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Genuine Pretending

by Hans-Georg Moeller & Paul J. D'Ambrosio

Genuine Pretending is an innovative and comprehensive new reading of the Zhuangzi that highlights the critical and therapeutic functions of satire and humor. Hans-Georg Moeller and Paul J. D’Ambrosio show...

The Oxford Handbook of Indian Philosophy

by Jonardon Ganeri

The Oxford Handbook of Indian Philosophy tells the story of philosophy in India through a series of exceptional individual acts of philosophical virtuosity. It brings together forty leading international scholars...

Our Natural Potential

by David "Davidya" Buckland

In the last decade, we’ve seen an unprecedented growth in spiritual awakening. Why is this happening? How are we to understand the nature of enlightenment? Is it a normal part of human development we had forgotten...

The Analects of Dasan, Volume II

by Hongkyung Kim

With extensive research and creative interpretations, Dasan's Noneo gogeum ju (Old and New Commentaries of the Analects) has been evaluated in the academia of Korean Studies as a crystallization of his studies...

The Awakening of Intelligence

by Jiddu Krishnamurti

This comprehensive record of Krishnamurti’s teachings is an excellent, wide-ranging introduction to the great philosopher’s thought. With among others, Jacob Needleman, Alain Naude, and Swami Venkatasananda,...

The Dharma of The Princess Bride

by Ethan Nichtern

An engagingly contemporary approach to Buddhism—through the lens of an iconic film and its memorable characters

Humorous yet spiritually rigorous, drawing from pop culture and from personal experience, The...

From Chinese Chan to Japanese Zen

by Steven Heine

From Chinese Chan to Japanese Zen investigates the remarkable century that lasted from 1225 to 1325, during which the transformation of the Chinese Chan school of Buddhism into the Japanese Zen sect was successfully...


by Hermann Hesse

Siddhartha is a 1922 novel by Hermann Hesse that deals with the spiritual journey of self-discovery of a man named Siddhartha during the time of the Gautama Buddha. The book, Hesse's ninth novel, was written...

The Other Shore: A New Translation of the Heart Sutra with Commentaries

by Thich Nhat Hanh

This new translation of the Buddha's most important, most studied teaching offers a radical new interpretation.


In September, 2014 Thich Nhat Hanh completed a profound and beautiful new English translation...

Zen Master Raven: The Teachings of a Wise Old Bird

by Robert Aitken, Jennifer Rain Crosby & Nelson Foster

A uniquely playful and incisive collection of Zen teaching stories from a beloved American master.

A Modern Classic. In the tradition of the great koan collections and the records of ancient masters, Robert Aitken...

A commentary on the Diamond S?tra

by Zen Master Engaku Taino and Zen Master Reiyo Ekai

How to realize Enlightenment Here & Now through anactive experience of Life?The Diamond Sutra bothcommented upon and noted in this book, as well asexplained with operative chapters, provides answers in apractical,...

The Eight Immortal Healers: Taoist Wisdom for Radiant Health

by Mantak Chia & Johnathon Dao

A detailed guide to restoring the eight foundational areas of health

• Explains how each of legendary Taoist masters known as the Eight Immortals has a specific area of health as the focus of his or her teachings...

The Monastery and the Microscope: Conversations with the Dalai Lama on Mind, Mindfulness, and the Nature of Reality

by Wendy Hasenkamp & Janna R. White

An illuminating record of dialogues between the Dalai Lama and some of today's most prominent scientists, philosophers, and contemplatives

Why Buddhism is True: The Science and Philosophy of Meditation and Enlightenment

by Robert Wright

New York Times Bestseller

From one of America’s greatest minds, a journey through psychology, philosophy, and lots of meditation to show how Buddhism holds the key to moral clarity and enduring happiness.


Buddhism 101: From Karma to the Four Noble Truths, Your Guide to Understanding the Principles of Buddhism

by Arnie Kozak

Learn everything you need to know about Buddhism in this clear and straightforward new guide.

Buddhism was founded thousands of years ago, and has inspired millions of people with its peaceful teachings. Buddhism...

Archaeology and Buddhism in South Asia

by Himanshu Prabha Ray

This book traces the archaeological trajectory of the expansion of Buddhism and its regional variations in South Asia. Focusing on the multireligious context of the subcontinent in the first millennium BCE,...

The Complete Commentary by Sa¿kara on the Yoga Sutra-s

by Trevor Leggett

'The text translated here is an historical find: an unknown commentary on the Yoga Sutra-s of Patanjali by Sankara, the most eminent philosopher of ancient India. Present Indications are that it is likely to...

The Original Buddhist Psychology: What the Abhidharma Tells Us About How We Think, Feel, and Experience Life

by Beth Jacobs

The Abhidharma, one of the three major text collections of the original Buddhist canon, frames the psychological system of Buddhism, explaining the workings of reality and the nature of the human mind. It is...

The Buddha in Sri Lanka: Histories and Stories

by Gananath Obeyesekere

Gananath Obeyesekere is Emeritus Professor of Anthropology at Princeton University, USA where he has taught for 20 years. His recent publications include The Awakened Ones: An Essay on the Phenomenology of the...

The Art of War

by Sun Tzu & Lionel Giles

"The Art of War” is widely known as the masterpiece of the Chinese general and philosopher Sun Tzu. The book is a highly acclaimed tutorial for managing conflicts and winning battles, not only in the military...