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Wittgenstein and Other Minds: Rethinking Subjectivity and Intersubjectivity with Wittgenstein, Levinas, and Husserl

by Soren Overgaard

A compelling new approach to the problem that has haunted twentieth century philosophy in both its analytical and continental shapes. No other book addresses as thoroughly the parallels between Wittgenstein...


by David Woodruff Smith

This second edition of David Woodruff Smith's stimulating introduction to Husserl has been fully updated and includes a new ninth chapter featuring contemporary issues confronting Husserl's phenomenology. It...

Politics, Philosophy, Culture: Interviews and Other Writings, 1977-1984

by Michel Foucault & Lawrence Kritzman

Politics, Philosophy, Culture contains a rich selection of interviews and other writings by the late Michel Foucault. Drawing upon his revolutionary concept of power as well as his critique of the institutions...


by Albert Einstein

Time magazine's "Man of the Century", Albert Einstein is the founder of modern physics and his theory of relativity is the most important scientific idea of the modern era. In this short book, Einstein explains,...

The Sovereignty of Good

by Iris Murdoch

Iris Murdoch was one of the great philosophers and novelists of the twentieth century and The Sovereignty of Good is her most important and enduring philosophical work. She argues that philosophy has focused,...

On Dialogue

by David Bohm

David Bohm is considered one of the best physicists of all time. He also had a deep interest in human communication and creativity. Influential in both management and communication theory in what is known 'Bohm...

Plato's Republic

by Alain BADIOU

Plato's Republic is one of the most well-known and widely discussed texts in the history of philosophy, but how might we get to the heart of this work today, 2500 years after it was originally composed? Alain...


by Bernard Gert

Thomas Hobbes was the first great English political philosopher. His work excited intense controversy among his contemporaries and continues to do so in our own time. In this masterly introduction to his work,...

Jean-Luc Nancy and the Thinking of Otherness: Philosophy and Powers of Existence

by Daniele Rugo

Jean-Luc Nancy and the Thinking of Otherness is the first book in English to provide a sustained account of the relationship between Nancy, Levinas and Heidegger. It investigates Jean-Luc Nancy�s reading of...

Gadamer's Poetics: A Critique of Modern Aesthetics

by John Arthos

Gadamer�s writing on art is typically seen as supporting his philosophical theory of truth. Drawing together a coherent theory of the work of art from the corpus of Gadamer�s writings, this is the first...

Principles of Non-Philosophy

by Francois Laruelle

Principles of Non-Philosophy is a treatise on the method, axioms and objectives of non-philosophy and represents Fran�ois Laruelle's mature philosophy.

As well as presenting the method and principles of non-philosophy,...

Post-Rationalism: Psychoanalysis, Epistemology, and Marxism in Post-War France

by Tom Eyers

Post-Rationalism takes the experimental journal of psychoanalysis and philosophy, Cahiers pour l�Analyse, as its main source. Established by students of Louis Althusser in 1966, the journal has rarely figured...

The Science, Politics, and Ontology of Life-Philosophy

by Scott Campbell

Lebensphilosophie, central to nineteenth-century philosophical thought, is concerned with the meaning, value and purpose of life. In this much-needed study, historical lebensphilosophie is returned to the core...

Animal Oppression and Human Violence: Domesecration, Capitalism, and Global Conflict

by David A. Nibert

Jared Diamond and other leading scholars have argued that the domestication of animals for food, labor, and tools of war has advanced the development of human society. But by comparing practices of animal exploitation...

The Embroidered Armour

by Roberto Peregalli, Shaun Whiteside & Pierre Le Tan

The Embroidered Armour examines the Greek Mysteries, mythology and legends that heralded a revolution in thinking between the time of Homer and Plato, which gave birth to the Western cultural tradition.


The Enlightenment: And Why It Still Matters

by Anthony Pagden


One of our most renowned and brilliant historians takes a fresh look at the revolutionary intellectual movement that laid the foundation for the modern...

Nagarjuna's Middle Way: Mulamadhyamakakarika

by Mark Siderits & Shoryu Katsura

Winner of the 2014 Khyenste Foundation Translation Prize.

Nagarjuna's renowned twenty-seven-chapter Fundamental Verses on the Middle Way (Mulamadhyamakakarika) is the foundational text of the Madhyamaka school...

On the Old Saw: That May be Right in Theory But It Won't Work in Practice

by Immanuel Kant, E. B. Ashton & George Miller

Kant replies to the claim that there is conflict between what moral theory demands and what we can do in practice.

Persistence through Time in Spinoza

by Jason Waller

This book is the first book-length study of the nature of time and persistence in Spinoza. It will be of interest to anyone interested in Modern Philosophy or Metaphysics.

Kant in Brazil

by Frederick Rauscher & Daniel Omar Perez

"Kant in Brazil" is a collected volume of essays conceived at the 2005 International Kant Congress in Sao Paulo as a way to make accessible to Anglophone Kant scholars some of the best work on Kant produced...