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Coalitions and Compliance

by Kenneth C. Shadlen

Coalitions and Compliance examines how international changes can reconfigure domestic politics. Since the late 1980s, developing countries have been subject to intense pressures regarding intellectual property...

Revenge of the Rich

by Austin Mitchell

Austin Mitchell's book is the first comprehensive study of the rise, fall and consequences of neoliberalism in Britain and New Zealand, the two countries which adopted the new economics most enthusiastically,...

The Passion of Harry Bingo

by Peter Ross

The Passion of Harry Bingo: Further Dispatches From Unreported Scotland is the second volume of selected journalism from one of Scotland’s most popular writers. It follows the highly successful publication...

Urban Latin America: Inequalities and Neoliberal Reforms

by Tom Angotti

Latin America, one of the most urbanized regions of the world, can only be fully understood by exploring its urban-rural divide, inequalities within urban areas, and the prospects for change. This thoughtful...

Darwin's Walk and The Last Wave

by Richard Krooth

This book describes the reasons humankind may be facing its last moments on Planet Earth. Darwin marked the path of species evolution, modification, and extinction. Following Darwin’s trajectory of evolution,...

Towards Corporeal Cosmopolitanism

by Anjana Raghavan

An articulation of any kind of global understanding of belonging, or ways of cosmopolitan life, requires a constant engagement with vulnerability, especially in a world that is so deeply wounded by subjugation,...

Do the Geneva Conventions Matter?

by Matthew Evangelista & Nina Tannenwald

The Geneva Conventions are the best-known and longest-established laws governing warfare, but what difference do they make to how states engage in armed conflict? Since the start of the "War on Terror" with...

Becoming a Movement

by Priska Daphi

Social movement scholars have become increasingly interested in the role of stories in contentious politics. Stories may facilitate the mobilization of activists and strengthen the resonance of their claims...

Advocating for Israel: Diplomats and Lobbyists from Truman to Nixon

by Natan Aridan

This study examines the triangular relationship between Israel’s diplomatic corps, the pro-Israel lobby, and various US administrations. Based on a wealth of primary source material, the author analyzes how...

Beyond Soccer

by Tamir Bar-On

As the world’s most popular game, soccer is unique in its ability to reflect and impact culture, society, and politics. Beyond Soccer: International Relations and Politics as Seen through the Beautiful Game...

The Dilemma of Sustainability in the Age of Globalization

by Mohamed El-Kamel Bakari

The Dilemma of Sustainability in the Age of Globalization: A Quest for a Paradigm of Development offers an exhaustive overview of the different political, social, economic, and cultural circumstances that paved...

Tariff Wars and the Politics of Jacksonian America

by William K. Bolt

Before the Civil War, the American people did not have to worry about a federal tax collector coming to their door. The reason why was the tariff, taxing foreign goods and imports on arrival in the United States....

Regulating the Polluters

by Alexander Ovodenko

National governments and private stakeholders have long recognized that protecting the global environment requires international cooperation. Climate change, tropical deforestation, biodiversity loss, ozone...

Ecofeminism as Politics

by Ariel Salleh, Professor John Clark & Vandana Shiva

Ecofeminism as Politics is now a classic, being the first work to offer a joined-up framework for green, socialist, feminist and postcolonial thinking, showing how these have been held back by conceptual confusions...

Labour and working-class lives

by Keith Laybourn & John Shepherd

British labour history has been one of the dominating areas of historical research in the last sixty years and this book, written in honour of Professor Chris Wrigley, offers a collection of essays written by...

The politics of attack

by Michael Loadenthal

Since the early 2000s, global, underground networks of insurrectionary anarchists have carried out thousands of acts of political violence. This book is an exploration of the ideas, strategies, and history of...

The US v. China in Asia

by Jude Woodward

This book addresses the most important question in geopolitics today - the future of relations between the US and China. Concerned that the rise of China will challenge the its hegemony in world affairs, the...

States in Disguise

by Belgin San-Akca

There is a long history of state governments providing support to nonstate armed groups fighting battles in other countries. Examples include Syria's aid to Hamas, Ecuador's support for FARC, and Libya's donation...

The Internet and the 2016 Presidential Campaign

by Terri L. Towner, Jody C. Baumgartner, Caroline Lego Muñoz & Bethany A. Conway-Silva et al.

The Internet and the 2016 Presidential Campaign comprehensively examines how candidates, campaigns, and others used social media and the Internet throughout the 2016 election.

Myanmar's Enemy Within

by Francis Wade

For decades Myanmar has been portrayed as a case of good citizen versus bad regime – men in jackboots maintaining a suffocating rule over a majority Buddhist population beholden to the ideals of non-violence...