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The United States and Canada

by Paul J. Quirk

The United States and Canada share the longest border in the world, maintain one of the closest alliances, and are notably similar in many ways. Yet the two countries also have important differences, including...

The Internet and Political Protest in Autocracies

by Nils B. Weidmann & Espen Geelmuyden Rød

Eight years after the Arab Spring there is still much debate over the link between Internet technology and protest against authoritarian regimes. While the debate has advanced beyond the simple question of whether...

Gendered Citizenship

by Natasha Behl

It has been shown time and again that even though all citizens may be accorded equal standing in the constitution of a liberal democracy, such a legal provision hardly guarantees state protections against discrimination...

Narrow Fairways

by Patrick Inglis

India remains a country mired in poverty, with two-thirds of its 1.3 billion people living on little more than a few dollars a day. Just as telling, the country's informal working population numbers nearly 500...

Common Enemies

by Rachel Kahn Best

For over a hundred years, millions of Americans have joined together to fight a common enemy by campaigning against diseases. In Common Enemies, Rachel Kahn Best asks why disease campaigns have dominated a century...

Proportionality Balancing and Constitutional Governance

by Alec Stone Sweet & Jud Mathews

In this book, Alec Stone Sweet and Jud Mathews focus on the law and politics of rights protection in democracies, and in human rights regimes in Europe, the Americas, and Africa. After introducing the basic...

Contentious Compliance

by Courtenay R. Conrad & Emily Hencken Ritter

Do international human rights treaties constrain governments from repressing their populations and violating rights? In Contentious Compliance, Courtenay R. Conrad and Emily Hencken Ritter present a new theory...

Lost and Found

by John James Kennedy & Yaojiang Shi

In 1979, the Chinese government famously introduced The Single Child Policy to control population growth. Nearly 40 years later, the result is an estimated 20 million "missing girls" in the population from 1980-2010....


by Thomas Hobbes

Leviathan or The Matter, Forme and Power of a Common Wealth Ecclesiasticall and Civil—commonly referred to as Leviathan—is a book written by Thomas Hobbes (1588–1679) and published in 1651 (revised Latin...

Democracy In America

by Alexis de Tocqueville

"No better study of a nation's institutions and culture than Tocqueville's Democracy in America has ever been written by a foreign observer; none perhaps as good." --The New York Times

From America's call for...

Comparative Policy Agendas

by Frank R. Baumgartner, Christian Breunig & Emiliano Grossman

This book summarizes recent advances in the work on agenda-setting in a comparative perspective. The book first presents and explains the data-gathering effort undertaken within the Comparative Agendas Project...

Framing Inequality

by Matt Guardino

Neoliberal policy approaches have swept over the American political economy in recent decades. In Framing Inequality, Matt Guardino focuses on the power of corporate news media in shaping how the public understands...

Raise the Debt

by Jonas B. Bunte

Credit is the lifeblood of capitalism and development. Brazil, Russia, India, and China-also called BRICs-have become important creditors to developing countries. However, how will their loans affect economic...

The Oxford Handbook of Political Consumerism

by Magnus Boström, Michele Micheletti & Peter Oosterveer

The global phenomenon of political consumerism is known through such diverse manifestations as corporate boycotts, increased preferences for organic and fairtrade products, and lifestyle choices such as veganism....

Borderland Battles

by Annette Idler

The post-cold war era has seen an unmistakable trend toward the proliferation of violent non-state groups-variously labeled terrorists, rebels, paramilitaries, gangs, and criminals-near borders in unstable regions...

Contradictions of Democracy

by Nicholas Rush Smith

Despite being one of the world's most vibrant democracies, police estimate between five and ten percent of the murders in South Africa result from vigilante violence. This is puzzling given the country's celebrated...

Break all the Borders

by Ariel I. Ahram

Since 2011, civil wars and state failure have wracked the Arab world, underlying the misalignment between national identity and political borders. In Break all the Borders, Ariel I. Ahram examines the separatist...

Key Thinkers of the Radical Right

by Mark Sedgwick

Since the start of the twenty-first century, the political mainstream has been shifting to the right. The liberal orthodoxy that took hold in the West as a reaction to the Second World War is breaking down....

Democracy and Dictatorship in Europe

by Sheri Berman

At the end of the twentieth century, many believed the story of European political development had come to an end. Modern democracy began in Europe, but for hundreds of years it competed with various forms of...

U.S. Attorneys, Political Control, and Career Ambition

by Banks Miller & Brett Curry

United States Attorneys (USAs), the chief federal prosecutors in each judicial district, are key in determining how the federal government uses coercive force against its citizens. How much control do national...