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Hard-Boiled Hollywood

by Jon Lewis

Two spectacular dead bodies—Elizabeth Short, known as the Black Dahlia, found dumped and posed in a vacant lot in January 1947, and Marilyn Monroe, found dead in her home in August 1962—bookend this new...

He's Got Rhythm

by Cynthia Brideson & Sara Brideson

He sang and danced in the rain, proclaimed New York to be a wonderful town, and convinced a group of Parisian children that they had rhythm. One of the most influential and respected entertainers of Hollywood's...

Melinda Camber Porter In Conversation With Wim Wenders On Location While filming Paris, Texas 1983

by Melinda Camber Porter, Wim Wenders & Joseph Robert Flicek

The conversation (with embedded video clips) between Wim Wenders and Melinda Camber Porter (1953-2008) took place on location in Texas in December 1983, while Mr. Wenders was shooting his first American Film,...

Mustache Shenanigans: Making Super Troopers and Other Adventures in Comedy

by Jay Chandrasekhar

Director, writer, and actor Jay Chandrasekhar tells the hilarious history of his comedy group, Broken Lizard, and the making of the cult film Super Troopers, as well as the currently filming Super Troopers 2...

Cinema Symbolism

by Robert W. Sullivan Iv

Have you ever wondered why 007 is James Bond's numerical designation? Or where the name Luke Skywalker comes from? How about all those giant faces that pass judgment on General Zod and his lieutenants at the...

Alice Returns Through The Looking-Glass

by Zizzi Bonah & Gwen Hullah

THIS SCREENPLAY IS ADAPTED FROM ZIZZI'S ORIGINAL NOVEL   "For children of all ages"  A story where every goodbye isn't gone and every eye closed isn't sleep, Alice must find the answer to the Looking-glass...

Stan Brakhage

by Suranjan Ganguly

In this volume, editor Suranjan Ganguly collects eight of Stan Brakhage’s most important interviews in which the filmmaker describes his conceptual frameworks; his theories of vision and sound; the importance...

Jazz and Cocktails: Rethinking Race and the Sound of Film Noir

by Jans B. Wager

Film noir showcased hard-boiled men and dangerous femmes fatales, rain-slicked city streets, pools of inky darkness cut by shards of light, and, occasionally, jazz. Jazz served as a shorthand for the seduction...

The Oxford Handbook of Adaptation Studies

by Thomas Leitch

This collection of forty new essays, written by the leading scholars in adaptation studies and distinguished contributors from outside the field, is the most comprehensive volume on adaptation ever published....

Mad Richard

by Lesley Krueger

A riveting story of talent and the price it exacts, set in a richly imagined Victorian England

Called the most promising artist of his generation, handsome, modest, and affectionate, Richard Dadd rubbed shoulders...

Director's Cut

by Josh Young, Ted Kotcheff & Mariska Hargitay

With six decades in show business, legendary director Ted Kotcheff looks back on his life

Born to immigrant parents and raised in the slums of Toronto during the Depression, Ted Kotcheff learned storytelling...

Charlton Heston

by Marc Eliot

This is the definitive biography of one of the most iconic, complex and enduring legends of Hollywood’s golden age, whose major presence in American film, radio, television, stage and theater lasted beyond...

Words on Screen

by Michel Chion & Claudia Gorbman

Michel Chion is well known in contemporary film studies for his innovative investigations into aspects of cinema that scholars have traditionally overlooked. Following his work on sound in film in Audio-Vision...

Hollywood Aesthetic

by Todd Berliner

Hollywood makes the most widely successful pleasure-giving artworks the world has ever known. The industry operates under the assumption that pleasurable aesthetic experiences, among huge populations, translate...

Haunting Bollywood: Gender, Genre, and the Supernatural in Hindi Commercial Cinema

by Meheli Sen

Haunting Bollywood is a pioneering, interdisciplinary inquiry into the supernatural in Hindi cinema that draws from literary criticism, postcolonial studies, queer theory, history, and cultural studies. Hindi...

Harry Langdon

by Mabel Langdon, Gabriella Oldham & Harry Langdon Jr.

Among silent film comedians, three names stand out -- Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Harold Lloyd -- but Harry Langdon indisputably deserves to sit among them as the fourth "king." In films such as The...

The Gothic and death

by Carol Margaret Davison

The Gothic and death offers the first ever published study devoted to the subject of the Gothic and death across the centuries. It investigates how the multifarious strands of the Gothic and the concepts of...

Julien Duvivier

by Ben McCann

This book is the first ever English-language study of Julien Duvivier (1896-1967), once considered one of the world's great film filmmakers. It provides new contextual and analytical readings of his films that...

William Faulkner at Twentieth Century-Fox

by Sarah Gleeson-White

William Faulkner at Twentieth Century-Fox is a scholarly edition of the five screenplays that Faulkner wrote while under contract to Twentieth Century-Fox during the mid-1930s, and another he wrote in the early...

Intimate Violence

by David Greven

Intimate Violence explores the consistent cold war in Hitchcock's films between his heterosexual heroines and his queer characters, usually though not always male. Decentering the authority of the male hero,...