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Grasping Shadows

by William Chapman Sharpe

What's in a shadow? Menace, seduction, or salvation? Immaterial but profound, shadows lurk everywhere in literature and the visual arts, signifying everything from the treachery of appearances to the unfathomable...

Real Deceptions

by Jennifer Friedlander

Real Deceptions develops a new theory of realism through close consideration of myriad contemporary art, media, and cultural practices. Rather than focusing on transgressing deceptions which distort reality,...

Aesthetics of the Familiar

by Yuriko Saito

Yuriko Saito explores the nature and significance of the aesthetic dimensions of people's everyday life. Everyday aesthetics has the recognized value of enriching one's life experiences and sharpening one's...

Specter of the Monolith: Nihilism, the Sublime, and Human Destiny in Space-From Apollo and Hubble to 2001, Star Trek, and Interstellar

by Barry Vacker

Science geeks and space film fans, take a journey through the questions from your favorite movies that may continue to haunt or puzzle you. Specter of the Monolith offers a radically original critique of how...

Lonely Child

by Kit Sire

A verse prose book on Kit's semanticism---or voice and style. The light he uses to find his way---the dark he knows and the day time was. Enjoy the read heed the call and be the one. I mean take your time and...

What Is an Emotion?

by Dr. William James

I should say first of all that the only emotions I propose expressly to consider here are those that have a distinct bodily expression. That there are feelings of pleasure and displeasure, of interest and excitement,...

Art, Morality and Human Nature: Writings by Richard W. Beardsmore

by John Haldane & Ieuan Lloyd

This collection brings together the text of the monograph Art and Morality by the philosopher Richard Beardsmore along with fourteen other essays (both published and previously unpublished) in which he explores...

The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Volume 3

by Jeremy Bentham, Professor Ian R. Christie & Professor J.H. Burns

The first five volumes of the Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham contain over 1,300 letters written both to and from Bentham over a 50-year period, beginning in 1752 (aged three) with his earliest surviving letter...

The Philosophical Imagination

by Richard Moran

The Philosophical Imagination brings together several of Richard Moran's essays, ranging over a remarkable variety of topics in philosophy of mind and action, aesthetics, and moral psychology. A theme connecting...

Transformative Aesthetics

by Erika Fischer-Lichte & Benjamin Wihstutz

Aesthetic theory in the West has, until now, been dominated by ideas of effect, autonomy, and reception. Transformative Aesthetics uncovers these theories' mutual concern with the transformation of those involved....

The Writings of Kierkegaard

by Soren Kierkegaard

Collected here in one volume are three of Søren Kierkegaard's most important works: Fear and Trembling, Purity of Heart Is to Will One Thing, and Sickness Unto Death. Fear and Trembling: In our time nobody...

Michael Psellos on Literature and Art: A Byzantine Perspective on Aesthetics

by Michael Psellos, Charles Barber & Stratis Papaioannou

The ambition of Michael Psellos on Literature and Art is to illustrate an important chapter in the history of Greek literary and art criticism and introduce precisely this aspect of Psellian writing to a wider...

Isn't that Clever: A Philosophical Account of Humor and Comedy

by Steven Gimbel

Isn't That Clever provides a new account of the nature of humor - the cleverness account - according to which humor is intentional conspicuous acts of playful cleverness. By defining humor in this way, answers...

The Insistence of Art: Aesthetic Philosophy after Early Modernity

by Paul A. Kottman

The essays in The Insistence of Art suggest ways in which the artworks and practices of the early modern period show the essentiality of aesthetic experience for philosophical reflection, and in particular for...

Film, Art, and the Third Culture

by Murray Smith

In the mid-1950s C.P. Snow began his campaign against the 'two cultures' - the debilitating divide, as he saw it, between traditional 'literary intellectual' culture, and the culture of the sciences, urging...

Introduction to Sustainability and Aesthetics: The Arts and Design for the Environment

by Christopher Crouch, Nicola Kaye & John Crouch

This book introduces the idea of sustainability and its aesthetic dimension, suggesting that the role of the aesthetic is an active one in developing an ecologically, economically and culturally healthy society....

The End of the World

by Marcia Sa Cavalcante Schuback & Susanna Lindberg

The 'end of the world' opens up philosophical questions concerning the very notion of the world, which is a fundamental element of all existential, phenomenological and hermeneutical philosophy. Is the 'end...

Unnatural Wonders

by Arthur C. Danto

Arthur C. Danto's essays not only critique bodies of work but reflect upon art's conceptual evolution as well, drawing for the reader a kind of "philosophical map" indicating how art and the criteria for judging...

Hollywood Aesthetic

by Todd Berliner

Hollywood makes the most widely successful pleasure-giving artworks the world has ever known. The industry operates under the assumption that pleasurable aesthetic experiences, among huge populations, translate...

Stanley Cavell and Philosophy as Translation

by Paul Standish & Naoko Saito

Translation exposes aspects of language that can easily be ignored, renewing the sense of the proximity and inseparability of language and thought. The ancient quarrel between philosophy and literature was an...