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Is American Democracy in Crisis?

by E.J. Jr. Dionne, Andrew Sullivan, Newt Gingrich & Kimberley Strassel

“Our country is now as close to crossing the line from democracy to autocracy as it has been in our lifetimes.” — E. J. Dionne, Jr.

It is the public debate of the moment: is Donald Trump precipitating...

Patriotic Ayatollahs

by Caroleen Marji Sayej

Patriotic Ayatollahs explores the contributions of senior clerics in state and nation-building after the 2003 Iraq war. Caroleen Sayej suggests that the four so-called Grand Ayatollahs, the highest-ranking...

A World Parliament

by Jo Leinen & Andreas Bummel

More than at any time in history, all the people in the world are linked together in a shared civilization, encompassing the entire planet. Their multiple interconnections generate mutual dependencies and affinities....


by Margaret E. Roberts

A groundbreaking and surprising look at contemporary censorship in China

As authoritarian governments around the world develop sophisticated technologies for controlling information, many observers have predicted...

American Immanence

by Michael S. Hogue

The Anthropocene marks the age of significant human impact on the Earth’s ecosystems, dramatically underscoring the reality that human life is not separate from nature but an integral part of it. Culturally,...

Gender, Ethnicity, and Violence in Kenya’s Transitions to Democracy

by Lyn Ossome

Critiquing the valorization of democracy as a means of containing violence and stabilizing political contestation, this book draws links between the democratization process and sexual/gendered violence observed...

How to save politics in a post-truth era

by Ilan Zvi Baron

The rise of populism, Donald Trump's election and the result of the EU referendum in the UK have been widely interpreted as a rejection of the post-war liberal order - the manifestation of a desire to undermine...

Peace for our Time

by Nicholas Hagger

In this remarkable memoir Nicholas Hagger reflects on war and peace and on “peace for our time”, Chamberlain’s haunting words in 1938 that ushered in the Second World War. Peace then turned out to be an...


by James E. Campbell

Many continue to believe that the United States is a nation of political moderates when, in fact, it is a nation divided. It has been so for some time and has grown more so. Polarized provides a new and historically...

Central and East European Politics

by Sharon L. Wolchik & Jane Leftwich Curry

Now in a fully updated edition, this essential text explores the other half of Europe—the new and future members of the European Union along with the problems and potential they bring to the region and to...

Democracy and Social Ethics

by Jane Addams

It is well to remind ourselves, from time to time, that "Ethics" is but another word for "righteousness," that for which many men and women of every generation have hungered and thirsted, and without which life...

The Greatest Works of Jane Addams

by Jane Addams

Jane Addams (1860-1935), known as the "mother" of social work, was a pioneer American settlement activist, public philosopher, sociologist, protestor, author, and leader in women's suffrage and world peace....

The Limits to Capitalist Nature

by Ulrich Brand & Markus Wissen

The book provides for a historical-materialist understanding of the multiple crises of capitalism, focusing on the ecological crisis and its interaction with other crisis phenomena (financial crisis, crisis...

Ten Years In The Death Of The Labour Party

by Tom Harris

For the first eighteen months of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, Labour MPs were in open revolt. The party seemed to be heading back to the early 1980s, when old-school Marxists tried and failed to take over the...

Republics of the New World

by Hilda Sabato

By the 1820s, after three centuries under imperial rule, the former Spanish territories of Latin America had shaken off their colonial bonds and founded independent republics. In committing themselves to republicanism,...

Rise, Decline and Renewal

by Doug Rooks

Rise, Decline and Renewal tells the remarkable story of the Maine Democratic Party – how it suddenly rose from irrelevance in 1954 with the election of Governor Ed Muskie, successfully challenged the ruling...


by Philipp Zehmisch

Often called ‘Mini-India’, the Andaman Islands have been a crucial site of encounter between different regimes, subjects, castes, creeds, languages, and ethnicities. Since 1858, subaltern convicts, refugees,...

Billionaire Democracy

by George Tyler

  • Timely book about voting in our current plutocratic political climate

  • Author platform from What Went Wrong and as a well-respected economist

  • Democracy and Subjective Rights

    by Catherine Colliot-Thélène

    This book critically investigates the notion of democracy without demos by unravelling the link that modern history has established between the concepts of democracy and the sovereignty of the people. This task...

    Democratic inclusion

    by Rainer Baubock

    Rainer Bauböck is the world's leading theorist of transnational citizenship. He opens this volume with a question that is crucial to our thinking on citizenship in the twenty-first century: who has a claim...