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Not Fit To Govern

by Steve Davis

The essays in this volume originally appeared over a period of some years in Voice magazine. All were published well before the global financial turmoil of October 2008, to which all are linked. Other essays...

Forcing Choice

by J. Patrick Boyer

  • Covers Canadian referendums from the 1800s to the present, a deep and varied history of politicking, journalism, punditry, and advocacy.
  • An MP and lifelong political insider details the do’s and don’ts...

The Participation Gap

by Russell J. Dalton

The dilemma of democracy arises from two contrasting trends. More people in the established democracies are participating in civil society activity, contacting government officials, protesting, and using online...

From the Democratic Deficit to a Democratic Surplus

by Athanasios Psygkas

Challenging the conventional narrative that the European Union suffers from a "democratic deficit," Athanasios Psygkas argues that EU mandates have enhanced the democratic accountability of national regulatory...

Burkina Faso

by Ernest Harsch

  • There is currently intense interest in Burkina Faso - both scholarly and in policy circles - as a result of the 2014 non-violent revolution.
  • The first major work to be written in English on the country since...

Jackson Rising

by Kali Akuno & Ajamu Nangwaya

Mississippi, the poorest state in the U.S. with the highest percentage of Black people, a history of vicious racial terror and concurrent Black resistance is the backdrop and context for the drama captured in...

Republics Ancient and Modern, Volume III

by Paul A. Rahe

First published in 1992 and now available in paperback in three volumes, Paul Rahe's ambitious and provocative book bridges the gap between political theory, comparative history and government, and constitutional...

Rebuilding Public Institutions Together

by Albert W. Dzur

The Laurence and Lynne Brown Democracy Medal is an initiative of the McCourtney Institute for Democracy at Pennsylvania State University. It annually recognizes outstanding individuals, groups, and organizations...

No Return from Democracy

by Faruk Mercan

It was rare, if not impossible, to find in ’80s and ’90s a Muslim cleric who spoke in favor of democracy, integration with the Western world, and universal human values. Fethullah Gülen was one of those....

The Lost Majority

by Michael Ashcroft

The 2017 general election was supposed to be a walkover for the Conservative Party – but the voters had other ideas.

In The Lost Majority, Lord Ashcroft draws on his unique research to explain why the thumping...

Social movements and referendums from below: Direct democracy in the neoliberal crisis

by Donatella Della Porta & Francis O'Connor

Social movements formed in response to austerity measures have played an increasingly important role in referendums. The book uses unique case studies to illustrate the ways the social movements have affected...

Transregional versus National Perspectives on Contemporary Central European History

by Michal Vít & Magdalena M. Baran

This volume compares different regional perspectives on the national and democracy-building aims of individual states. It confronts discourses about national states to regional perspectives on the past as well...

Against Democracy

by Jason Brennan

Most people believe democracy is a uniquely just form of government. They believe people have the right to an equal share of political power. And they believe that political participation is good for us—it...

Modern Democracies, Vol. 2

by James Bryce

American political scientists do not need to be told that James Bryce's work is one of the most important ever written on the principles and practice of democratic government. More than a century has passed...

Modern Democracies, Vol. 1

by James Bryce

American political scientists do not need to be told that James Bryce's work is one of the most important ever written on the principles and practice of democratic government. More than a century has passed...

Perspectives on Commoning

by Guido Ruivenkamp & Andy Hilton

In the wake of socialism’s demise and liberalism’s loss of direction, new ideas are needed for the next major realignment of the social and political domain. Making a unique contribution to the idea of ‘the...

Democracy for Realists

by Larry M. Bartels & Christopher H. Achen

Democracy for Realists assails the romantic folk-theory at the heart of contemporary thinking about democratic politics and government, and offers a provocative alternative view grounded in the actual human...

The Political Theory of John Stuart Mill: 7 Book Collection

by John Stuart Mill

This collection of selected work presents John Stuart Mill as a political theorist. In this seven-book edition you can find out Mill's thoughts on representative government, parliamentary reform and capital...

The Crisis of Liberal Democracy and the Path Ahead

by Bernd Reiter

Political representation and democracy are at odds and we need new models to organize politics without relying so heavily on elected representatives. Similarly, capitalism undermines markets, as the rich and...

The Limits of Pure Democracy

by William Hurrell Mallock

The 1910s was a decade in which theories of socialism, pacifism, and collectivism flowered. Publicists and playwrights from Sidney Webb to George Bernard Shaw expressed not just belief in "utopianism" but a...