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The Blind Roadmaker

by Ian Duhig

If the starting point for a number of poems in Ian Duhig's richly varied new collection is Sterne's Tristram Shandy, its presiding genius is the great eighteenth-century civil engineer, fiddler and polymath...

Interference Pattern

by J. O. Morgan

At first, these extraordinary poems may unsettle and disturb, but the next reading could be one of rapture and astonishment; it all hinges on your point of view. Like the optical illusion of the maiden and the...

The Divine Comedy: Inferno

by Dante



The first volume of The Divine Comedy--Dante begins his downward journey through the seven circles of Hell.


Searching for Sappho: The Lost Songs and World of the First Woman Poet

by Philip Freeman

An exploration of the fascinating poetry, life, and world of Sappho, including a complete translation of all her poems.

For more than twenty-five centuries, all that the world knew of the poems of Sappho—the...

The Catch

by Fiona Sampson

Fiona Sampson’s latest collection transforms the sensory world into an astonishingly new and vivid poetry. Here, dream and myth, creatures real and imagined, and the sights and sounds of ‘distance and of...

The Collected Poems of Audre Lorde

by Audre Lorde

A complete collection—over 300 poems—from one of this country's most influential poets. "These are poems which blaze and pulse on the page."—Adrienne Rich "The first declaration of a black, lesbian feminist...


by Anonymous

The story of one man's triumph over a legendary monster, Beowulf marks the beginning of Anglo-Saxon literature as we know it today.

This Enriched Classic includes:

• A concise introduction that gives readers...

Shaler's Fish: Poems

by Helen Macdonald

Before Helen Macdonald rose to international acclaim with her "beautiful and nearly feral" (New York Times) bestselling memoir H Is for Hawk, she wrote a collection of poetry, Shaler's Fish.

In robust, lyrical...


by Sarah Vap

Selected as a Winner of the National Poetry Series by Mary Jo Bang

Sarah Vap’s sixth work of poetry, Viability is an ambitious and highly imaginative collection of prose poems that braids together several kinds...

Blessed Inspirations - The Greatest Is Love

by Q. M. Herrera

This is a personal collection of poems, lyrics, prayers and meditations, which were divinely inspired to bring peace, light, love and inspiration to all, regardless of religious denomination, age, race or gender....

Tin House: Theft (Tin House Magazine)

by Win McCormack, Holly MacArthur & Rob Spillman

Tin House's Theft Issue spends some time in the larcenous land of literature with stolen stories, embezzled essays, and pick-pocketed poetry.

“Talent borrows, genius steals” is usually attributed to Oscar...

Miscreants: Poems

by James Hoch

"Vivid, disturbing, and distinctively American ballads and lyrics....Astonishing."--Michael Collier "Troubled young men and boys animate" these "memorable" (Publishers Weekly) poems of James Hoch's second collection,...

Wingbeats II: Exercises and Practice in Poetry

by Scott Wiggerman & David Meischen

WINGBEATS II: EXERCISES & PRACTICE IN POETRY, the eagerly awaited follow-up to the original WINGBEATS, is an exciting collection from teaching poets—58 poets, 59 exercises. Whether you want a quick exercise...

Bridge to the Otherworld

by Cheryl Lafferty Eckl

Embrace Love’s deepest mystery—the heart’s way is the bridge

Wayfarer, it takes courage to cross a bridge. To step into the Unknown. To risk transition’s threshold where past is always prologue and...

Thief in the Interior

by Phillip B. Williams

Inspired by a young man's brutal murder in Brooklyn, these poems bring forth raw racial dialogue essential to today's culture.

Royal Babylon: The case against the monarchy

by Heathcote Williams

Heathcote Williams' book-length poems have covered a number of important topics, most notably Whale Nation, a powerful argument for a worldwide ban on whaling. Royal Babylon lays out in verse form what Williams...

In Divers Tones

by Charles G. D. Roberts

This early work by Charles G. D. Roberts was originally published in 1886 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. 'The Ledge on Bald Face' is a collection of poems by this prolific...

Calypso Jews: Jewishness in the Caribbean Literary Imagination

by Sarah Phillips Casteel

With what may seem surprising frequency, Caribbean writers have turned to Jewish Caribbean experiences of exodus and reinvention, from the arrival of Sephardic Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal in the 1490s...

Let the Spirit Move You: Poetry and Photography from the Soul

by Lynn Noble

Let the Spirit Move You, is a beautiful blending of Poetry that is inspirational,

uplifting and insightful along with Photography that is rare, sacred and unprecedented.

Lynn Noble communicates from a universal...

Drenched by the Sun

by Syam Sudhakar



I, who prophesy

by reading the stars and the wind,

now think of that country …

- excerpt from poem ‘Green Sun’



Syam Sudhakar ‘has an eye for the strange and the uncanny and...