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Lessons on Sleeping Alone

by Megan E. Freeman

Megan E. Freeman's poetry is as fresh and honest as a three year old's laughter at first discovering her reflection in a pool of water. While easily accessible, her elegant writing is complexly layered with...

For the Love of I: Inspirational Poetry

by Patsy Jawo

‘For The Love Of I’ is the Inspirational Poetry Book that takes you on a journey of discovery through shared life experiences. It is filled with soul tingling poems to soothe, entertain, heal, motivate,...

Patti Smith

by Claude Chastagner

"Outside. Outside of society. That’s where I want to be. If you’re looking, that’s where you’ll find me.” This is what Patti Smith sang back in 1978. Where is she in 2015? With all the fame and recognition....

Where the Sky Opens: A Partial Cosmography

by Laurie Klein

Killer gales and orcas, slickrock and storm toads, blackbirds, junipers, bathroom lizards--terrifying beauty infuses these poems as they probe and praise the tidal rhythms of love and faith, long-term. Meet...

New Collected Poems

by David Gascoyne & Roger Scott

When David Gascoyne celebrated his seventeenth birthday in Paris in 1933, he already had a poetry collection and a novel to his name. He spent much of the next few years in the French capital associating with...

Volodya: Selected Works

by Vladimir Mayakovsky & Rosy Carrick

This groundbreaking collection draws together for the first time Vladimir Mayakovsky’s key translators from the 1930s to the present day, bringing some remarkable works back into print in the process and introducing...

Disko Bay

by Nancy Campbell

This collection surveys the culture of arctic Greenland from prehistory to the present, with a focus on the hardships experienced by indigenous communities under colonial rule during the nineteenth and twentieth...

Edge of Wonder: Notes from the Wildness of Being

by Victoria Erickson

In this remarkably beautiful collection of poems and musings, VictoriaErkickson calls us to the core of our own aliveness with an ongoing invitation to inhabit a life fiercely lived. Artfully eaving words like...

She Becomes Time

by Margaret Randall

Margaret Randall's new collection, She Becomes Time, continues her legacy of poetry that combines the intimate with the global, history with feeling, memory with the world we touch and see, showing--always in...

Peripheral Light: Selected and New Poems

by John Kinsella & Harold Bloom

The ensuing uprising led to the creation of the United States, the most powerful country in the modern world.

Robert Harvey, whose most recent book Liberators was brilliantly reviewed on both sides of the ocean,...

A Mayan Astronomer in Hell's Kitchen: Poems

by Martín| Espada

"Martín Espada ....forges a new poetic language."—Dennis Loy Johnson, Pittsburgh Tribune In his sixth collection, American Book Award winner Martín Espada has created a poetic mural. There are conquerors,...

Forgive And Live: A Young Girl's Recount Of Her Road To Forgiveness

by Jeffrey M West

Forgive and Live is the ballad of a young woman, whose drug addicted worldly mother left her as a baby on the street, hungry and without a cover on her, from the weather. She was found by a man who was on his...

Honey and Junk: Poems

by Dana Goodyear

A wry and dark debut of sharply compressed lyrics by a precocious new voice in poetry. These powerful poems are like wrecked pastorals whose narrator seeks temporary pleasure in wit, form, rhyme, or the borrowed...

Io Anthology: Literature, Interviews, and Art from the Seminal Interdisciplinary Journal, 1965 -1993

by Lindy Hough, Richard Grossinger & Miranda July

Io Anthology celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of this formative journal and commemorates its role in opening a path to decades of innovative publishing. Bringing together in one volume the quirky blend of...

The Nineteen Poems

by Ross Henderson

Ross Henderson's poetry has a way of reacting with the mind, prompting a response from the reader's own experiences and memories. Even the shortest of the poems in this book is packed with imagery but there...

The Attribute of Poetry

by Elisa Galgut

These deeply felt poems are at once plain-speaking and alive with complexity; Galgut�s elegant response to both pain and loveliness is inspiring. Elisa Galgut teaches in the Department of Philosophy at the...

A Christmas Carol

by Charles Dickens

Dickens classic, his "Christmas Ghost Story" is about one greedy and harsh man - Ebeneezer Scrooge - in whose eyes Christmas is nothing more but "humbug". rough the intervention of three mysterious Spirits,...

In the Flesh: Poems

by Adam O'Riordan

“Precise and attentive. O’Riordan has the painter’s eye for detail and the pianist’s touch for sounding the right notes.”—Simon Armitage This startling debut from a young British poet traces the...

When I Find You Again, It Will Be in Mountains: The Selected Poems of Chia Tao

by Mike O'Connor

Chia Tao (779-843), an erstwhile Zen monk who became a poet during China's Tang dynasty, recorded the lives of the sages, masters, immortals, and hermits who helped establish the great spiritual tradition of...

Tamsen Donner: A Woman's Journey

by Ruth Whitman

"Ruth Whitman has recreated the journal that Tamsen Donner lost on her nightmarish journey to California in 1846." —Janet Falon