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The Essential James Garner

by Stephen H. Ryan & Paul J. Ryan

Since his television debut in the mid-1950s, James Garner entertained millions of fans on screens both big and small. From supporting roles in memorable films like Sayonara and The Notebook to leading roles...

Transcendental Style in Film

by Paul Schrader

With a new introduction, acclaimed director Paul Schrader revisits and updates his study and contemplation of slow cinema of the past fifty years. This seminal text analyzes the film style of three great directors—Yasujiro...

The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Spanish Films

by Salvador Jimenez Murguia & Alex Pinar

Under the Franco regime (1939-1976), films produced in Spain were of poor quality, promoted the regime’s agenda, or were heavily censored. After the dictator’s death, the Spanish film industry transitioned...

Melodrama Unbound

by Christine Gledhill & Linda Williams

For too long melodrama has been associated with outdated and morally simplistic stereotypes of the Victorian stage; for too long film studies has construed it as a singular domestic genre of familial and emotional...

The Last Guide To Independent Filmmaking

by Tut Thomas

This comprehensive guide will teach you about the exciting new tools available to independent content creators. Gain invaluable knowledge about getting your project on streaming platforms like Netflix and iTunes,...

Moving Pictures, Still Lives

by James Tweedie

Moving Pictures, Still Lives revisits the cinematic and intellectual atmosphere of the late twentieth century. Against the backdrop of the historical fever of the 1980s and 1990s-the rise of the heritage industry,...

Sterling Hayden’s Wars

by Lee Mandel

A master sailor when he was barely in his twenties, Sterling Hayden (1916-1986) became an overnight film star despite having no training in acting. After starring in two major films, he quit Hollywood and trained...

Hollywood Harmony

by Frank Lehman

Film music often tells us how to feel, but it also guides us how to hear. Filmgoing is an intensely musical experience, one in which the soundtrack structures our interpretations and steers our emotions. Hollywood...

Charles Urban: Pioneering the Non-Fiction Film in Britain and America, 1897 - 1925

by Luke McKernan

Based on original research from Charles Urban’s own papers, this is the first biography of this influential film maker and innovator. It is also a historical study of the development of the non-fiction film...


by Chris Nashawaty

“More fun to read than the movie was to watch… a scene-stealing book.”

— The Washington Post

An Entertainment Weekly "Must List" selection

Caddyshack is one of the most beloved comedies of all time, a...

Derek Jarman's Medieval Modern

by Robert Mills

The artist and filmmaker Derek Jarman (1942-1994) had a lifelong appreciation of medieval culture. But with the possible exception of Edward II, Jarman's films have not been identified to dateas making a major...

L.A. Man

by Joe Donnelly

During his many years writing for publications such as LA Weekly, the Los Angeles Times, Slake, Surfer's Journal and more, Joe Donnelly has driven to Texas with Wes Anderson, shot pool with Sean Penn, surfed...

Anime Impact

by Chris Stuckmann

#1 Amazon New Release — The life-changing power of anime

Iconic movies and TV shows from Japan: Japanese animation—or anime—holds a special place in the hearts of countless fans around the globe. Since...

100 Greatest American and British Animated Films

by Thomas S. Hischak

Animation has been a staple of the filmmaking process since the early days of cinema. Animated shorts had been produced for decades, but not until 1937 did a major studio venture into animated features when...

The Encyclopedia of Racism in American Films

by Salvador Jimenez Murguia

From D.W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation in 1915 to the recent Get Out, audiences and critics alike have responded to racism in motion pictures for more than a century. Whether subtle or blatant, racially biased...

Stranger Than Paradise

by Jamie Sexton

A low-budget breakout film that wowed critics and audiences on its initial release, Stranger than Paradise would prove to be a seminal film in the new American independent cinema movement and establish its director,...

Show Trial

by Thomas Doherty

In 1947, the Cold War came to Hollywood. Over nine tumultuous days in October, the House Committee on Un-American Activities held a notorious round of hearings into alleged Communist subversion in the movie...

The Global Road Movie

by José Duarte & Timothy Corrigan

This edited volume looks at the cinematic travel motif from different perspectives and nations, focusing on movements and flows and how these narratives (re)imagine the contemporary global world. Primarily an...

Screen Stories

by Carl Plantinga

The way we communicate with each other is vital to preserving the cultural ecology, or wellbeing, of a place and time. Do we listen to each other? Do we ask the right questions? Do we speak about each other...

The playboy and James Bond

by Claire Hines

This is the first book to focus on James Bond's relationship to the playboy ideal through the sixties and beyond. Examining aspects of the Bond phenomenon and the playboy lifestyle, it considers how ideas of...