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Nigerian Dwarf Goat. Nigerian Dwarf Goats as pets. Nigerian Dwarf Goat book for pros and cons, housing, keeping, diet and health.

by Macy Peterson

A Nigerian dwarf goat is a breed of goat that is much smaller in size and weight as compared to the usual goats. Goats belong to the caprine family. The most important thing for anyone who is interested in miniature...

The Dogs of Camelot

by Joan Lownds, Margaret Reed & Clint Hill

Before that tragic day on November 22, 1963, the Kennedy years were filled with hope and promise. As the White House gardener put it, they were also filled with children and dogs. The Dogs of Camelotilluminates...

Stop Trying to Make Fetch Happen

by Gwen Cooper

Before there was Homer the Blind Wonder Cat, there was Scarlett—the adorable, maddeningly aloof, gray rescue tabby . . . 

Every cat lover remembers the very first feline they fell in love with. For celebrated...

Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Corgis

by Susanne Saben

-“Regal and alluring that’s the Pembroke Welsh Corgi – truly a classic- and this book is extremely well done.” Cynthia Knowles, Decatur, GA.

-"Pembroke Welsh Corgis are a part of my life and I wouldn’t...

Doberman and Doberman Pinscher

by Mark Manfield

-"Strong- Steady- Playful too- that’s my Dobermans and the book has really captured the contrasts quite well!” Dinah Tintoretto, Albany, NY.

-"This Doberman book really put me at ease regarding Doberman behavior...

Dachshund and Dachshunds

by Susanne Saben

"The Dachshund is a rarely intelligent and unique breed – this is a really well done Dachshund Book that I truly enjoyed.” Megan Retlew, Charlotte, NC

"Great photographs & Dachshund tips!" Morgan Demeter,...

Pomeranians And The Pomeranian

by Mark Manfield

-“The Pomeranian is one of the finest breeds in the world – a true champion and the author does a great job of helping you along your journey.” Sally Syndale, Rochester, NY.

-"Great photographs & Pomeranian...

Miniature Schnauzers and The Miniature Schnauzer

by Mark Manfield

-"The Miniature Schnauzer has a feisty personality and huge heart this book captures everything you need to know!” Abigail McBride, Edinburgh, Scotland

-"Miniature Schnauzers have been in my life for years...

Yorkshire Terrier and Yorkshire Terriers

by Susanne Saben

-"Yorkshire Terriers are truly the Princes and Princesses of the canine world. - every page is overflowing with passion for this regal breed!” Donna Sinclair, Atlanta, GA.

-"Yorkshire Terriers come alive via...

Boston Terrier and Boston Terriers

by Susanne Saben

"The Boston Terrier has a huge personality- and this book truly captures that to a tee!” Sheridan Simpson, Atlanta, GA.

"Boston Terriers are my life – great guide- fun book!" Jackson Pullman, Seattle, WA....

Indian Ringnecks. Indian Ringnecks pets. Indian Ringneck Owners Manual.

by Lindy Everbridge

Indian Ringnecks are elegant parrots that are available in a range of bright and pastel colors. From green to buttercup yellow and lime green, they are beautifully feathered. The distinct ring around the neck...

Golden Cocker Retriever. Golden Cocker Retriever Complete Owners Manual. Golden Cocker Retriever book for care, costs, feeding, grooming, health and training.

by George Hoppendale & Asia Moore

Written by a professional dog whisperer and dog owner, the Golden Cocker Retriever Complete Owner's Manual has the answers you may need when researching this hybrid breed that is half Golden Retriever and half...

Pygmy Goats as Pets. Pygmy Goats, Mini Goats or Dwarf Goats

by Elliott Lang

Everything you need to know about Pygmy Goats as pets. 

This book is a must have guide for anybody passionate about Pygmy Goats, Mini Goats or Dwarf Goats.

Facts and information. Raising, breeding, keeping, milking,...

Sulcata Tortoise Pet Owners Guide. The Captive Care of Sulcata Tortoises. Sulcata Tortoise care, behavior, enclosures, feeding, health, costs, myths and interaction.

by Ben Team

Most large tortoises are popular with turtle enthusiasts, but sulcatas are undoubtedly the most beloved of all. Given their impressive size, gentle personalities and attractive markings, this should not be surprising....

Miniature pigs. Miniature pigs as pets. Mini Pigs book for housing, keeping, diet, health, costs, pros and cons.

by Olivia Harper

A micro pig or miniature pig is a breed of pigs that is much smaller in size and weight compared to usual pigs. The most important thing for anyone who is interested in miniature livestock is that these are...

Mini Goldendoodles.  The Ultimate Mini Goldendoodle Dog Manual. Miniature Goldendoodle book for care, costs, feeding, grooming, health and training.

by George Hoppendale & Asia Moore

The Ultimate Mini Goldendoodle Dog Manual has the answers you need when researching this happy, energetic medium-sized hybrid that is a friendly and loyal family companion.

Learn about the Mini Goldendoodle and...


by Michelle Perkins

Ask any dog lover: dogs and puppies are the best thing ever! Dogs lift our moods, lower our blood pressure, and improve our sense of well-being. In fact, people who have pets in their lives even live longer!...


by Shelley Paulson

Take an inspiring look at horses through the lens of equine photographer Shelley Paulson.

As you turn the pages of this beautifully illustrated book, you will experience the light and love that surrounds the...

Show Cats

by Larry Johnson

  • Find out how Larry Johnson photographs cats that enter into cat shows
  • See images of cat that show a variety of breeds, characteristics, poses, groups,and kittens
  • Enjoy over 180 images that portray the essence...

  • The Training of Dog and its Psychology

    by John Monteith & Thomas Wesley Mills

    This book deals with the training of Dog and the Psychology of the animal.

    “Dogs are not filthy in their habits, but some people who keep them are, and others do not understand what is required to enable a...