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Democratic Lessons: What the Greeks Can Teach Us

by Howard Burton

This book is based on an in-depth filmed conversation between Howard Burton and Josiah Ober, Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis Professor in Honor of Constantine Mitsotakis Professor of Political Science and Classics at...

Conversations About The History of Ideas

by Howard Burton

Conversations About The History Of Ideas consists of the following five Ideas Roadshow conversations which are based on in-depth filmed conversations with 4 leading intellectual historians and an award-winning...

Democracy: Clarifying the Muddle

by Howard Burton

This book is based on an in-depth filmed conversation between Howard Burton and renowned political theorist John Dunn, University of Cambridge. Through an engaging dialogue format, John Dunn candidly shares...


by Collective

COLLECTIVE INTERNATIONAL BOOK. The fight initiated by MIR and many others must now be raised, intensified and federated at the international level. This is why, in partnership with DIASPORAS NOIRES EDITIONS,...

The Influence of Soros

by Emily Tamkin

A seasoned journalist probes one of the right-wing’s favorite targets, Hungarian-American investor and philanthropist George Soros, to explore the genesis of his influence and the truth of the conspiracies...

Democracy in One Book or Less

by David Litt

Bill Bryson meets Thomas Frank in this deeply insightful, unexpectedly hilarious story of how politicians hijacked American democracy and how we can take it back

The democracy you live in today is different—completely...

Spectres of Fascism

by Samir Gandesha

Concerns over the rise of fascism have been preoccupied with the Trump presidency and the Brexit vote in the UK, yet, globally, we are witnessing a turn towards anti-democratic and illiberal forces. From the...

Democracy In America

by Alexis de Tocqueville

“Nothing is more wonderful than the art of being free, but nothing is harder to learn how to use than freedom.” —Alexis de Tocqueville

Alexis de Tocqueville’s four-volume Democracy in America is commonly...

The United States Of West Africa - USOWA

by Emmanuel Ngombet ‘Ditunga Otsaro’

Before it's too late, a citizen's initiative supported by the Civil Society may lead to the SYMBOLIC constitution of an embryo of African federal state : United States Of West Africa - USOWA / Les États-Unis...

The Southern Key

by Michael Goldfield

The golden key to understanding the last 75 years of American political development, the eminent labor relations scholar Michael Goldfield argues, lies in the contests between labor and capital in the American...

A Collective Bargain

by Jane McAlevey

From longtime labor organizer Jane McAlevey, a vital call-to-arms in favor of unions, a key force capable of defending our democracy

For decades, racism, corporate greed, and a skewed political system have been...

They Don't Represent Us

by Lawrence Lessig


“This urgent book offers not only a clear-eyed explanation of the forces that broke our politics, but a thoughtful and, yes, patriotic vision of how we create a government...

Federalism: A Very Short Introduction

by Mark J. Rozell & Clyde Wilcox

Early Americans were suspicious of centralized authority and executive power. Casting away the yoke of England and its king, the founding fathers shared in this distrust as they set out to pen the Constitution....

Back to Blakeney

by David McGrane, John Whyte & Roy Romanow

Allan Blakeney believed in government as a force for good. As premier of Saskatchewan, he promoted social justice through government intervention in the economy and the welfare state. He created legal and constitutional...

The Rise of Populism

by Stephen K. Bannon, David Frum & Rudyard Griffiths

The twenty-third semi-annual Munk Debate, held on November 2, 2018, pits Stephen Bannon, the CEO of the Donald Trump presidential campaign, against columnist and author David Frum to debate the future of liberalism...

The Mueller Report

by Robert S. Mueller

The wait for The Mueller Report is over. This strikingly designed edition has been prepared by expert typographers – allowing for an optimised, immersive reading experience. "From the moment [the report] was...

The Mueller Report: The Final Report of the Special Counsel into Donald Trump, Russia, and Collusion

by Robert S. Mueller & Special Counsel's Office U.S. Department of Justice

In the future, "The Mueller Report" may be judged as the most important document of our time. And no matter where you reside on the American political spectrum, you will probably agree that it will have far-reaching...

Democratic Rules of Order

by Peg Francis & Fred Francis

Revolutionize meetings! Over 20,000 copies sold – the easy-to-use guide for running democratic meetings of any size

The key to promoting true democracy in meetings is clear easy-to-understand rules of order...

On Democracy

by E. B. White & Jon Meacham

A New York Times Book Review New & Noteworthy Title

A collection of essays, letters and poems from E.B. White, “one of the country’s great literary treasures” (New York Times), centered on the subject of...

Political Networks and Social Movements

by Soledad Valdivia Rivera

After a landslide electoral victory in 2006, Evo Morales became the first indigenous President of Bolivia. Morales’s stunning ascent was mirrored by the rising fortunes of his political party, the leftist...