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Constitutional Policy in Multilevel Government

The New Trail of Tears: How Washington Is Destroying American Indians

by Naomi Schaefer Riley

If you want to know why American Indians have the highest rates of poverty of any racial group, why suicide is the leading cause of death among Indian men, why native women are two and a half times more likely...

Nobody: Casualties of America's War on the Vulnerable, from Ferguson to Flint and Beyond

by Marc Lamont Hill & Todd Brewster

“An impassioned analysis of headline-making cases….Timely, controversial, and bound to stir already heated discussion.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A thought-provoking and important analysis of oppression, recommended...

Constitutionalism, Human Rights, and Islam after the Arab Spring

Globalization and Migration: A World in Motion

by Eliot Dickinson

Focusing on the intersection between globalization and migration, this text traces a dynamic process that has incorporated millions of migrants into a vast economic marketplace. Dickinson explores the contradictions...

The First Modern Clash over Federal Power: Wilson versus Hughes in the Presidential Election of 1916

by Lewis L. Gould

Fully examined for the first time in this engrossing book by one of America’s preeminent presidential scholars, the election that pitted Woodrow Wilson against Charles Evan Hughes emerges as a clear template...

The Transformation of Foreign Policy

The Age of Deference

The Coming of the Nixon Court: The 1972 Term and the Transformation of Constitutional Law

by Earl M. Maltz

Beginning with Brown v. Board of Education and continuing with a series of decisions that, among other things, expanded the reach of the Bill of Rights, the Supreme Court that Richard Nixon inherited had presided...

Power and Pragmatism

by Malcolm Rifkind

Sir Malcolm Rifkind's political career has been as glittering as it has been long-lived. Indeed, he served as a minister for eighteen years, longer uninterrupted service than anyone since Lord Palmerston in...

The Next Democracy?: The Possibility of Popular Control

by Tony Milligan

Responding to widespread disenchantment with electoral politics, this book gives a practical examination of the possibilities offered by a generalized system of direct democracy.

Rotten to the (Common) Core: Public Schooling, Standardized Tests, and the Surveillance State

by Gary Lawrence, Joseph P. Farrell & Catherine Austin Fitts

Here the hidden agenda behind Common Core standards and Federal government surveillance programs aimed at children are revealed.

The Future of Crime and Punishment: Smart Policies for Reducing Crime and Saving Money

by William R. Kelly

With recidivism rates north of 70% and tens of billions of dollars wasted annually on policies that assume we can punish the crime out of criminal offenders, America’s fixation with “tough on crime” has...

Summary of Clinton Cash: by Peter Schweizer | Includes Analysis

by . Instaread

Summary of Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer | Includes Analysis


Peter Schweizer's Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich is...

The Unity of Western Civilization

by Francis Sydney Marvin

This early work by Francis Sydney Marvin was originally published in 1922 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. 'The Unity of Western Civilization' is a wonderful work charting...

The Ethics of Interdependence: Global Human Rights and Duties

by William F. Felice

This powerful book explores new global human rights duties through four case studies: mass incarceration in the United States, LGBT rights in Africa, women’s rights in Saudi Arabia, and environmental rights...

The Welsh Language Commissioner in Context: Roles, Methods and Relationships

by Professor Diarmait Mac Giolla

This is the first book on the office of the Welsh Language Commissioner, set in the context of the office of language commissioner internationally.

Presidents on Political Ground: Leaders in Action and What They Face

by Bruce Miroff

How much power does a president really have? Theories and arguments abound—pointlessly, Bruce Miroff says, if we don't understand the context in which presidents operate. Borrowing from Machiavelli, Miroff...

Insiders versus Outsiders