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Mock Classicism

by Nilo Couret

In Mock Classicism Nilo Couret presents an alternate history of Latin American cinema that traces the popularity and cultural significance of film comedies as responses to modernization and the forerunners to...

Magnificent Obsession

by Anthony Slide

In Magnificent Obsession: The Outrageous History of Film Buffs, Collectors, Scholars, and Fanatics, author Anthony Slide looks at the way film has dominated the minds and lives of film buffs, film collectors,...

The Battle for Beverly Hills

by Nancie Clare

The untold history of Beverly Hills and how, against all odds, it remained an independent, exclusive, and glamorous enclave through the efforts of Hollywood’s film pioneers.

If you look at a map of the sprawling...

Nobody's Girl Friday

by J. E. Smyth

Looking back on her career in 1977, Bette Davis remembered with pride, "Women owned Hollywood for twenty years." She had a point. Between 1930 and 1950, over 40% of film industry employees were women, 25% of...

Inhospitable World

by Jennifer Fay

In recent years, environmental and human rights advocates have suggested that we have entered the first new geological epoch since the end of the ice age: the Anthropocene. In this new epoch, humans have come...

On Location

by Lisa Iannucci

Whether you’re a film fanatic or just want to see a bit of Hollywood in your neighborhood, On Location: A Film and TV Lover’s Travel Guide is the quintessential resource for visiting the locations of your...

The Aspiring Screenwriter's Dirty Lowdown Guide to Fame and Fortune

by Andy Rose

A humorous and pithy guide to the craft of writing a screenplay and the business of being a screenwriter.

Seeing your name on the silver screen beneath the words "Written By" is a moment most writers only dream...

Inside the Star Wars Empire

by Bill Kimberlin

Bill Kimberlin may refer to himself as “one of those names on the endless list of credits at the close of blockbuster movies.” In reality though, he’s a true insider on some of the most celebrated and...

Los Angeles Documentary and the Production of Public History, 1958-1977

by Joshua Glick

Los Angeles Documentary and the Production of Public History, 1958–1977 explores how documentarians working between the election of John F. Kennedy and the Bicentennial created conflicting visions of the...

Cinema's Military Industrial Complex

by Haidee Wasson & Lee Grieveson

The vast, and vastly influential, American military machine has been aided and abetted by cinema since the earliest days of the medium. The U.S. military realized very quickly that film could be used in myriad...

Political Theory and Film

by Ian Fraser

The actions, images and stories within films can impact upon the political consciousness of viewers, enabling their audience to imagine ways of resisting the status quo, politically, economically and culturally....

Promiscuous Media

by Hikari Hori

In Promiscuous Media, Hikari Hori makes a compelling case that the visual culture of Showa-era Japan articulated urgent issues of modernity rather than serving as a simple expression of nationalism. Hori makes...

The Essay Film After Fact and Fiction

by Nora M. Alter

Nora M. Alter argues that the essay film is a hybrid genre that fuses three major categories of film: feature, art, and documentary. Much like the written essay, its literary predecessor, the essay film draws...

Australian Film Theory and Criticism Vol 3

by Deane Williams & Constantine Verevis

The third part of a three-volume work devoted to mapping the transnational history of Australian film studies, Australian Film Theory and Criticism, Volume 3 concludes the project by gathering together the 'Documents'...

Get Your Hero Up a Tree

by Mark Achtenberg

Created for the college classroom, and intended for aspiring screenwriters, Mark Achtenberg’s Get Your Hero Up a Tree: How to Write a Movie (That Doesn’t Stink) is a surprisingly refreshing and entertaining...

Performing Bodies

by Catherine Ramsey-Portolano

Performing Bodies: Female Illness in Italian Literature and Cinema (1860-1920) explores the variations in the portrayal of female illness in Italian fin de siècle literature and early cinema. Catherine Ramsey-Portolano...

Historical Dictionary of Australian and New Zealand Cinema

by Karina Aveyard, Albert Moran & Errol Vieth

Filmmakers have honed their skills and many have achieved critical and popular success at home and abroad, as have actors and other crew. American filmmakers and companies have found it cheaper to make films...

Blake Edwards

by Gabriela Oldham

Blake Edwards (1922-2010) was a multitalented, versatile director constantly exploring who he was, not only in filmmaking but also in life. Often typecast as a comedy director, he also created westerns, thrillers,...


by Kate Flint

Flash! presents a fascinating cultural history of flash photography, from its mid-nineteenth century beginnings to the present day. All photography requires light, but the light of flash photography is quite...

The Aesthetics of Violence

by Robert Appelbaum

Violence at an aesthetic remove from the spectator or reader has been a key element of narrative and visual arts since Greek antiquity. Here Robert Appelbaum explores the nature of mimesis, aggression, the affects...