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An Exquisite Stranger's Tales

by Justin Mainhart

This book contains selected prose, essays, thoughts and musings from the journals of Justin C. Mainhart, also known as JCM. "An Exquisite Stranger's Tales" chronicles his journeys thus far in life, such as attaining...


by Susan Hawthorne

An intriguing approach to the rewriting of myth, this poetry collection journeys through the history of languages and symbolic traditions. Through main character Queenie, a cow of many abilities, these poems...

Celebrations: Rituals of Peace and Prayer

by Maya Angelou

Grace, dignity, and eloquence have long been hallmarks of Maya Angelou’s poetry. Her measured verses have stirred our souls, energized our minds, and healed our hearts. Whether offering hope in the darkest...

The Mercy: Poems

by Philip Levine

Philip Levine's new collection of poems (his first since The Simple Truth was awarded the Pulitzer Prize) is a book of journeys: the necessary ones that each of us takes from innocence to experience, from youth...

New Selected Poems

Breath: Poems

by Philip Levine

Always a poet of memory and invention, Philip Levine looks back at his own life as well as the adventures of his ancestors, his relatives, and his friends, and at their rites of passage into an America of victories...

Winter Cranes: Poems

by Chris Banks

Inspired by a group of herons resting near the author’s home towards the end of a long and difficult winter, this collection of poems employs the crane—the symbol of longevity, immortality, and good fortune...

The Human Condition: New Poems

by Paul Christensen

The Human Condition merges the personal and the political-historical, focusing the reader on America's on-going conflicts by engaging the reader in the poet's personal lyricism and considerable travel experience....

The Flower of Youth: Pier Paolo Pasolini Poems

by Mary di di Michele

Written as a kind of historical narrative in verse, the poems in this collection depict the coming of age and sexual awareness of the great Italian writer and film director, Pier Paolo Pasolini. The time of...

The Kindness Colder Than the Elements

by Charles Noble

With wit and cunning, Noble's poems insinuate themselves into the mediations of "we use language" / "language uses us," into the objectification of "mind," into the struggles and cracking of systems. Cuing on...

Apples from Shinar

by Hyam Plutzik & David Scott Scott Kastan

A special centenary edition of this American poet’s critically acclaimed collection

The Simple Truth: Poems

Pulitzer Prize for Poetry 1995

by Philip Levine

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1995


Written in a voice that moves between elegy and prayer, The Simple Truth contains thirty-three poems whose aim is to weave a complex tapestry of myth, history (both public...

What Work Is

National Book Award for Poetry 1991

by Philip Levine

Winner of the National Book Award in 1991


“This collection amounts to a hymn of praise for all the workers of America. These proletarian heroes, with names like Lonnie, Loo, Sweet Pea, and Packy, work the...

Paradise Lost

by William Kerrigan, John Rumrich & Stephen M. Fallon

Edited by William Kerrigan, John Rumrich, and Stephen M. Fallon

John Milton’s Paradise Lost, an epic poem on the clash between God and his fallen angel, Satan, is a profound meditation on fate, free will, and...

The Hammer and the Fire

by Henry Marsh

In this collection Marsh moves via Kepler and Darwin into a celebration of nature, searching within our secular world to ‘find a language’ to render its mystery and concludes by touching on the great challenges...

Gospel Night

by Michael Waters

Provocative, sexy, uncompromising poems about sin and transgression, love and darkness. Michael Waters' ninth collection is his boldest yet.


by Naomi Nye

One of America's most beloved poets returns with a new collection

Japanese Haiku: Its Essential Nature and History

by Kenneth Yasuda

This is the most authoritative and concise book on Japanese haiku available: what it is, how it developed, and how it is practiced in both Japanese and English. While many haiku collections are available to...

Come, Thief

by Jane Hirshfield

A revelatory, indispensable collection of poems from Jane Hirshfield that centers on beauty, time, and the full embrace of an existence that time cannot help but steal from our arms.

Hirshfield is unsurpassed...

By The Balls

by Les Murray

The rags to riches memoir of a football tragic.Football veteran Les Murray is the face and voice of soccer broadcasting in Australia and is one of our nation's most influential people in sport. In this tell-all...