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Participation and Non-Participation in Student Activism

by Alexander Hensby

There is a strong need to understand the changing dynamics of contemporary youth participation: how they engage, what repertoires are considered efficacious, and their motivations to get involved.

This book uses...

The English Constitution

by Walter Bagehot

In one of Walter Bagehot's most prominent works, the English constitution is described, not from law books and as a lawyer would describe it, but from the actual working, as Bagehot himself had witnessed it,...

South Korea's Changing Foreign Policy: The Impact of Democratization and Globalization

by Wonjae Hwang

This book theoretically and empirically explores recent internal and external challenges to South Korea’s foreign policy. It analyzes how democratization and economic globalization have changed domestic politics...

The Rights of Man: Being an Answer to Mr. Burke's Attack on the French Revolution

by Thomas Paine

In The Rights of Man, Thomas Paine defends the representational form of government. He posits that all men are born with God-given rights that cannot be taken from them by any government. Paine's position on...

The American Political Pattern: Stability and Change, 1932-2016

by Byron E. Shafer

Politicians are polarized. Public opinion is volatile. Government is gridlocked. Or so journalists and pundits constantly report. But where are we, really, in modern American politics, and how did we get there?...

Why Wilson Matters: The Origin of American Liberal Internationalism and Its Crisis Today

by Tony Smith

The liberal internationalist tradition is credited with America’s greatest triumphs as a world power—and also its biggest failures. Beginning in the 1940s, imbued with the spirit of Woodrow Wilson’s efforts...

Democracy at the Crossroads: Princes, Peasants, Poets, and Presidents in the Struggle for (and against) the Rule of Law

by Craig S. Barnes

Some were warriors. Some were lawyers, some historians, some moved by an inner passion so great that they appeared to move against kingly power like moths to the flame, risking, and often giving, their lives....

Honor in America?: Tocqueville on American Enlightenment

by Laurie M. Johnson

This book analyzes Tocqueville’s views on religion, family and gender roles, politics, relations with Native Americans, white southerners and slavery, and the military. It explores how these views can help...

Four Crises of American Democracy

The American Dream: In History, Politics, and Fiction

by Calvin C. Jillson

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness: these words have long represented the promise of America, a “shimmering vision of a fruitful country open to all who come, learn, work, save, invest, and play by...

How Will Capitalism End?: Essays on a Failing System

by Wolfgang Streeck

The provocative political thinker asks if it will be with a bang or a whimper

After years of ill health, capitalism is now in a critical condition. Growth has given way to stagnation; inequality is leading to...

On the Duty of Civil Disobedience

by Henry David Thoreau

'On the Duty of Civil Disobedience' argues that citizens should not permit their government to overrule their consciences, and that they have a duty to avoid allowing their acquiescence to enable the government...

Negativity and Democracy: Marxism and the Critical Theory Tradition

by Vasilis Grollios

The current political climate of uncompromising neoliberalism means that the need to study the logic of our culture-that is, the logic of the capitalist system-is compelling. Providing a rich philosophical analysis...

Ordinary Democracy

Liberal Democracy and Liberal Education

by Daniel E. Cullen, Jakub Grygiel, Donald Downs & Robert P. George et al.

This book reflects on the paradoxical relationship of liberal education and liberal democracy. Contributors are critical of the way higher education typically interprets its responsibility for educating citizens,...

Forged Through Fire: War, Peace, and the Democratic Bargain

by John Ferejohn & Frances McCall Rosenbluth

Peace, many would agree, is a goal that democratic nations should strive to achieve. But is democracy, in fact, dependent on war to survive?

Having spent their celebrated careers exploring this provocative question,...

Democracy for Hire

Age of Folly: America Abandons Its Democracy

by Lewis H. Lapham

America’s leading essayist on the frantic retreat of democracy, in the fire and smoke of the war on terror

In twenty-five years of imperial adventure, America has laid waste to its principles of democracy....

The Right to Democracy in International Law: Between Procedure, Substance and the Philosophy of John Rawls

by Khalifa A Alfadhel

This book explores the right to democracy in international law and contemporary democratic theory, asking whether international law encompasses a substantive or procedural understanding of the notion. The book...

Sortition: Thoery and Practice

by Gil Delannoi & Oliver Dowlen

This volume reflects the up-and-coming academic interest in sortition. It is based on contributions to the first international conference dedicated to the subject held at the University of Political Science...