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Isaiah Berlin and the Enlightenment

Early Modern Cartesianisms

The Senecans: Four Men and Margaret Thatcher

by Peter Stothard

Renowned author Peter Stothard's third book of classical memoir skillfully blends history, philosophy, and political intrigue.

A year after the death of Margaret Thatcher, a young historian arrives to ask Peter...

The Joyful Wisdom

by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Perhaps more than one preface would be necessary for this book; and after all it might still be doubtful whether any one could be brought nearer to the experiences in it by means of prefaces, without having...

The Pathway of Non-Duality: Advaitavada

by Asram Vidya Order Raphael

This Pathway of Non-duality (Advaitavada) provides an answer to the apparently rational doubts and contradictions that are expressed both in the realm of philosophy and in the realm of science, which focuses...

Summa Contra Gentiles: Book One: God

by Thomas Aquinas & Anton C., F.R.S.C. Pegis

Book One of the Summa Contra Gentiles series studies God's existence, nature, and substance, his perfect actuality, the autonomy of his knowledge, the independence of his will, the perfection of his life, and...

Pocket Pantheon: Figures of Postwar Philosophy

by Alain BADIOU

Pocket Pantheon is an invitation to engage with the greats of postwar Western thought, such as Lacan, Sartre and Foucault, in the company of one of today’s leading political and philosophical minds. Alain...

Plutarch's Morals

by Plutarch

Plutarch, who was born at Chæronea in Bœotia, probably about A.D. 50, and was a contemporary of Tacitus and Pliny, has written two works still extant, the well-known Lives, and the less-known Moralia. The...

The Academic Questions, Treatise De Finibus, and Tusculan Disputations

by Marcus Tullius Cicero

First Book Of The Academic Questions. Second Book Of The Academic Questions. A Treatise On The Chief Good And Evil. First Book Of The Treatise On The Chief Good And Evil. Second Book Of The Treatise On The Chief...

Imagine No Religion


by Plato

The Laws is Plato's last and longest dialogue. The conversation depicted in the work's twelve books begins with the question of who is given the credit for establishing a civilization's laws. Its musings on...

On the Fourfold Root of the Principle of Suffici and On the Will in Nature

by Arthur Schopenhauer

This treatise on Elementary Philosophy, which first appeared in the year 1813, when it procured for me the degree of doctor, afterwards became the substructure for the whole of my system. It cannot, therefore,...

The Meaning of Truth

by William, Dr. James

The Meaning of Truth is one of William James' most important books. It is a necessary read for anyone looking to understand the nature of truth. Does it exist independently of man or does man make truth what...

The Nicomachean Ethics of Aristotle

by Aristotle

Nicomachean Ethics focuses on the importance of habitually behaving virtuously and developing a virtuous character. Aristotle emphasized the importance of context to ethical behavior, and the ability of the...

The Handbook: With Linked Table of Contents

by Epictetus

No writings of Epictetus himself are really known. His discourses were transcribed and compiled by his pupil Arrian (author of the Anabasis Alexandri). The main work is The Discourses, four books of which have...

On the Order of Nature

by Parmenides & Asram Vidya Order Raphael

With PARMENIDES began what is called, in more specific terms, true Philosophy. 

The Eleatic, and his Poem, constitute a "beacon" whose light illumined Plato and even Aristotle, and consequently all the philosophers...

The Dream of Enlightenment: The Rise of Modern Philosophy

by Anthony Gottlieb

The author of the classic The Dream of Reason vividly explains the rise of modern thought.

Western philosophy is now two and a half millennia old, but much of it came in just two staccato bursts, each lasting...

Modernity and Its Discontents: Making and Unmaking the Bourgeois from Machiavelli to Bellow

by Steven B. Smith

Steven B. Smith examines the concept of modernity, not as the end product of historical developments but as a state of mind. He explores modernism as a source of both pride and anxiety, suggesting that its most...

A Dissertation on the Passions / Eine Dissertation über die Affekte

by David Hume & Frank Brosow

David Hume war zeitlebens unzufrieden mit der Breitenwirkung seiner Schriften. Er verfasste deshalb einige Neufassungen seiner Werke, so 1757 mit der »Dissertation on the Passions« eine von Buch II seines...

Lost Masters: Rediscovering the Mysticism of the Ancient Greek Philosophers

by Linda Johnsen & Eckhart Tolle

In Lost Masters, award-winning author Linda Johnsen, digging deep into classical sources, uncovers evidence of astonishing similarities between some of the ancient Western world's greatest thinkers and India's...