your horn of plenty?...

Life Flows on the River of Love

by Blythe Ayne

Life Flows on the River of Love is an illustrated 8.5" x 11" book of poster-like graphics and inspirational words by award-winning author and artist, Blythe Ayne, sharing her gratitude, joy, and love of living....

Unity: The Power of The Animal Kingdom to Guide You Home

by Madeleine Walker

Interspecies Unification-We are ALL ONE! Allow the animal Kingdom to re-awaken, re-connect and re-empower you!  My greatest teachers and healers have come in many guises,In all shapes and sizes-some many legged,...


by Madeleine Walker

Interspecies Unification-We are ALL ONE! Allow the animal Kingdom to re-awaken, re-connect and re-empower you!  My greatest teachers and healers have come in many guises,In all shapes and sizes-some many legged,...

Stairway from Heaven

by Linda Kobler

One half of all humans will have a profound spiritual experience in their lifetime.

A recent study in the United States reported that forty nine percent of the population had undergone a sudden awakening, either...

The Six Principles of Enlightenment and Meaning of Life

by Russell Anthony Gibbs

Winner of the 2016 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Best Book in Spiritual Self Help           

Finalist of the 2017 Body Mind Spirit Book Awards                               ...

Sacred Messages

by Linda Kobler

The death of her son Jeremie in September 2012 left her searching for answers. Her extraordinary familial history of spiritual events gave her the strength to seek and realize the very things that would give...

Zoom  Back Lover Relationships and Karma

by Patricia Sherwood

Intimate passionate love has been the undying quest of human beings in western cultures and immortalised in movies, literature and the arts. The desire to be intimately related to another to whom one feels cherished,...