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by MamiWata Priestess

Mami Wata Priestess, through her conversations in a series of collected essays, describes traditional African Vodun and its mystery and beauty. Coming from the perspective of one initiated into the pantheon...

Hume's Presence in The Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion

by Robert J. Fogelin

Why did David Hume feel so deeply about publishing The Dialouges Concerning Natural Religion that he set aside funds in his will providing for its posthumous publication? Part of the answer is that it provided...

Hegel's Social Ethics

by Molly Farneth

Hegel’s Social Ethics offers a fresh and accessible interpretation of G. W. F. Hegel’s most famous book, The Phenomenology of Spirit. Drawing on important recent work on the social dimensions of Hegel’s...


by Christian Smith

A groundbreaking new theory of religion

Religion remains an important influence in the world today, yet the social sciences are still not adequately equipped to understand and explain it. This book builds on...

The Consolation of Philosophy of Boethius

by Boethius & H. R. James

Boethius' best-known work is the "Consolations of Philosophy" written during his imprisonment -- "by far the most interesting example of prison literature the world has ever seen." It is a dialogue between Philosophy...

The Gospel  of  Robinson Crusoe  and Uncle Tom's Cabin

by F. W. Boreham

“I remember Sir Robert Anderson saying that he could not understand any man standing up with the Bible in his hand and failing to be interesting. He told how a friend, a general in the army, had said, ‘Give...

The Ocean of Theosophy

by William Judge

An attempt is made in the pages of this book to write of Theosophy in such a manner as to be understood by the ordinary reader. Bold statements are made in it upon the knowledge of the writer, but at the same...

Made in the Image of God

by Reid A Ashbaucher

Made in the Image of God is a book that provides key concepts for understanding the nature and personhood of God and mankind, while providing deeper insights into how we as human beings relate to God physically,...

Servetus and Calvin - Important Epoch in the Early History of the Reformation

by Robert Willis

Some years ago I was led to make a study of the Life and Writings of Spinoza, and took considerable pains to present the gifted Jew of Amsterdam in such fulness to the English reader as might suffice to convey...

The Christian Faith

by Reid A Ashbaucher

The Christian Faith: A Quick Guide to Understanding Its Inter-Workings is just that: a quick and concise explanation to what the Christian faith is all about and how it all works.

Life is full of uncertainties...


by Leo Tolstoy & Leo Wiener

In the 1870s Tolstoy experienced a profound moral crisis, followed by what he regarded as an equally profound spiritual awakening, as outlined in his non-fiction work A Confession. His literal interpretation...

God's Goodness and God's Evil

by James Kellenberger

Religious thinkers in the Christian theistic tradition have tried to resolve the problem of evil—how a wholly good and omnipotent God could allow there to be evil—by offering a theodicy. This book considers...

What Is Ethically Demanded?: K. E. Løgstrup's Philosophy of Moral Life

by Hans Fink & Robert Stern

This collection of essays by leading international philosophers considers central themes in the ethics of Danish philosopher Knud Ejler Løgstrup (1905-1981). Løgstrup was a Lutheran theologian much influenced...


by Justin Brierley

No one likes to be told they are wrong; but is that any reason not to listen? Seeking to burst the ‘Christian bubble’ that many believers find comfort in, Justin Brierley began to invite atheists,...

What’s Wrong with the World

by Gilbert K. Chesterton

In What's Wrong With The World Chesterton rightly points out that what people see as "wrong with the world" are only the symptoms of a deeper problem. He shows that our governments, be they capitalistic or socialistic,...

After the Bloody Mary Game: Living into Humanism

by David Breeden & Amanda Poppei

After the Bloody Mary Game is for anyone interested in exploring humanism. Full of insight and humor, this book both explores where humanism has been and points a way toward an inclusive and multifaceted future...

The Cynic and the Fool: The Unconscious in Theology & Politics

by Tad DeLay & Kester Brewin

The questioning of religion is the beginning of a flood, one that cannot be contained and will soon drown every theological, political, economic, and cultural orthodoxy that pledged its allegiance to a sinking...

Freelance Christianity: Philosophy, Faith, and the Real World

by Vance G. Morgan

"How can you be a Christian and a philosopher at the same time?" This question has haunted Vance Morgan ever since it was posed by a good friend almost thirty years ago. Freelance Christianity is rooted in Morgan's...


by Augustine & Sarah Ruden

One of the great works of Western literature, from perhaps the most important thinker of Christian antiquity, in a revolutionary new translation by one of today’s leading classicists

Sarah Ruden’s fresh,...

How To Understand And Live Your Faith

by Reid A Ashbaucher

“How to Understand and Live your Faith” is written with the “body of Christ” (God’s people) in mind, with an understanding of the diversity within the “body” and the spiritual conflicts that face...