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The Ethical Planning Practitioner

by Jerry Weitz

For practicing planners, ethics can be a minefield. Planners need a guide -- and now they have it: the first guidebook based on the current revision of the AICP (American Institute of Certified Planners) Code...

Infrastructure delivery planning: An effective practice approach

by Janice Morphet

Janice Morphet sets out and analyses the key components of infrastructure delivery in Britain, both at national and neighbourhood level, situating this within international, European and domestic economic, territorial...

Building the Future: Big Teaming for Audacious Innovation

by Amy Edmondson & Susan Salter Reynolds

Building the Future

Machiavelli famously wrote, “There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success than to take the lead in the introduction of a new...

No Place Like Home

Where We Want to Live

by Ryan Gravel

After decades of sprawl, many American city and suburban residents struggle with issues related to traffic (and its accompanying challenges for our health and productivity), divided neighborhoods, and a non-walkable...

Streetfight: Handbook for an Urban Revolution

by Janette Sadik-Khan & Seth Solomonow

An empowering road map for rethinking, reinvigorating, and redesigning our cities, from a pioneer in the movement for safer, more livable streets

As New York City’s transportation commissioner, Janette Sadik-Khan...

Local Glories

Dutch Land-use Planning: The Principles and the Practice

by Barrie Needham

Dutch planning is widely known and admired for its ambitions and its achievements. This book provides, for the first time, a comprehensive description and analysis in English of its full range of policies and...

Emergent Urbanism: Urban Planning & Design in Times of Structural and Systemic Change

by Tigran Haas & Krister Olsson

In the last few decades, many European and American cities and towns experienced economic, social and spatial structural change. Strategies for urban regeneration include investments in infrastructures for production,...

Encountering Urban Places: Visual and Material Performances in the City

by Lars Frers & Lars Meier

The aesthetics of urban life offer a curious quality, one that is both highly visible and hidden, both openly influencing and subtly imprinting. These aesthetics participate in the production of places; to the...

Energy, Power and Protest on the Urban Grid: Geographies of the Electric City

by Andrés|Silver, Jonathan Luque-Ayala

Providing a global overview of experiments around the transformation of cities' electricity networks and the social struggles associated with this change, this book explores the centrality of electricity infrastructures...

Designing Sustainable Cities in the Developing World

by Georgia Butina Watson & Roger Zetter

Can conservation of the built heritage be reconciled with the speed of urban change in cities of the developing world? What are the tools of sustainable design and how can communities participate in the design...

Governing Urban Regions Through Collaboration: A View from North America

by Joël| Thibert

With the demise of the Old Regionalist project of achieving good regional governance through amalgamation, voluntary collaboration has become the modus operandi of a large number of North American metropolitan...

Governing Urban Sustainability: Comparing Cities in the USA and Germany

by Lisa Pettibone

In her study of the interactions between tools of urban sustainability governance in key cities, Lisa Pettibone argues that a new factor-sustainability-minded groups-may be critical to building momentum for...

Governing Megacities in Emerging Countries

by Dominique Lorrain

Megacities are a new phenomenon in history. The fact that many of them are in emerging countries deepens the challenges of governing these spaces. Can these vast, complex entities, rife with inequalities and...

Insuring Life: Value, Security and Risk

by Luis Lobo-Guerrero

This book is a contribution to the scholarly engagement with the wider problem of governing through risk and the politics of uncertainty. It takes life insurance as an empirical site from which to ask: what...

Last Futures: Nature, Technology and the End of Architecture

by Douglas Murphy

Whatever happened to the last utopian dreams of the city?

In the late 1960s the world was faced with impending disaster: the height of the Cold War, the end of oil and the decline of great cities throughout the...

Architecture and Globalisation in the Persian Gulf Region

by Nasser Golzari & Murray Fraser

This is the first book ever to examine the architecture and urbanism of the Persian Gulf as a complete entity, dealing equally with conditions on the eastern Iranian shoreline as in Arabic countries on the western...

Architecture in an Age of Uncertainty

by Benjamin Flowers

In the past two decades economic bubbles inflated and architectural spending around the globe reached fever pitch. In both well-established centers of capital accumulation and far--flung locales, audacious building...

Public Budgeting in African Nations: Fiscal Analysis in Development Management

by Peter Fuseini Haruna & Shikha Vyas-Doorgapersad

Public Budgeting in African Nations aims to provide usable budgeting and fiscal policy management information to development practitioners interested in improving the performance of governments in the context...