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Free Hugs: Empathy, Connection and Transformation Through Hugging

by Rossi Dimitrova

A hug is a simple but profound gesture that can express care, connection, and love. Free hugs is a global movement started by Juan Mann in 2006 through a viral YouTube video, and people around the world have...

Retro Glamour and Pinup Photography: Creative Techniques for Studio Photographers

by Brad Barton

Today’s portrait photographers owe a debt of gratitude to old-school pin-up and glamour photographers, who knew how to entice viewers with images that ooze with a playful, come-hither sexuality. The subjects...

Exploring Ultraviolet Photography: Bee Vision, Forensic Imaging, and Other NearUltraviolet Adventures with Your DSLR

by David Prutchi

The human eye perceives only light in the visible spectrum, but with specially modified cameras, lenses, and visible-light blocking filters, photographers can record ultraviolet wavelengths.

In this book, author...

Light and Shadow: Dynamic Lighting Design for Studio Portrait Photography

by Tony Corbell

Studio lighting offers portrait photographers unlimited creative control. Mastering its use requires a specific skill set, however. Fortunately, portrait photography legend Tony Corbell is up to the task of...

A Poet's Dublin

by Eavan Boland

Juxtaposing verse and image, A Poet’s Dublin is a study of origin and influence from “a major Irish poet” (Edward Hirsch). Written over years, the transcendent and moving poems in A Poet’s Dublin seek...

The New French Couture

by Elyssa Dimant

A gorgeous, groundbreaking survey of the evolution of the world’s renowned French ateliers, from the vision of their founding designers to those today who both preserve the signature iconographies and bring...

Doug the Pug

by Leslie Mosier

A New York Times Bestseller

Doug the Pug is the king of pop culture. More than six million adoring fans on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat can’t get enough of him. Doug spreads love everywhere he...


by Zayn

The first and only official book from ZAYN. Global superstar ZAYN shares a photographic journey of his life since leaving One Direction.

"This book is my diary of a period that I would like to share with you...

The New York Times Complete World War II: The Coverage of the Entire Conflict

by The New York Times, Richard Overy & Tom Brokaw

Experience the history, politics, and tragedy of World War II through the original, often firsthand daily reportage of The New York Times, our country's newspaper of record.

The Times' complete coverage of World...

Palazzos of Power: Central Stations of the Philadelphia Electric Company, 1900-1930

by Aaron V. Wunsch, David E. Nye & Joseph E.B. Elliott

"If it isn't Electric, it isn't Modern." Such was the slogan of the Philadelphia Electric Company, developer of an unprecedented network of massive metropolitan power stations servicing greater Philadelphia...

Shop Cats of New York

by Tamar Arslanian

Humans of New York meets The French Cat in this carefully cultivated, gorgeous full-color collection featuring New York’s iconic felines and the stories behind them.

They inhabit New York City’s most legendary...

Adventures in Seeing: How the Camera Teaches You to Pause, Focus, and Connect with Life

by Kim Manley Ort

It was during a photography workshop in 2001 when I first realized how much more there was to see than at first glance. I stood in a field of dying plants, not knowing what to photograph. The instructor saw...

Overview: A New Perspective of Earth

by Benjamin Grant

A stunning and unique collection of satellite images of Earth that offer an unexpected look at humanity, derived from the wildly popular Daily Overview Instagram project.

Inspired by the “Overview Effect”—a...

Wild, Beautiful Places: Picture-Perfect Journeys Around the Globe

by National Geographic & George Stone

Experience the world’s most wild, remote, beautiful places with shots by National Geographic photographers and vintage photos pulled from the National Geographic archives. Highlighting 50 of Earth’s most...

The Chicago Tribune Book of the Chicago Bulls: A Decade-by-Decade History

by Chicago Tribune Staff

The Chicago Bulls, one of the NBA's most storied and valuable franchises, have been building their highly decorated legacy for five decades now. To this day, the Bulls are one of the most popular teams the world...

Far Afield: Rare Food Encounters from Around the World

by Shane Mitchell

An extraordinarily photographed culinary travel book featuring profiles of the stewards of the world's traditional foodways—farming, fishing, and herding methods—along with 40 recipes.

Journalist Shane Mitchell...

People Knitting: A Century of Photographs

by Barbara Levine & Paige Ramey

People Knitting is a charming tribute in vintage photographs and printed ephemera to the ever-popular, often all-consuming, craft of knitting. When women posed with their knitting in the earliest nineteenth-century...

Slim Aarons: Women

by Laura Hawk

Slim Aarons: Women explores the central subject of Slim Aarons’s career—the extraordinary women from the upper echelons of high society, the arts, fashion, and Hollywood. The book presents the women who...

Pumpkin: The Raccoon Who Thought She Was a Dog

by Laura L. Young

As a baby, Pumpkin the Raccoon was abandoned by her parents after falling out of a tree and breaking her leg. Taken in by a family with two rescue dogs, Toffee and Oreo, Pumpkin gained a new set of "parents"...

Oaxaca Stories in Cloth

by Eric Mindling

Oaxaca Stories in Cloth includes more than 175 sensitive, intimate, full-color portraits of traditional people of the Oaxacan hinterlands who continue to wrap themselves in the clothing that expresses their...