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Animals of the Australian Outback: Animal Encyclopedia for Kids - Wildlife

by Baby Professor

What are the beautiful and scary animals you see in the great Australian outback? Allow your child to discover the diversity of life in Australia through pictures and texts. The fact that this book uses real-life...

4th Grade Geography: North and South Poles: Fourth Grade Books Polar Regions for Kids

by Baby Professor

When you're in the North Pole, how would you know where the South Pole is? This is a trick question because everything in the North Pole actually points South! Open the pages of this educational book to learn...

Chinese New Year For Kids: Chinese Calendar

by Baby Professor

Why do dragons dance during Chinese New Year? Allow your children to find the right answers on their own with the help of this very informative book. The great thing about this book is that it's been specifically...

Around The Globe - Must See Places in Europe: Europe Travel Guide for Kids

by Baby Professor

Visit key places in Europe, and learn about their cultures and traditions too in less then 30 minutes! This book is heavy on knowledge but light on the budget. You can even use this book to teach geography to...

Let's Explore the Australian Outback: Australia Travel Guide for Kids

by Baby Professor

The great Australian Outback has been the popular theme used in several movies and stories. The wide expanse of land features peoples and animals that are truly fascinated. Open the pages of this picture book...

1St Grade Geography: Continents of the World: First Grade Books

by Baby Professor

At first grade, your child is expected to know all the continents of the world. But if he/she is lagging behind, don't worry because this educational book can help. Information presented here is done with the...

This Then That: Opposites Books for Kids: Early Learning Books K-12

by Speedy Publishing LLC

Opposites are among the most important concepts that children need to learn. Knowledge of the subject will allow children to understand words and their meanings, learn to follow directions, provide descriptions...

Adventure Book For Kids: Cool Places Around The World: World Travel Book

by Speedy Publishing LLC

You don't need to reach into your savings or book a plane ticket to show your child all the wonderful places the world has to offer. With this fun, interactive book, your child will feel as though they have...

Adventure Book For Kids: Learning Adventures: Learning Is Fun Books - What To Know

by Speedy Publishing LLC

Learning has never been so much fun! With this innovative book, children can build their knowledge and enhance their cognition with a variety of adventures geared toward learning. Children with a variety of...

Let's Explore Austria's (Most Famous Attractions in Austria's): Austrian Travel Guide

by Baby Professor

Let's go sight-seeing in Austria, where nature and civilization meet. Through this educational book, your child will learn so many things that only a visitor would know. This is an exciting book that covers...


by Peter May & David Wilson

Since the publication of The Blackhouse in 2011, the books of Peter May's groundbreaking Lewis Trilogy have enthralled millions of readers around the world with powerfully evocative descriptions of the Outer...

Passage to Burma

by Scott Stulberg

Get lost in the timeless beauty of a country in transition.

It is a charming and satisfying thing that there are still places in this world where magic seems to pervade the sights, smells, and sounds of a place...

The Birth of Bourbon: A Photographic Tour of Early Distilleries

by Jim Gray & Carol Peachee

Whiskey making has been an integral part of American history since frontier times. In Kentucky, early settlers brought stills to preserve grain, and they soon found that the limestone-filtered water and the...

24 hours, back to Venice

by Maria Bucalo & Maltese William

The book presents itself as the first volume of a series. A quick trip to Venice that develops over 24 hours, showing signs of life in other times authentic feature, by the lights of the early afternoon since...

How Far is North?: A Solo Motorcycle Adventure to Alaska

by Alison DeLapp

During a 42-day solo adventure, Alison DeLapp took her 2003 Kawasaki KLR 650 from Los Angeles, California to Alaska and back. Over the course of 9,260 miles, she captures the solitude of a journey taken late...

See for Yourself: A Visual Guide to Everyday Beauty

by Rob Forbes

This accessible handbook from design guru Rob Forbes uncovers the beauty in the commonplace and reveals how visual thinking can enrich our lives. In friendly text complemented by photographs taken on his travels...

See San Francisco: Through the Lens of SFGirlbyBay

by Victoria Smith

From internationally popular design blogger SF Girl By Bay comes the ultimate love letter to San Francisco. This gorgeously photographed lifestyle guide gives readers an insider's tour of the City by the Bay...

Follow Me To: A Journey around the World Through the Eyes of Two Ordinary Travelers

by Murad Osmann & Nataly Zakharova

The Follow Me project was created in 2012 based on the concept of showing the beauty and uniqueness of different locations around the world. It is a story told through the eyes of two ordinary travelers who...

Provence and the Cote d'Azur: Discover the Spirit of the South of France

by Janelle McCulloch

Take a journey through the dreamiest regions of France: the enchanting villages of Provence and the magnificent coastline of the Côte d'Azur. From the author of Paris, this gorgeous lifestyle guide steers readers...

Back in the USSR

by Rory Maclean & Nick Danziger

Ian Fleming could not have imagined a better place to set a thriller: an upstart mini-state on the edge of Europe, Transnistria is a nowhereland, a Soviet museum occupied by Russian peace-keepers near the Black...