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Beyond Individualism: The Challenge of Inclusive Communities

by George Rupp

In many places around the globe, relations between ethnic and religious groups that once coexisted more or less amicably are now fraught with aggression and violence. This troubling trend has profound international...

Buddhism for Dudes: A Jarhead's Field Guide to Mindfulness

by Gerry Stribling

A tough former Marine leads Buddhist basic training for the average Joe.

In Buddhism for Dudes, Gerry “Strib” Stribling, former Marine and all-around good guy, answers questions on life and living with a...

The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte

by Karl Marx

"The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte" is one of Karl Marx' most profound and most brilliant monographs. It may be considered the best work extant on the philosophy of history, with an eye especially upon...

What Philosophy Can Do

by Gary Gutting

A leading American philosopher brings the tools of his trade to contentious contemporary debates.

How can we have meaningful debates with political opponents?

How can we distinguish reliable science from over-hyped...


by Marcus Aurelius

MARCUS AURELIUS ANTONINUS was born on April 26, A.D. 121. His real name was M. Annius Verus, and he was sprung of a noble family which claimed descent from Numa, second King of Rome. Thus the most religious...

Trouble in Paradise: From the End of History to the End of Capitalism

by Slavoj Žižek

In Trouble in Paradise, Slavoj Žižek, one of our most famous, most combative philosophers, explains how we can find a way out of the crisis of capitalism.


There is obviously trouble in the global capitalist...

Classic Questions and Contemporary Film: An Introduction to Philosophy

by Dean Kowalski

Featuring significant revisions and updates, Classic Questions and Contemporary Film: An Introduction to Philosophy, 2nd Edition uses popular movies as a highly accessible framework for introducing key philosophical...

Things I Did When I Was Hangry: Navigating a Peaceful Relationship with Food

by Annie Mahon

After years of struggling with eating disorders and anxiety around food and eating, Annie Mahon figured that having a path, any path, would be helpful. When she read The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat...

The Memorable Thoughts of Socrates

by Xenophon

Xenophon is said to have been, when young, a pupil of Socrates. Two authorities have recorded that in the flight from the battle of Delium in the year b.c. 424, when Xenophon fell from his horse, Socrates picked...

The Divine Comedy: Hell

by Dante Alighieri

This book: "Hell" is the first part of Dante's epic poem entitled "the Divine Comedy". Is followed by Purgatorio and Paradiso. Is an allegory of life that recounts the journey of Dante, as man, through hell....

Mormon Wisdom: Inspirational Sayings from the Church of Latter-Day Saints

by Christopher Kimball Bigelow, Bennett Floyd & Jonathan Langford

Mormonism has only been around for less than two hundred years, but it has a large following in the United States. While their practices may be slightly different from mainstream Christianity, their fundamental...

Heidegger's Children: Hannah Arendt, Karl Lowith, Hans Jonas, and Herbert Marcuse

by Richard Wolin

Martin Heidegger is perhaps the twentieth century's greatest philosopher, and his work stimulated much that is original and compelling in modern thought. A seductive classroom presence, he attracted Germany's...

The Hidden God: Pragmatism and Posthumanism in American Thought

by Ryan White

The Hidden God revisits the origins of American pragmatism and finds a nascent “posthumanist” critique shaping early modern thought. By reaching as far back as the Calvinist arguments of the American Puritans...

Evil in Modern Thought: An Alternative History of Philosophy

by Susan Neiman

Evil threatens human reason, for it challenges our hope that the world makes sense. For eighteenth-century Europeans, the Lisbon earthquake was manifest evil. Today we view evil as a matter of human cruelty,...

The Political Discourse of Carl Schmitt: A Mystic of Order

by Montserrat Herrero

This book presents the idea of Nomos of the Earth as the key idea that organizes the whole of Schmitt’s discourse about politics.

The Critique of Pure Reason

by Immanuel Kant

Human reason, in one sphere of its cognition, is called upon to consider questions, which it cannot decline, as they are presented by its own nature, but which it cannot answer, as they transcend every faculty...

Logic, Inductive and Deductive

by William Minto

The question has sometimes been asked, Where should we begin in Logic? Particularly within the present century has this difficulty been felt, when the study of Logic has been revived and made intricate by the...

Beyond Good and Evil

by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

SUPPOSING that Truth is a woman—what then? Is there not ground for suspecting that all philosophers, in so far as they have been dogmatists, have failed to understand women—that the terrible seriousness...

Foundations for Moral Relativism

by J. David Velleman

In Foundations for Moral Relativism a distinguished moral philosopher tames a bugbear of current debate about cultural difference. J. David Velleman shows that different communities can indeed be subject to...

The Hidden Domain: Home of the Quantum Wave Function, Nature's Creative Source

by Norman Friedman

Did you know that our everyday world arises form an invisible ocean of unlimited energy that surrounds and permeates us? That all events exist in potential form in this ocean, and certain ones are selected to...