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Getting to Zero

by Sinéad Walsh & Oliver Johnson

  • A gripping, first-hand account of the harrowing decisions and uplifting encounters experienced by the authors in the midst of a humanitarian crisis.

  • Co-author Oliver Johnson received an OBE following his work...

The Islamic State

by Anthony Celso

This book analyses the Islamic State (IS) within a comparative framework of past Sunni jihadist movements. It argues jihadist failure to overthrow Muslim apostate states has led to a progressive radicalization...

As Democracy Goes, So Does Journalism

by Seong Jae Min

As Democracy Goes, So Does Journalism: Evolution of Journalism in Liberal, Deliberative, and Participatory Democracy explores the symbiotic relationship between democracy and journalism in an engaging historical...

Truth, Community, and the Prophetic Voice

by Christopher J. Libby

Truth, Community, and the Prophetic Voice is to ask how it might be possible today to uphold an understanding of the prophetic voice that comports in essential ways with its expression in the biblical vision,...

The Oxford Handbook on the United Nations

by Thomas G. Weiss & Sam Daws

This Handbook provides in one volume an authoritative and independent treatment of the UN's seventy-year history, written by an international cast of more than 50 distinguished scholars, analysts, and practitioners....

The Oxford Handbook of Energy and Society

by Dr. Debra J. Davidson & Prof. Dr. Matthias Gross

The Oxford Handbook of Energy and Society presents an overview of this expanding area that has evolved dramatically over the past decade, away from one largely dominated by structural, political economic treatments...

Trade Battles

by Tamara Kay & R.L. Evans

Trade was once an esoteric economic issue with little domestic policy resonance. Activists did not prioritize it, and grassroots political mobilization seemed unlikely to free trade advocates. The passage of...

The Poisoned City

by Anna Clark

When the people of Flint, Michigan, turned on their faucets in April 2014, the water pouring out was poisoned with lead and other toxins.

Through a series of disastrous decisions, the state government had switched...

Political Hypocrisy

by David Runciman

What kind of hypocrite should voters choose as their next leader? The question seems utterly cynical. But, as David Runciman suggests, it is actually much more cynical to pretend that politics can ever be completely...

The Zapatista Movement and Mexico's Democratic Transition

by María Inclán

Transitions from authoritarian to democratic governments can provide ripe scenarios for the emergence of new, insurgent political actors and causes. During peaceful transitions, such movements may become influential...

The Cyber Threat and Globalization

by Jack A. Jarmon & Pano Yannakogeorgos

The Cyber Threat and Globalization is designed for students of security studies and international relations, as well as security professionals who want a better grasp of the nature and existential threat of...

The Mightie Frame

by Nicholas Greenwood Onuf

Inspired by Michel Foucault's The Order of Things, this book tells a story about epochal change in the modern world. Like Foucault, Nicholas Onuf is concerned with how we moderns think about ourselves and our...

Warfare and Welfare

by Herbert Obinger, Klaus Petersen & Peter Starke

While the first half of the 20th century was characterized by total war, the second half witnessed, at least in the Western world, a massive expansion of the modern welfare state. A growing share of the population...

Democracy When the People Are Thinking

by James S. Fishkin

Democracy requires a connection to the 'will of the people'. What does that mean in a world of 'fake news', relentless advocacy, dialogue mostly among the like-minded, and massive spending to manipulate public...

The Future of Terrorism

by Walter Laqueur & Christopher Wall

An expert on terrorism and an expert on counterterrorism answer the two questions everyone is asking about the rise of terrorism today: why is this happening, and when will it end?

Since the death of bin Laden...

Dynasties and Democracy

by Daniel M. Smith

Although democracy is, in principle, the antithesis of dynastic rule, families with multiple members in elective office continue to be common around the world. In most democracies, the proportion of such "democratic...

American Nightmare

by Henry A. Giroux & George Yancy

In this searing critique of the Trump presidency and the rise of authoritarianism in the United States, Henry Giroux asks: “How have we arrived here, and what can be done?” In a discussion of events that...

Liberalism and Distributive Justice

by Samuel Freeman

Samuel Freeman is a leading political philosopher and one of the foremost authorities on the works of John Rawls. Liberalism and Distributive Justice offers a series of Freeman's essays in contemporary political...

The Taliban Reader

by Alex Strick van Linschoten & Felix Kuehn

Who are the Taliban? Are they a militant movement? Are they religious scholars? The fact that these and other questions are still raised with frequency is testimony to the way the movement has been studied,...

The Boko Haram Reader

by Michael Nwankpa, Abdulbasit Kassim & David Cook

Since it erupted onto the world stage in 2009, people have asked, what is Boko Haram, and what does it stand for? Is there a coherent vision or set of beliefs behind it? Despite the growing literature about...