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The Marble Faun and A Green Bough

by William Faulkner

A collection of poetry by the literary great William Faulkner.

Unwelcomed Songs: Collected Lyrics 1980-1992

by Henry Rollins

"I have never been satisfied with the lyric books I have read. Many times I have enjoyed reading the lyrics, but I always thought that more could have been done to bring the reader closer to the artist and the...

Eye Scream

by Henry Rollins

"Work on Eye Scream started in 1986. I was crossing America constantly and

experiencing the morality shifts, attitudes, and rituals in different parts

of the country - the difference in the way people were in...

The Great Enigma: New Collected Poems

by Tomas Transtromer & Robin Fulton

The collected poems of one of the world's greatest living writers, Tomas Transtromer, available in this comprehensive edition.In day's first hours consciousness can grasp the world

as the hand grips a sun-warmed...


by Carolyn Jess-Cooke

Intelligent and humorous, this debut collection showcases multi-faceted and often paradoxical poetry from a talented female writer. Touching upon various topics—from the versatility of language and modern cable...

After Nature

by W.G. Sebald

After Nature, W. G. Sebald’s first literary work, now translated into English by Michael Hamburger, explores the lives of three men connected by their restless questioning of humankind’s place in the natural...


by Margaret Randall

In this poetry collection, Margaret Randall uses the metaphor of ruins to meditate on time's movement.

The Priestly Poems of G.M. Hopkins

by Peter Milward

In any case, what distinguishes the plays of Shakespeare from those of all his contemporary dramatists is exactly what distinguishes the poems of Hopkins from those of all his contemporary poets, namely the...


by Robert Flanagan

Existentialist in approach, this collection of tightly woven, abstract poems explores ageing and what it means to not be young anymore. {Guernica Editions}


by Dan Jalowica

These meticulous, skillful, and endlessly revealing poems are astounding in their restraint and delicate comprehension of the natural world. Minimal language and brief verses contribute to the precise imagery...


by Halli Villegas

In the Silence Absence Makes is a poetic mystery, a nightmare, an elegy. A lost girl and the loss of innocence, both of the child and the society she is part of. Poems like the photos on the front pages of today's...


by Catherine Black

A stunning collection of poems, these works explore moments of empathy in suffering, epiphany in ruin, and grace in surrender. In chronicling a journey from childhood grief through the dark rapture of love and...


by Rachel Guido DeVries

Death and its many mysteries are explored in these autobiographical poems about the passing of the poet's beloved brother, the dementia that claimed her father, and the inevitable bodily changes that come with...

We Come From The Same Light

by Danielle Fournier & Christine Tipper

To read Danielle Fournier is to plunge into the centre of a woman's heart and body - a heart that continues to beat, to search and to hope spurred on by a sensual, desirable - and desiring - body. Not only physical...


by Roger Des Roches & Antonio D'Alfonso

Translated by award-winning author Antonio D'Alfonso, this collection presents four books by prolific Quebec writer Roger Des Roches. Considered by many scholars and critics to be one of the founders of modernity...

The Ecstatic Torture of Gratitude

by Jill Batson

Jill Battson's highly anticipated new collection of poems, The Ecstatic Torture of Gratitude, pushes deep into the heart of the human condition. In lush and visceral language Jill explores loss, beauty, nature,...

Smile, you're getting old!

by Évelyne Wilwerth & Christine Tipper

Surely a woman who chooses a white rat as a pet and calls him Mr. Loverat is worthy of our attention. Ginny is slightly crazy - she takes her rat to a posh restaurant! And she jumps on the helter-skelter ride...

Amphetamine Heart

by Liz Worth

Filtered through insomnia and distress signals, Amphetamine Heart pumps out an atonal pulse over flashes of lowered inhibitions. Channelling punk and heavy metal influences, this poetry collection's soundtrack...

Bending The Continuum

by Dane Swan

The poems in Bending the Continuum are slave to no genre. Science-fiction, alternative realities, and time are fluid. Form, voice and space in this collection borrow from multiple canons. Dane's first book...

Paramita, Little Black

by Suzanne Robertson

In her first collection of poems, Suzanne Robertson meditates on the nature of intimacy; the connective tissue that binds stranger to stranger, human to animal, soul to landscape, heart to mind. Inspired by...