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The Labour of Subjectivity: Foucault on Biopolitics, Economy, Critique

by Andrea Rossi

This book offers a reassessment of Foucault’s critical work in the context of the modern economy of subjectivation.

Sun Tzu On the Art of War: The Oldest Military Treatise  In the World

by Sun Tzu

The Art of War presents a philosophy of war for managing conflicts and winning battles. Written in the Han Dynasty, it is accepted as a masterpiece on strategy and is frequently cited and referred to by generals...

This Divided Island

by Samanth Subramanian

Samanth Subramanian has written about politics, culture, and history for the New York Times and the New Yorker. Now, Subramanian takes on a complex topic that touched millions of lives in This Divided Island...

Russia in the Arctic: Hard or Soft Power?

by Alexander Sergunin

In this timely book, the authors provide a detailed analysis of Russia's national interests in the Arctic region. They assess Russia's domestic discourse on the High North's role in the system of national priorities...

Justice For None: How the Drug War Broke the Legal System

by The Washington Post

When tough-on-crime laws passed 30 years ago during an era of drug-fueled violence, they were supported across the political spectrum. The subsequent "war on drugs" sent non-violent offenders to prison for decades...

Cracking the AP U.S. Government & Politics Exam 2016, Premium Edition

by Princeton Review

PREMIUM PRACTICE FOR A PERFECT 5! Equip yourself to ace the AP U.S. Government & Politics Exam with this Premium version of The Princeton Review's comprehensive study guide. In addition to thorough content reviews,...

The Way Out of Obamacare

by Sally C. Pipes

President Barack Obama has declared that his signature health reform law – the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – is “here to stay.” But his days in the White House are numbered, and the law has...

Making David into Goliath: How the World Turned Against Israel

by Joshua Muravchik

During the Six-Day War of 1967, polls showed that Americans favored the Israelis over the Arabs by overwhelming margins. In Europe, support for Israel ran even higher. In the United Nations Security Council,...

Taken: The Inspirational True Story Of One Mother's Epic Win Against Social Services

by Sue O'Callaghan


Sue O’Callaghan was one of us. Just an ordinary mum, living an ordinary life, in a nice house with her husband and family. Ordinary, that is, until the day her husband...

Wandering Lonely in a Crowd: Reflections on the Muslim Condition in the West

by S.M. Atif Imtiaz

Personal reflections of a Muslim living in the West during the turbulent years after 9/11

Spying Through a Glass Darkly: American Espionage against  the Soviet Union, 1945-1946

by David Alvarez & Eduard Mark

For the period between World War II and the full onset of the Cold War, histories of American intelligence seem to go dark. Yet in those years a little known clandestine organization, the Strategic Services...

Global Heartland: Displaced Labor, Transnational Lives, and Local Placemaking

by Faranak Miraftab

Global Heartland is the account of diverse, dispossessed, and displaced people brought together in a former sundown town in Illinois. Recruited to work in the local meat-processing plant, African Americans,...

The Political Thought of Henry David Thoreau: Privatism and the Practice of Philosophy

by Jonathan McKenzie

Today, Henry David Thoreau's status as one of America's most influential public intellectuals remains unchallenged. Recent scholarship on Thoreau has highlighted his activism as a committed antislavery reformer...

Seed Sovereignty, Food Security: Women in the Vanguard of the Fight against GMOs and Corporate Agriculture

by Vandana Shiva

In this unique anthology, women from around the world write about the movement to change the current, industrial paradigm of how we grow our food. As seed keepers and food producers, as scientists, activists,...

Runaway Planet: How Global Warming is Already Changing the Earth

by The Washington Post

Saving the world won't happen on the silver screen. In our fragile ecosystem, climate change is swiftly becoming the defining issue of how to prepare-and protect-the earth for the future.

The climate change...

American Justice in Taiwan: The 1957 Riots and Cold War Foreign Policy

by Stephen G. Craft

On May 23, 1957, US Army Sergeant Robert Reynolds was acquitted of murdering Chinese officer Liu Ziran in Taiwan. Reynolds did not deny shooting Liu but claimed self-defense and, like all members of US military...

Waging War on War: Peacefighting in American Literature

by Giorgio Mariani

The anti-war genre and its impact on American culture

Myth and Measurement: The New Economics of the Minimum Wage

by Alan B. Krueger & David Card

David Card and Alan B. Krueger have already made national news with their pathbreaking research on the minimum wage. Here they present a powerful new challenge to the conventional view that higher minimum wages...

Truman, Congress, and Korea: The Politics of America's First Undeclared War

by Larry Blomstedt

Three days after North Korean premier Kim Il Sung launched a massive military invasion of South Korea on June 24, 1950, President Harry S. Truman responded, dispatching air and naval support to South Korea....

Jacob L. Talmon: Mission and Testimony: Political Essays

by David Ohana

Talmon was chosen by an international committee of scholars as one of the twenty major historians of the twentieth century, declaring that “his historiography was a convincing apologia for human freedom.”...