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Notes on Water

by David Appelbaum

This poetical study of water ranges from classical myth and literature to modern physics and microbiology. Because water exists in three forms or phases—liquid, solid, and gas—each needs its own constellation...

Dead Lions Don't Roar

by Tolu' A Akinyemi

Dead Lion’s Don’t Roar is a collection of inspiring and motivating modern day verses.  Addressing many issues close to home and many taboo subjects, the poetry is reflecting of today’s struggles and lights...

Emotive Writing. I, writer by chance

by Giovanni Tommasini

My story, a writer by chance. 

A deep reflection on the readers comments. Its pages touched me My writing, your reading, routes covered together. A journey inside ourselves from our daily experiences always...


by Philip Radmall

Philip Radmall’s poems have been published in many anthologies and literary magazines in Australia and the UK. The poems in this collection articulate our emotional incursions into the landscape around us;...

Rough Fugue

by Betty Adcock

Betty Adcock brings fierce insight to her seventh poetry collection, Rough Fugue. Her elegant stanzas evoke bygone moments of beauty, reflection, and rage. “Let things be spare,” she writes, “and words...

Diamonds in the Grass

by Zenda Vecchio

I don't take photographs. Or paint. Instead I use words as my medium – my way of capturing what I see and turning it into something meaningful. My hope is that the reader too will be able to see what I have...

Absence of Clouds

by Thérèse Corfiatis

Thérèse Corfiatis seeks out beauty and spirit in simple things: the curl of a wave, the flight of cockatoos ‘yellow-flecked tails flashing / like airborne sunflowers’ (‘Black Cockatoos’). She searches...


by James Davies

stack is a book-length poem, and the debut Carcanet title of one of the UK's rising poetry talents. Described by its author as a document of 'minimalist interventions', the small descriptions that make up stack...

Poetry Will Save Your Life: A Memoir

by Jill Bialosky

An unconventional and inventive coming-of-age memoir organized around forty-three remarkable poems by poets such as Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Wallace Stevens and Sylvia Plath, from a critically acclaimed...

Violets in Autumn

by Daniel Koonce

This is a story of how every mirror is the pearl of the soul through trials to find love like a child with the rarest pearl. To fly through the eyes of my heart's journey and the pains of romance contained in...

A World of Poetry: Third Edition

by Mark McWatt & Hazel Simmons-McDonald

A World of Poetry includes all the prescribed poems for the revised CSEC English A and English B syllabuses. It has been compiled with the approval of the Caribbean Examinations Council by Editors who have served...

The Humility of the Brutes

by Ron Smith

The Humility of Brutes, Ron Smith’s third poetry collection, is a fast-moving work that examines a range of themes from love to world travel. Smith lyrical skill shines in his meditation on sports, from both...


by Sally Van Doren

In her third LSU Press poetry collection, Van Doren takes a straightforward approach towards the subjects of domesticity, housewives, the playfulness of langauge, and even the poet's own alter-ego, "Wendy."...

Human Voices Wake Us

by Jerald Winakur & Alan Shapiro

Patients and physicians are adrift in this era of rapidly changing medical paradigms. Perhaps it has always been so, though it seems that lately the dissatisfaction on both sides has intensified.

Doctors today...

Double Portrait

by Brittany Perham

“Musical, insightful, and all the way human.”—Claudia Rankine, 2016 Barnard Women Poets Prize citation

Each poem in Brittany Perham’s prize-winning collection links two portraits: lover and beloved,...

Light of the cross

by Anastasia Volnaya

Anastasia Volnaya is a modern poet and prose writer whose creative is multifaceted. Creative and soul organization of Anastasia was inherited from her parents - father - musician Vladimir Danilchenko and mother...

My Father's Pigs

by Roland Leach

‘Roland Leach’s poems explore the elusive link between the self and memory, our fragile landscape and its human connections in lucid and often moving language that sustains a delicate balance between intellect...

Walk the Wildly

by Lizz Murphy

Walk the Wildly with Lizz Murphy in this, her fifth collection of poetry, where winter is a lumbering lantern-jawed season, spring is a baking back, untimely frost a trollop. There are women of precise skirts,...

Passages of Love

by Hubert Temba

It was a cold and grim December. In a church on Park Avenue, a pastor preached about a holiday party where you see the people and the lights in the house but you can't hear the voices nor the music. It was a...

One Psalm at a Time

by Amara Kursha

One Psalm at a Time is a great way to connect to and explore the Word of God all at once. This exclusive collection of poetry is written to express the everyday ups and downs of what it means to be a believer....