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Shetland Pony. Shetland Pony comprehensive coverage of all aspects of buying a new Shetland pony, stable management, care, costs and transportation. Shetland Pony

by Julie Anderson

Packed full of advice and information, “Shetland Pony: Purchase And Care Guide” offers the first time horse owner a step by step progression from the first enquiry through to purchase and care of their animal. ...

Horse Color Explored

by Vera Kurskaya & Michal Prochazka

Everyone stops and stares at a horse with a beautiful or unusual color. So striking are the variations of bay, gray, chestnut, black, solid, and spotted that many people breed for specific combinations. This...

All the King's Horses

by Kimberly Gatto & Victoria Racimo

When Elvis Presley decided he wanted to buy a horse in 1966, he didn't want just any horse. "He wanted a Golden Palomino," Priscilla Presley remembers. "He would get up at 3:00 in the morning, go to certain...

The Modern Horseman's Countdown to Broke

by Sean Patrick, Robert M Miller & Charles Hilton

It's time to get real—that is, real, do-it-yourself horse training. Professional trainer Sean Patrick has created the ultimate guide to the "complete" riding horse—whether a performance, working, or "just...

Training Horses the Ingrid Klimke Way

by Ingrid Klimke

Olympic gold-medal-winner Ingrid Klimke was born under a bright star when it came to fulfilling dreams of equestrian greatness. Her father, the renowned Dr. Reiner Klimke, was an Olympic rider himself, and he...

Miniature Donkey. Miniature Donkey Owners Manual. Miniature Donkey care, environment, health, feeding and breeding.

by Harry Holdstone

The Miniature Mediterranean Donkey, also known as the Miniature Donkey or simply the mini, hails originally from the Italian islands of Sardinia and Sicily. They are not just very small donkeys but an entirely...

Collection or Contortion?

by Gerd Heuschmann

Ten years ago, Dr. Gerd Heuschmann rocked the equestrian world with his international bestseller Tug of War, a searing indictment of modern training and riding techniques that are sometimes used to the detriment...

Horse Movement: Structure, Function and Rehabilitation

by Gail Williams & Alexa McKenna

Anatomy, particularly functional anatomy, is a vital and dynamic subject, an appreciation of which leads not only to superior husbandry and welfare, but also to a better understanding of the anatomical challenges...

Horse Massage for Horse Owners: Improve Your Horse's Health and Wellbeing

by Sue Palmer

This book is a must for anyone who would like to improve the health, wellbeing or performance of their horse. Practical, educational and easy to follow, the author shares with you the knowledge and skills you...

Lungeing, Long-Reining and In-Hand Schooling

by Claire Lilley

Schooling the horse is not just about riding - many problems or misunderstandings between horse and rider can, and should be, sorted out on the ground before attempting to ride at all. This book explains how...

Horse Movement

by Gail Williams & Alexa McKenna

Anatomy, particularly functional anatomy, is a vital and dynamic subject, an appreciation of which leads not only to superior husbandry and welfare, but also to a better understanding of the anatomical challenges...

Equestrian Pilates

by Sue Gould-Wright

In this book, Sue Gould-Wright, a qualified Pilates instructor and sports massage therapist, takes general Pilates principles and applies them specifically to riders' needs. She recognises that most riders are...

Katie Jerram's Modern Horse Management

by Katie Jerram & Carolyn Henderson

Good stable management is at the heart of keeping a horse happy, healthy and sound, and anyone who is responsible for a horse's day-to-day care has a huge responsibility. In this book Katie Jerram offers advice...

Plants, Potions and Oils for Horses

by Chris Dyer

Plants, Potions and Oils for Horses takes a new look at some old remedies, together with some contemporary alternative therapies to offer the horse owner some simple but safe treatments for common horse ailments....

The Age of the Horse

by Susanna Forrest

An essential book for anyone who’s ever been captivated by horses, The Age of the Horse is a breathtaking exploration of the enduring connection between humans and Equus caballus. Equestrian expert Susanna...

Equus Lost?

by Francesco De Giorgio & Jose De Giorgio-Schoorl

In the 1980s, the world of riding, training, and competing with horses took a major turn with the spread of natural horsemanship, which at its most basic foundation rejects the use of abusive techniques and...

Riding without a bit

by Josepha Guillaume

This book thoroughly covers with all aspects of bitless bridles in general and specifically with bitless riding. The author focuses on giving the reader a general overview of the range of bitless bridles available...

The House Pony: An ABC of Horsemanship

by Juliet Blaxland

This delightful picture book uses an ABC format to tell the story of a child who wants to keep a pony in the house. Each image contains items beginning with a particular letter, which the reader can enjoy searching...

Do You Speak Equis?: Communicative Interactions Using the Headcollar and Bit

by Antonello Radicchi

Do You Speak Equis? outlines a method of communication with the horse using the head collar and the bit in a way that is non-coercive and based on mutual understanding and reciprocal respect. The aim of the...

the Hoof Balancer

by Jaime Jackson

The meaning of “balanced hooves” in the hoof care world is rife with unsubstantiated opinions and methods that compromise the natural integrity of the hoof and the ability of the horse to move naturally....