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Antidote for Night

by Marsha de la O

This Isabella Gardner Award-winning collection deals with the press of mortality and the violent losses of young men of color.

I'm No Longer Troubled by the Extravagance

by Rick Bursky

Mapping human fragility, lost lovers, and mysterious pasts, this new collection is an exploration of the extravagance of being alive.

Nine: Poems

by Anupama Raju

‘Anupama Raju has mastered the right simile, the apt image, the terse line. Love, poetry, journeys, places, moods, relations: her poetry is inclusive and intimate; her verbal iconography, rich with resonances....

A Double Sorrow: A Version of Troilus and Criseyde

by Lavinia Greenlaw

An original poetic work that brings alive Chaucer’s great love story, illuminating the psychological drama at its heart.

The captivating love story of ill-fated Troilus and Criseyde, first popularized by Chaucer’s...

Bright Dead Things: Poems

by Ada Limón

Bright Dead Things examines the chaos that is life, the dangerous thrill of living in a world you know you have to leave one day, and the search to find something that is ultimately “disorderly, and marvelous,...

Howl, and Other Poems

by Allen Ginsberg

"Howl" is a poem written by Allen Ginsberg in 1955, published as part of his 1956 collection of poetry titled "Howl and Other Poems." Ginsberg began work on "Howl" as early as 1954. "Howl" is considered to be...

US (a.)

by Saul Williams

In his greatly anticipated new full-length book of poetry, the first since The Dead Emcee Scrolls in 2006, “the poet laureate of hip-hop” (CNN) Saul Williams presents his ideas, observations, realizations,...

Syllabus of Errors: Poems

by Troy Jollimore

. . . we are fixed to perpetrate the species—

    I meant perpetuate—as if our duty

were coupled with our terror. As if beauty

    itself were but a syllabus of errors.

Troy Jollimore’s first collection...

Melinda Camber Porter In Conversation With Eugenio Montale: Milan, Italy 1976

by Melinda Camber Porter, Eugenio Montale & Canio Pavone

With this publication, Melinda Camber Porter In Conversation With Eugenio Montale (ISBN: 978-1-942231-02-8), we have an opportunity to listen to the strong voice of Eugenio Montale discussing literature and...

The Golden Mean

by John Glenday

After the success of Grain (shortlisted for the Griffin Poetry Prize, poetry's most prestigious international award) John Glenday returns with The Golden Mean.

Glenday's poetry - once something of a closely guarded...

Six Poets: Hardy to Larkin: An Anthology

by Alan Bennett

The inimitable Alan Bennett selects and comments upon six favorite poets and the pleasures of their works


In this candid, thoroughly engaging book, Alan Bennett creates a unique anthology of works by six...

Tender the Maker

by Christina Hutchins

"Again and again in Christina Hutchins’s exquisite Tender the Maker, poems startle us into awareness of the overlooked, the nearly always invisible (such as a library’s unused dictionary) and the marvelous,...

The Best American Poetry 2015

by David Lehman & Sherman Alexie

The premier anthology of contemporary American poetry continues with an exceptional volume edited by award-winning novelist and poet Sherman Alexie, now with a new essay by Alexie on reactions to the 2015 publication....

Waiting on the Word: A poem a day for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany

by Malcolm Guite

For every day from Advent Sunday to Christmas Day and beyond, the bestselling poet Malcolm Guite chooses a favourite poem from across the Christian spiritual and English literary traditions and offers incisive...

Cavafy: 166 Poems: Translated with an Introduction by Alan L. Boegehold

by Alan L. Boegehold

Constantine Cavafy is considered the greatest of modern Greek poets. His poems treat historical, philosophical, and erotic themes, sometimes altogether, and share a unique voice.This volume includes a fresh...

Blue Transparent Face: A Poetry Retrospective

by Michou Landon

While Michou Landon's writings have appeared in other contexts, Blue Transparent Face is her first offering, in book form, for a wider audience. It is a memoir in poetry, punctuating the turning from her first...


by Carl Phillips

A powerful, inventive collection from one of America's most respected poets


a trembling inside the both of us,

there's a trembling, inside us both.

The territory of Reconnaissance is one where morals threaten...

The Poetry of Pablo Neruda

by Pablo Neruda

The most comprehensive English-language collection of work ever by "the greatest poet of the twentieth century-in any language" (Gabriel García Márquez)

In his work a continent awakens to consciousness," wrote...

Application for Release from the Dream

by Tony Hoagland

The eagerly awaited, brilliant, and engaging new poems by Tony Hoagland, author of What Narcissism Means to Me

The parade for the slain police officer

goes past the bakery

and the smell of fresh bread

makes the...

On Starry Thighs: Sensual & Sacred Poetry

by Lee Harrington

A titillating assortment of works on the transforming the power of sex and desire


On Starry Thighs is a collection of love poetry, lust prose, devotional prayers, and intimate blessings culled from the nearly...