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Knowledge and Incentives in Policy

by Stefanie Haeffele

The relative effectiveness of various institutions, such as the market or government, is based on the ability for individuals to access and use dispersed knowledge in society and the incentives that steer their...

The Know Nothings in Louisiana

by Marius M. Carriere

In the 1850s, a startling new political party appeared on the American scene. Both its members and its critics called the new party by various names, but to most it was known as the Know Nothing Party. It reignited...

Humanitarian Action and Ethics

by James Smith, Ayesha Ahmad & Hugo Slim

  • The most comprehensive and up-to-date work on humanitarian ethics currently available.
  • Brings together contributions from humanitarian and health professionals, philosophers and social/political scientists.
  • Many...

Confronting Dystopia

by Eva Paus

In Confronting Dystopia, a distinguished group of scholars analyze the implications of the ongoing technological revolution for jobs, working conditions, and income. Focusing on the economic and political implications...

The Teahouse under Socialism

by Di Wang

To understand a city fully, writes Di Wang, we must observe its most basic units of social life. In The Teahouse under Socialism, Wang does just that, arguing that the teahouses of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan...


by Sarah Kessler

"With deep reporting and graceful storytelling, Sarah Kessler reveals the ground truth of a key part of the American workforce. Her analysis is both astute and nuanced, making GIGGED essential reading for anyone...

Manipulating Globalization

by Ling Chen

The era of globalization saw China emerge as the world's manufacturing titan. However, the "made in China" model—with its reliance on cheap labor and thin profits—has begun to wane. Beginning in the 2000s,...

Unequal and Unrepresented

by Kay Lehman Schlozman, Henry E. Brady & Sidney Verba

How American political participation is increasingly being shaped by citizens who wield more resources

The Declaration of Independence proclaims equality as a foundational American value. However, Unequal and...

Small Wars, Big Data

by Eli Berman, Joseph H. Felter, Jacob N. Shapiro & Vestal McIntyre

How a new understanding of warfare can help the military fight today’s conflicts more effectively

The way wars are fought has changed starkly over the past sixty years. International military campaigns used...

The Duty to Stand Aside

by Eric Laursen

The Duty to Stand Aside sheds new light on the background and writing of Nineteen Eighty-Four, a book that has been a top seller since the early 1950s but that received an enormous boost during the 2016 U.S....

Shadow Code

by Mike Hawkes

While demonstrating how to use social media data for intelligence activities, a computer scientist noticed something strange about the data he captured. When this strange data disappeared, he realised that...

Hello, Shadowlands

by Patrick Winn

Essential to understanding Southeast Asia in the 21st century, Hello, Shadowlands reveals a booming underworld of organised crime across a region in flux— a $100 billion trade that deals in narcotics, animals...

How the Liberal Arts Can Save Liberal Democracy

by Steven M. DeLue

Currently, liberal democracy is threatened by authoritarian movements, not just in the United States but also in societies around the world. The liberal arts helps to arrest these tendencies because of the support...


by Fay Weller & Mary Wilson

With every news report, the world seems to be careening off the rails. It's all too easy to slip into despair waiting for co-opted, self-serving governments to act.

Hope and action is the antidote. We each...

The Future of Work in the Age of Robots and Artificial Intelligence

by Mark P. Mills

Are robots finally replacing humans? Does the emerging age of artificial intelligence and automation mean we will soon see “peak jobs” and the need for a Universal Basic Income to support a widening swath...

As Black as Resistance

by Zoé Samudzi, William C. Anderson & Mariame Kaba

The essay "The Anarchism of Blackness" appeared in issue #5 of ROAR Magazine this April (as well as on ROAR's website: It made a splash and was reposted...

New World Order

by William King

Within the pages of this informative and thought provoking book, the author includes a tremendous amount of valuable information. From occultism in Hollywood, secret societies, mind control, chemtrails, to an...

Strategy, Evolution, and War

by Kenneth Payne

Decisions about war have always been made by humans, but now intelligent machines are on the cusp of changing things – with dramatic consequences for international affairs. This book explores the evolutionary...

The Illusion of the Post-Colonial State

by W. Alade Fawole

This book challenges the long-held conventional wisdom that Africa is a post-colonial society of sovereign nation-states despite the outward attributes of statehood: demarcated territories, permanent populations,...

Globalization and Feminist Activism

by Mary E. Hawkesworth

This thoroughly updated edition provides a comprehensive overview of two centuries of transnational feminist efforts to produce a more just global order. Mary Hawkesworth explores how social, economic, and political...