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Angels in Medieval Philosophical Inquiry: Their Function and Significance

by Martin Lenz & Isabel Iribarren

The nature and properties of angels occupied a prominent place in medieval philosophical inquiry. Creatures of two worlds, angels provided ideal ground for exploring the nature of God and his creation, being...

Arab-Jewish Activism in Israel-Palestine

by Marcelo Svirsky

Applying the insights of Deleuze and Guattari's works to Israel-Palestine, Arab-Jewish Activism in Israel-Palestine sets out to re-conceptualise the relationship between resistance and power in ethnically segregated...

Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged: A Philosophical and Literary Companion

by Edward W. Younkins

Since its publication in 1957 Atlas Shrugged, the philosophical and artistic climax of Ayn Rand's novels, has never been out of print and has received enormous critical attention becoming one of the most influential...

Balancing Reasonable Justice: John Rawls and Crucial Steps Beyond

by Ville Päivänsalo

John Rawls's pioneering work of political philosophy A Theory of Justice has had far reaching influence on modern liberal political philosophy. Rawls' sprinciples of justice as fairness: the principle of liberty,...

Being as Communion: A Metaphysics of Information

by William A. Dembski

For a thing to be real, it must be able to communicate with other things. If this is so, then the problem of being receives a straightforward resolution: to be is to be in communion. So the fundamental science,...

Being Musically Attuned: The Act of Listening to Music

by Erik Wallrup

Listening according to mood is likely to be what most people do when they listen to music. We want to take part in, or even be part of, the emerging world of the musical work. Using the sources of musical history...

Arendt Contra Sociology: Theory, Society and its Science

by Philip Walsh

Hannah Arendt is today widely regarded today as a political theorist, who sought to rescue politics from society, and political theory from the social sciences. But this view has had the effect of distracting...

God, Goodness and Philosophy

by Harriet A. Harris

Does belief in God yield the best understanding of value? Can we provide transcendental support for key moral concepts? Does evolutionary theory undermine or support religious moralities? Is divine forgiveness...

God, Mind and Knowledge

by Andrew Moore

The themes of God, Mind and Knowledge are central to the philosophy of religion but they are now being taken up by professional philosophers who have not previously contributed to the field. This book is a collection...

More Than Allegory: On Religious Myth, Truth And Belief

by Bernardo Kastrup

A plausible, living validation of religion that doesn't contradict reason.

Metaethics from a First Person Standpoint

by Catherine Wilson

Metaethics from a First Person Standpoint addresses in a novel format the major topics and themes of contemporary metaethics, the study of the analysis of moral thought and judgement. Metathetics is less concerned...

Philosophy as a Literary Art: Making Things Up

by Costica Bradatan

Despite philosophers' growing interest in the relation between philosophy and literature in general, over the last few decades comparatively few studies have been published dealing more narrowly with the literary...

The Impact of Science on Society

by Bertrand Russell

Many of the revolutionary effects of science and technology are obvious enough. Bertrand Russell saw in the 1950s that there are also many negative aspects of scientific innovation. Insightful and controversial...

The Philosophy of Well-Being: An Introduction

by Guy Fletcher

Well-being occupies a central role in ethics and political philosophy, including in major theories such as utilitarianism. It also extends far beyond philosophy: recent studies into the science and psychology...

The Internet of Us: Knowing More and Understanding Less in the Age of Big Data

by Michael P. Lynch

With far-reaching implications, this urgent treatise promises to revolutionize our understanding of what it means to be human in the digital age.

We used to say "seeing is believing"; now googling is believing....

The Prince

by Niccolo Machiavelli

Nicolo Machiavelli was born at Florence on 3rd May 1469. He was the second son of Bernardo di Nicolo Machiavelli, a lawyer of some repute, and of Bartolommea di Stefano Nelli, his wife. Both parents were members...

Between Ethics and Politics: New Essays on Gandhi

by Eva Pföstl

Is it possible to build an authentically democratic system in politics without concrete ethical foundations? Addressing this question in the wake of the contemporary crisis in democracy worldwide, the volume...

How Physics Makes Us Free

The Super Natural: A New Vision of the Unexplained

by Whitley Strieber & Jeffrey J. Kripal

Two of today's maverick authors on anomalous experience present a perception-altering and intellectually thrilling analysis of why the paranormal is real, but radically different from what is conventionally


Liberating Ourselves: Attaining Personal Freedom to Release Creative Potential

by Scott Teitsworth

Why do we bother to search? What is it that brings us to determine that our comfortable, more or less pleasant life is not adequate and that we need to look for something more?

We can stay distracted from this...