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Choreographies of 21st Century Wars

by Gay Morris & Jens Richard Giersdorf

Wars in this century are radically different from the major conflicts of the 20th century--more amorphous, asymmetrical, globally connected, and unending. Choreographies of 21st Century Wars is the first book...

Onnagata: A Labyrinth of Gendering in Kabuki Theater

by Maki Isaka

Kabuki is well known for its exaggerated acting, flamboyant costumes and makeup, and unnatural storylines. The onnagata, usually male actors who perform the roles of women, have been an important aspect of kabuki...

Stages of Struggle and Celebration: A Production History of Black Theatre in Texas

by Sandra M. Mayo & Elvin Holt

From plantation performances to minstrel shows of the late nineteenth century, the roots of black theatre in Texas reflect the history of a state where black Texans have continually created powerful cultural...

Learn Adobe Premiere Pro CC for Video Communication: Adobe Certified Associate Exam Preparation

by Joe Dockery, Rob Schwartz & Conrad Chavez

This study guide uses text integrated with video to help you gain real-world skills that will get you started in your career in planning, shooting, and doing post-production on video projects and lays the foundation...

Groucho Marx: The Comedy of Existence

by Lee Siegel

Born Julius Marx in 1890, the brilliant comic actor who would later be known as Groucho was the most verbal of the famed comedy team, the Marx Brothers, his broad slapstick portrayals elevated by ingenious wordplay...

Sharon Tate: A Life

by Ed Sanders

Biography of actress Sharon Tate, wife of director Roman Polanski, who was murdered by the Manson cult forty years ago.

Downton Abbey Script Book Season 3

by Julian Fellowes

The COMPLETE scripts of award-winning Downton Abbey, season THREE including previously unseen MATERIAL AND commentary

Downton Abbey fever is stronger than ever!

The most successful British drama of our time continues...

Don't Lose Track: 40 Selected Articles, Essays and Q&As

The Hateful Eight

by Quentin Tarantino

Academy Award-winning screenwriter Quentin Tarantino returns with his most infamous, most brilliant, most masterful screenplay yet...

At the end of the Civil War, a stagecoach hurtles through the wintry Wyoming...

A Doll’s House (Centaur Classics)

by Henrik Ibsen

The slamming of the front door at the end of “A Doll’s House” shatters the romantic masquerade of the Helmers' marriage. In their stultifying and infantilised relationship, Nora and Torvald have deceived...

Contemporary Plays by African American Women: Ten Complete Works

by Sandra Adell

Groundbreaking twenty-first-century works for classes, actors, and theatergoers

Albert Capellani: Pioneer of the Silent Screen

by Christine Leteux & Kevin Brownlow

In recent years, technology has given films of the silent era and their creators a second life as new processes have eased their restoration and distribution. Among the films benefitting from these developments...

ACTING OUTSIDE THE LINES: Perilous Journeys in Pivotal Acting Scenes

by Jack Forbes

Professional Actor/Writer Jack Forbes offers us front-row seats in an enticing array of myriad characters and compelling plot twists.  Jack takes us from Big League baseball coach, to homicide detective, murder...

Aeschylus: The Complete Plays (Centaur Classics)

by Aeschylus

This book contains the complete Aeschylus's plays. The Persians The Seven Against Thebes The Suppliants Prometheus Bound Agamemnon (The Oresteia - 1) The Choephori (The Oresteia - 2) The Eumenides (The Oresteia...

Dance to the Piper

by Agnes De Mille & Joan Acocella

Born into a family of successful playwrights and producers, Agnes de Mille was determined to be an actress. Then one day she witnessed the Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova, and her life was altered forever....


by Kathleen Olmstead

The Untold History of Television provides an exciting glimpse behind the scenes of the groundbreaking series that have defined the landscape of popular culture.

At Olivia Pope & Associates, scandal rules the...

The Scenes We Made: An Oral History of Experimental Theatre in Mumbai

by Shanta Gokhale

Mumbai’s theatre scene is a dynamic and creative space that has continuously inspired young theatre practitioners from the 1960s to the present day. It is filled with lessons learned and unlearned, techniques...

Yesterday is Forever: Nostalgia and Pixar Animation Studios

by Josh Spiegel

Since its first feature film in 1995, Pixar Animation Studios has often been treated, rightly, as a powerful, influential, and forward-thinking animation company. However, many of its films are incredibly besotted...

Lincoln and Shakespeare

by Michael Anderegg

It was the measure of Shakespeare's poetic greatness, an early commentator remarked, that he thoroughly blended the ideal with the practical or realistic. "If this be so," Walt Whitman wrote, "I should say that...

Speaking Shakespeare

by Patsy Rodenburg

In Speaking Shakespeare, Patsy Rodenburg tackles one of the most difficult acting jobs: speaking Shakespeare's words both as they were meant to be spoken and in an understandable and dramatic way. Rodenburg...