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From Backpacks to Broadway: Children's Experiences in Musical Theatre

by Rekha S. Rajan

This book presents a comprehensive look at musical theater participation across varied contexts. It is based on a decade of research including observations, interviews, document analysis, and video reflections....

Locating the Voice in Film

The Backstagers #4

by James Tynion IV & Rian Sygh

It's opening night, but the Backstagers have gone so far past the barrier of no return that even the Stage Managers can't find them!

6 Scripts

by Tim Webb

Oily Cart encapsulates what theatre is – a brief, transient visit to another world – while constantly redefining what it can mean. The company was ahead of its time in 1981, creating work for under-5s when...

Feldenkrais for Actors

by Victoria Worsley

'The Feldenkrais Method is unique... I haven't found any other movement study that opens up such a rich and continuing area of enquiry' John Wright, from his Foreword

Spontaneity, sensitivity, simplicity and...

Drama Games for Rehearsals

by David Bowie & Enda Walsh

‘I wish I’d had this book when I was starting out as a young director... I cannot recommend it highly enough.’ Marianne Elliott, from her Foreword

This dip-in, flick-through, quick-fire resource book in...

The Sewing Group

by E. V. Crowe

I have spoken very clearly with her and I have told her that she is new here and that she must live how we live.'

A woman arrives in a rural village in pre-industrial England. Her desire is to sew and learn from...

Serious Fun: The Power of Improvisation for Learning and Life

by Ruth Yamamoto

The importance of play and fun to people’s lives cannot be stressed enough in today’s cultural climate of high stress, high stakes, and competition. One activity that gains recognition and credibility as...

Emails 2009-2010

by Jérôme Bel & Boris Charmatz

The two dancers and choreographers share and compare ideas and references that underpin their respective work.

Odyssey Works: Transformative Experiences for an Audience of One

by Abraham Burickson, Ayden LerRoux & Rick Moody

Odyssey Works infiltrates the life of one person at a time to create a customtailored, life-altering performance. It may last for one day or a few months and consists of experiences that blur the boundaries...

Neil Simon's Memoirs: The Complete Memoirs

by Neil Simon

The complete memoirs of playwright Neil Simon—the author of such iconic works as Lost in Yonkers, The Odd Couple, Biloxi Blues, and The Goodbye Girl—now with a new introduction and afterword.

This omnibus...

Timon of Athens

by William Shakespeare, Dr. Barbara A. Mowat & Paul Werstine

The real Timon of Athens lived there in the fifth century BCE, making him a contemporary of Socrates and Pericles. Shakespeare presents Timon as a figure who suffers such profound disillusionment that he becomes...

The Two Noble Kinsmen

by William Shakespeare, John Fletcher, Dr. Barbara A. Mowat & Paul Werstine

Written by Shakespeare and John Fletcher, this play tells the familiar story of a love triangle. Here, though, it seems distant and strange. The play is based on “The Knight’s Tale” in Chaucer’s Canterbury...

Forefathers' Eve

by Adam Mickiewicz

Forefathers’ Eve [Dziady] is a four-part dramatic work begun circa 1820 and completed in 1832 – with Part I published only after the poet’s death, in 1860. The drama's title refers to Dziady, an ancient Slavic and Lithuanian feast...

In Limine - Notes For A Symptom Theatre

by Francesco Chiantese

"In limine, notes for a symptom Theatre" is an essay by Francesco Chiantese that in Italy has sold about 800 copies between printer books and ebook version.

It is a theatrical essay that, through the notes of...

Turn, Turtle!

by Lilia Mestre, Elke van Campenhout, Sébastien Hendrickx & Valentina Desideri et al.

Performing Urgency #2 – Series Edited by Florian Malzacher. 'Turn Turtle, Turn! Reenacting The Institute' is a creative and intellectual analysis of the new turn in the perception and workings of the institutes...

The Red Barn

Three Sisters

Improv Nonsense: All The Posts

by Will Hines & Nick Jaramillo

This is a book about long-form improv, the art of making up comedy scenes as you go (meaning no script) on a stage. Improv Nonsense was a critically acclaimed blog about long-form improv, written by Will Hines,...

When Broadway Went to Hollywood