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We're Still Right, They're Still Wrong: The Democrats' Case for 2016

by James Carville

Every politico and pundit has tried to explain the 2016 presidential race, but James Carville – the multiple best-selling Ragin’ Cajun and grand strategist of Bill Clinton’s rise to the White House –...

Asymmetric Politics

The China Model: Political Meritocracy and the Limits of Democracy

by Daniel A. Bell

Westerners tend to divide the political world into “good” democracies and “bad” authoritarian regimes. But the Chinese political model does not fit neatly in either category. Over the past three decades,...

Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy: Second Edition Text

by Joseph A. Schumpeter

Schumpeter's Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy is perhaps the most important and influential book on the subject ever written. This volume is the result of an effort to weld into a readable form the bulk...

The Great Suppression: Voting Rights, Corporate Cash, and the Conservative Assault on Democracy

by Zachary Roth

A deeply reported look inside the new conservative movement working to undermine American democracy.


Control of the country is up for grabs—and Republicans have been rigging the game in their favor. Twenty-two...

The Next Democracy?: The Possibility of Popular Control

by Tony Milligan

Responding to widespread disenchantment with electoral politics, this book gives a practical examination of the possibilities offered by a generalized system of direct democracy.

Against Elections: The Case for Democracy

by David van Reybrouck

Democracy is in bad health. Against Elections offers a new diagnosis - and an ancient remedy.

Fear-mongering populists, distrust in the establishment, personality contests instead of reasoned debate: these are...

Mad Men: The Death and Redemption of American Democracy

by Andrew Moore, Sara MacDonald & T. D. Anderson

Mad Men, investigating topics including freedom, equality, consumerism and justice.

Green Shoots of Democracy within the Philadelphia Democratic Party

by Karen Bojar

Based on interviews with longtime and newly elected committee people and ward leaders speaking candidly about their experiences in the ward system, Green Shoots of Democracy within the Philadelphia Democratic...

If You Can Keep It: The Forgotten Promise of American Liberty

by Eric Metaxas

#1 New York Times bestselling author Eric Metaxas delivers an extraordinary book that is part history and part rousing call to arms, steeped in a critical analysis of our founding fathers' original intentions...

Adorno and Democracy: The American Years

by Shannon L. Mariotti

German philosopher and social critic Theodor Adorno (1903--1969) is widely regarded as one of the twentieth century's most influential thinkers. A leading member of the Frankfurt School, Adorno advanced an unconventional...

The Power of Populism: Geert Wilders and the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands

by Koen Vossen

This book discusses the Party for Freedom (PVV), a political party in the Netherlands, founded and led by Geert Wilders. Attaining between 10 and 18% of the votes, the PVV has become one of the largest parties...

What Kind of Democracy?: Participation, Inclusiveness and Contestation

by Katerina Vráblíková

The broad expansion of non-electoral political participation is considered one of the major changes in the nature of democratic citizenship in the 21st century. Most scholars - but also governments, transnational...

The Shadow of Unfairness

Democratic Religion from Locke to Obama: Faith and the Civic Life of Democracy

by Giorgi Areshidze

Debating or making speeches, American politicians invariably cite tenets of Christian faith—even as they unfailingly defend the liberal principles of tolerance and religious neutrality that underpin a pluralistic...

The Politics of Transnational Peasant Struggle: Resistance, Rights and Democracy

by Robin Dunford

This book explores how grassroots practices of resistance can generate transnational social and political change through a case study of peasant mobilisations, organisation and protest

The Revolt of Democracy

by Alfred Russel Wallace

This early work by Alfred Russel Wallace was originally published in 1913 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. 'The Revolt of Democracy' is an essay on politics and social...

Riot. Strike. Riot: The New Era of Uprisings

by Joshua Clover

Award winning poet Joshua Clover theorises the riot as the form of the coming insurrection

Baltimore. Ferguson. Tottenham. Clichy-sous-Bois. Oakland. Ours has become an “age of riots” as the struggle of people...

Summary of Crippled America: by Donald Trump | Incudes Analysis

by Instaread Summaries

Summary of Crippled America by Donald Trump | Incudes Analysis



Much has been written about Donald Trump and his campaign for the 2016 Republican nomination for president. But what does the billionaire...

The Trickle-Down Delusion: How Republican Upward Redistribution of Economic and Political Power Undermines Our Economy, Democracy, Institutions and He

by John Seip & Dee Wood, Jr. Harper

Trickle-down values have distorted not only our economic thought but also our political thought, our sociology and our concept of the rule of law. The trickle-down policies promoted by the Republican Party are...