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On the Order of Nature

by Parmenides & Asram Vidya Order Raphael

With PARMENIDES began what is called, in more specific terms, true Philosophy. 

The Eleatic, and his Poem, constitute a "beacon" whose light illumined Plato and even Aristotle, and consequently all the philosophers...

Modernity and Its Discontents: Making and Unmaking the Bourgeois from Machiavelli to Bellow

by Steven B. Smith

Steven B. Smith examines the concept of modernity, not as the end product of historical developments but as a state of mind. He explores modernism as a source of both pride and anxiety, suggesting that its most...

A Dissertation on the Passions / Eine Dissertation über die Affekte

by David Hume & Frank Brosow

David Hume war zeitlebens unzufrieden mit der Breitenwirkung seiner Schriften. Er verfasste deshalb einige Neufassungen seiner Werke, so 1757 mit der »Dissertation on the Passions« eine von Buch II seines...

Science and Politics in the Ancient World

by Benjamin Farrington

This book, originally published in 1965, discusses the political implication of the spread of science in antiquity. It reveals how the real Greek spirit of scientific research was crushed by Plato and Aristotle,...

Selected Philosophical Papers by Ludwig Edelstein

by Leonardo Tarán

Ludwig Edelstein (1902-1965) is well-known for his work on the history of anceint medicine and ancient philosophy, and to both of these areas he made contributions of primary importance. This collection, originally...

Studies in Presocratic Philosophy Volume 1: The Beginnings of Philosophy

by David Furley & Reginald E Allen

Collected in this volume are some of the most important articles published on the philosophy of the Greeks before Socrates. They cover:

  • The nature of Presocratic thought
  • The sources of our knowledge of the...

Aquinas's Theory of Perception

Apology Of Socrates And Crito

by Plato

This vintage book contains the four dialogues between Socrates and Plato that chronicle the elder's final days. Socrates (470/469 - 399 BC) was an Athenian philosopher considered to be one of the founding fathers...

Images of History

The Collected Works of Spinoza, Volumes I and II: Complete Digital Edition

by Benedictus de Spinoza & Edwin Curley

The Collected Works of Spinoza: Complete Digital Edition, combining volumes I and II, provides for the first time in English, a truly satisfactory edition of all of Spinoza’s writings, with accurate and readable...

The Collected Works of Spinoza, Volume I

by Benedictus de Spinoza & Edwin Curley

The Collected Works of Spinoza provides, for the first time in English, a truly satisfactory edition of all of Spinoza's writings, with accurate and readable translations, based on the best critical editions...

Moral Motivation

Incarnation: The Harmony of One Love in the Totality of Reality

by Martin J. Schade

Western dualism is an illusion. All of reality is a dialectical unity of incarnate love understood through the condition of the possibilities of divine and human, spirit and matter, Self and Other. Incarnation...


Hope, Joy, and Affection in the Classical World

God, Belief, and Perplexity

Transforming the Latin American Automobile Industry: Union, Workers and the Politics of Restructuring: Union, Workers and the Politics of Restructurin

by John P. Tuman & John T. Morris

This study looks at union responses to the changes in the Latin American car industry in the last 15 years. It considers the impact of the shift towards export production and regional integration, and the effect...

Wise Words

by Stephen Trombley

A diverting and instructive philosophical miscellany, centred on an eclectic sequence of themes, ranging from advice to ageing, and from freedom to friendship.

Fichte's Ethical Thought

The Philosopher: A History in Six Types

by Justin E. H. Smith

What would the global history of philosophy look like if it were told not as a story of ideas but as a series of job descriptions—ones that might have been used to fill the position of philosopher at different...