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A Christmas Carol

by Charles Dickens

Dickens classic, his "Christmas Ghost Story" is about one greedy and harsh man - Ebeneezer Scrooge - in whose eyes Christmas is nothing more but "humbug". rough the intervention of three mysterious Spirits,...

In the Flesh: Poems

by Adam O'Riordan

“Precise and attentive. O’Riordan has the painter’s eye for detail and the pianist’s touch for sounding the right notes.”—Simon Armitage This startling debut from a young British poet traces the...

When I Find You Again, It Will Be in Mountains: The Selected Poems of Chia Tao

by Mike O'Connor

Chia Tao (779-843), an erstwhile Zen monk who became a poet during China's Tang dynasty, recorded the lives of the sages, masters, immortals, and hermits who helped establish the great spiritual tradition of...

Tamsen Donner: A Woman's Journey

by Ruth Whitman

"Ruth Whitman has recreated the journal that Tamsen Donner lost on her nightmarish journey to California in 1846." —Janet Falon


by Anne Marie Macari

Anne Marie Macari's breathtaking second collection finds unapologetic revelation in the female body.

Ghost Letters

by Richard Mccann

Fiercely passionate and deeply elegiac, Richard McCann's Ghost Letters chronicles the intersection of grief and desire.

China Rhymes: Two Classics of Old China Coast Poetry

by Shamus A'Rabbitt & Sapajou

A collection of poetry—by poet laureate of the China Treaty Ports Shamus A'Rabbit—and cartoons by Sapajou, this compilation offers a fresh perspective on the foreign experience in Old China. From A'Rabbit’s...

Hear Me Roar......: Nspiring Poetic Xpressions

by Teri "Sunshine" Barber

Poetry of Nspiring Poetic Xpressions from the author. Hear Me Roar is that which will help others and will touch your heart.  Teri "Sunshine" Barber takes pride in her written work. She thanks GOD for blessing...

The Crimes of Clara Turlington

by Meg Johnson

In Meg Johnson’s second full length poetry collection, The Crimes of Clara Turlington, women break the rules and pass for good girls. As the poem Slugger reveals, “I could never be / a suspect, cardigan...

Scrolls for the King: Poems, Tales, and Memories of My Soul

by Mya C Huff

Scrolls for the King is a collection of poems and artistic pieces. These poems are inspired by faith and life experiences. The author hopes that these poems will inspire and encourage others. There are over...

Talking Crow

by Jim Clarkson & Camilla Davis

Jim Clarkson is a lucky git.

He has written poetry since he was 17 and mostly he has done this in pockets

of time in-between doing other stuff.

His is a poetry which has sprouted like a weed growing between...

Soulfluid: Dots & Pages

by Joseph Baruwa

A collection of poetry. A love potion, a soulfluid spilled and soaked through the pages. A message without definition only ...dots that sound like language from the heart

Friendship Gumbo: An Ode to Friendship

by L.S. Reed

This collection of poems is her first of a series of books she hopes to publish. This book speaks to her passion for true friendship and meaningful relationships. "An Ode to Friendship" taps into Lolita's refreshingly...

Sentenced to Life: Poems

by Clive James

"There is an inevitable sadness to this moving collection. This being James, there are also moments of zinging energy and a sense of fun…James will remain in the present tense as those Japanese Maple's leaves...

The Dice Throwers

by Douglas Cole

Douglas Cole's poetry shines like flashlight across the gritty dark alleys of the American soul turning shattered glass into diamonds.

Chorale at the Crossing

by Peter Porter

When Peter Porter died in 2010 his reputation as one of the greatest Australian poets had long been settled. Chorale at the Crossing gathers together the work Porter completed after the publication of his widely-praised...

Granny Said "DON'T LIE": A Book of Poetry

by Timothy Poulsen & Laila Savolainen

You are reading the back page of Granny Said “Don’t Lie” to be enlightened of the contents before you look inside, and what’s inside is raw poetry as life’s journey unfolds, the thrill of many adventures...

You Who Cross My Path

by Erez Bitton, Tsipi Keller & Eli Hirsch

The first bilingual U.S. publication of celebrated Israeli poet Erez Bitton, often considered the founding father of Mizrahi Israeli poetry.

Cartographies of Scale (and Wing)

by Anca Vlasopolos

Anca Vlasopolos' magnificent collection of poetry is a meditation on map-making and on migration, which pays homage to two scientists, Gerardus Mercator and Nathaniel Bowditch, whose work was enormously useful...

The Revival of Life in Christ

by Helena Clark

1969. It was late afternoon one day in winter. I had fallen asleep whilst taking a bath. Suddenly I woke up as the water had gone cold. Through the window a bright light with a dove filled the bathroom with...